Splash 14 ch13 Witty's Chapter

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         witty's chapter

   welcome  again to another great
chapter in splash.here is witty of
wow writing this text for my chap-
ter again.
   so  what have i install for you
this time?
    1)more about  the  australian
    2)about what is happening in
reality in australia.
    3)plus anything else i dig up.
    so get reading and move the

   at  the moment in australia it
is summer! summer you say? yep!our
summer consists of december,janu-
ary and february.this is the time
when most gets done on the scene,
as for those that go to school get
around 3 months holiday!while tho-
se that work get an ok holiday too
(but not long enough).

   so let me tell you somethings
which may be interesting to some
who are interested in australia.at
the moment,australia (like other
nations) are in a bad recession.
some people are even calling it a

   the latest facts show that a-
ustralia is in its worst state for
around 60 years.the things that
effect many oz sceners is un-emp-
loyment.at  the  moment,there  is
11,5 percent of people are out of

   but it is worse with people a-
round the age 17-21 with over 35
percent of these people without
work!this is terrible!just imagine
about 1 in 3 people around this a-
ge is looking for work.

   most jobs these days (decent
jobs) have at least 50 people go-
ing for them,so you must only be
lucky to score the job!so how is
the primeminister taking all this?

   well,he is sympathetic to the
youths and keeps on promising.but
besides this,australia is despera-
tely trying to win the year 2000
olympic games.so far we read in
the  newspapers  that we  are the
front runners for winning the ga-

   if we get these,then we will
make over 350 billion dollars pro-
fit!(and so if we get this,then
may be peoples spirits will lift!)

   so now onto a different subject
australian sport!

   most australians are into sport
heavily.during the summer we fol-
low sports such as cricket (ex-
world champs),tennis(of course the
australian open).during the winter
we follow sports such as rugby le-
ague(world champions),rugby  and
afl.so where is soccer?? well,most
aussies did play soccer  at  one
stage or another.we usually play
soccer when we are young.but then
chnage sports when we are 11 or 12
(well,it seems to be a trend with
sydney people.)

   mind you,we do ofcourse play
other sports like hockey,snow ski-
ing (but only in rare places as
show is rare bar these parts).also
during summer we of course go to
the beach a lot!!(hehe.why not if
it is boiling hot!!) so surfing is
popular.(but yet i must add that
body boarding is becoming more and
more popular.)

   well,i hope you have become a
little bit more educated about a-
ustralia now.i sure think that it
is good to have at least one chap-
ter like this in a mag as it bre-
aks things up from reading about
scene activities and magazines are
informative about  not  only the
scene but about life in general!!
0so if any of you guys get asked
about australia,i  hope  you can
tell them a little about us!!heh

   now lets move onto  some scene
stuff.only oz releated ofcourse.

   the link sure is getting better
if any europeans have followed it
from the start,you sure will be in
for a shock on how much it has im-

   the magazine violation is ha-
ving a compo for the best cover
pic for the mag,if you are bored,
get out amica paint(only koala al-
lowed) and get drawing!!prizes are
not yet announced but they assure
it will be good!

   the magazine epic has also im-
proved of late.(it seems all three
mags mentioned so far are impro-
ving very fast every issue and are
finally getting some european re-
cognition.the mag epic is no rele-
ation to the group,but is the ori-
ginal mag from the guys in dream
and pulsar.

   i hear also the magazine vanda-
lism news will soon return.

   the nice graphical group called
hype are also producing a magazine
called fish and chips.let's hope
we see it soon guys.

   well there you have it!i have
mentioned every mag in australia!
if you want to see some news then
load the news'n'rumours chapter.

   well,i think that about ends
this chapter for now.we would like
to hear from you!so send all stuff
with an express sticker on it to
falcon or boss faassstttt!!! do it
now! bye!!

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