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         MAG REVIEWS

   hello again! it's again the ti-
me to review some of the mags aro-
und and give detailed information
how they are doing... there are so
many mags around that some object-
ive critism can separate the  good
ones from the rest.
   yes,objectiveness...that is the
right word.the most important thi-
nk in critisizing is the objective
ness although it is usually pretty
hard to be hundred percent object-
ive as the critisizer tries to wr-
ite his own idea.but anyway,i will
try to stay objective as much as i
   well,enough bullsshit. the mags
reviewed for this issue are:

   -impulse 2 by spirit
   -network 3 by comic pirates


 INTRO:  well,the graphics of the
intro are pretty cool! two out of
three of the screen is covered by
an impulse and a spirit logo while
a swinging scroll runs down...

 OUTFIT: as you enter the main me-
nu,the first thing that strucks is
the terribly nice graphics.there's
a state-of-the-art impulse logo l-
ying at the top of the screen  and
the boxes to choose the chapters
are put under that.there are eight
boxes resembling the related chap-
ters.they are figures,so their na-
mes are stated  under  the  screen
with tech - teching chars.when you
press fire to load,a loading  sign
replaces the chapter name.
   the text screen is also a well-
drawn but classsic one.the name of
the chapter swings upon the  upsc-
rolling texts.by the way,there are
a lot of different ways o'display-
ing the text chars.for example,so-
metimes it tech-techs,sometimes it
swings smoothly.also da outfit ca-
rries the ability to display litt-
   over all,the outfit is  quite a
classic but fairly good lookin one
                        % 90

   TEXT: well,it's hard to say th-
at the mag contains lots of text!!
to say the truth,the amount was q-
uite fewer that i expected from  a
mag designed so nicely.spirit  has
a lot of kewl swappers to get the-
ir hands on some more mag stuff  i
guess.tehy should surely try to i-
mprove that!


   OBJECTIVITY: well,so serious p-
roblems with da objectivity at all
if you take a look at the  general
of the mag.

                        % 90

   GRAPHICS: the most positive si-
de with impulse is  the  brilliant
art work.what can i say more...

                        % 95

    MUSIC: well,no problem at all!
suiting to the mag very well...but
not superb at all.

                        % 80

   to give an overall point,i  can
say that impulse is quite a promi-
sing mag with nice outfit and  de-
termined editors.the amount of txt
might have been caused by the  age
of the mag and this can improve in
time and this will make impulse to
the top ten soon,that's what i wi-
sh at least.


                  = %83

               for overall...


 INTRO: the intro is quite an ave-
rage one and nothing special  with
it.after you press space,there is
a trainer menu(!!) with nine ques-
tions and if you say no to the la-
st one(do you wanna start the game
) then you go back to the intro.

 OUTFIT:as you enter the main scr-
een firtsly a "cp" sprite appears
at the left down corner.then a net
work logo on top follows by light-
ening.then from the bottom the box
with the chapters comes.the  chap-
ter names are presented with 1x1
chars and dots are animated by th-
em.you choose the topic by moving
up and down through the names and
fire loads as  a loading sign rep-
laces the chapter box.
   the same logo's used in the te-
xt menu as well.the texts are pre-
sented in a box and the pages  ch-
ange as you wriggle the joy right
and left.by the way,the box comes
from the corners to the center wh-
ile changing the text...
   anyway,quite a simple outfit...

                       % 70

   TEXT: the amount of text is not
so much but ain't that  little  as
well,so i can use the word"normal"
to describe it properly.every cha-
pter starts with some pirate  crap
but since the group's name resemb-
les the pirates,this may seem qui-
te reasonable.but they must still
improve the amount of readable te-
                       % 70

   OBJECTIVITY:well,the mag seemed
quite objective,at least for me.

                       % 95

   GRAPHICS:  hmm,there're too few
graphics in the mag and although
the present ones are nice,this is
a lack of design I think.

                       % 65

   MUSICS: quite nice and suits to
 the mag,yet not superb...

                       % 80

   to summarize,although they lack
a lot to become a top mag,i like
this little,lovely and cool maga-
zine among many of the rest,what
can i say?


            = % 76 for overall!

   well,that's strange.people seem
to be complaining about the number
of mags around,but not  many mags
reached me around these days.so  i
reviewed just two mags for this i-
   now an overall ranking among t-
the mags reviewed in the  previous
issues including the new ones...

   1.immortal flash 15.....%90
   2.update 7..............%85
   3.impulse 2.............%83
   4.scene observer 2......%78
   5.comic pirates 3.......%76
   6.tele 64 1.............%75
   7.newspress 3...........%65
   8.internal 15...........%58

     and that was it.in fact i ha-
ve toexcuse from you as my contri-
bution to this issue of splash  is
quite few.but the reason is simply
that the editor reached me too la-
te and right before my mid-term e-
xaminations in the school which'll
last for two week uninterrruptedly
and there is at least obe exam for
everyday.for example,i am  writing
this under a time presssure  as  i
have to study for the exam from a
lesson named "labor economics", so
the end comes with the promise  of
much more text for the new issue!

         the boss of accuracy!
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