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    yo there! here is the second
interview of this issue which was
done with the super-talented coder
called as TTS/OXYRON.i feel the
pleasure of presenting another ni-
ce interview to you once more.now,
in the coming lines,i will start
to write it but before that i must
excuse for some spell errors which
i will probably do because of the
hardly readable hand-writing.hey,
what we are waiting? let's start
with it.

        +:falcon   -:tts

   +:yo tts! like  in all intervi-
ews i will start with this classi-
cal question.please talk about yo-
urself and introduce.

   -:well,my name is michael pup-
gras.i'm 21 years old and i live
in a small town 10km from the da-
nish border.
    i always wear black clothes(in
germany we call this gruff).i like
to go to our local disco called
roxy.my music favourites are:denie
laknien,sisters of mercy,gothes
erban,joy division,banhaus.
    other hobbys are e.g.tai chi

   +:now make a trip to your back-
ground and tell us  how all  the
things started.

   -:it all started with my first
computer which was a sinclair zx81
i got this machine in 1982.some
months later i got my first c64.i
started to code in basic and i fo-
und my name tts then (around sum-
mer 1983).in 1988 i built up the
group tif together with akc,sid.
later starfox.tmv and yazoo joined
and we renamed into gloom.we pro-
duced around 15 demos there and
then in december'91 we built up
oxyron  with the  best members of
gloom.and the rest's known i think

   +:i think it's enough for the
past so let's talk about today.i
know that you have  many jobs  in
oxyron.tell us your jobs and more
about that tell us the secret for
being active such this.

   -:well my jobs are actually or-
ganizing the group,i'm coding,i
paint logos and charsets,i'm edi-
ting the scene observer and last
but not least  i am  megaswapping
with around 95 contacts.
    i think there is no secret in
being that active.for my person i
am working for about 3-8 hours a
day in front of my c64.

   +:please talk about your normal
life and also the effects of your
scene-life to your normal life if
there are any.

   -:my normal life!?! i'm jobbing
around at the moment,coz i'm wai-
ting for a place at the university
i want to study 'informatik' next
    i think the main effect from
scene life to normal life is that
most of my friends are computer
are computer freaks.

   +:what are your parent's atti-
tude to your computer hobby?

   -:my parents don't care about
my computer activities.

   +:what are your and oxyron's
future plans? will yo quit or the
comalight demos will continue?

   -:my future plans for oxyron a-
re making cool comalight demos.we
want to entertain you scene guys
with our works as we are entertai-
ned by your demos.

   +:what are your thoughts about
the scene? is it dying or can we
rescue it?

   -:in my opinion the scene isn't
dying at the moment.i think the
scene guyz are changing.in the e-
astern country's the scene is gro-
wing from day to day.think of the
group corner in the scene observer
more than 300 groups!

   +:how is the feeling to be a
megacoder?does it effect your bra-
in?do you see some lda,bne etc...
flying all over your head when you
lay down to your bed?

   -:there's nothing special about
being as you call it megacoder,but
it is nice to be in the charts as
it shows that people like our worx
i don't dream of lda and bne but
when i am  lying  in the bed i of-
ten think of routines and someti-
mes i get an idea there.

   +:oxyron is 'i think' the most
active group in this scene.can you
tell us how can all of your group
manage this?

   -:well i think we have some of
the most active coders like axis,
graham and myself.i think its just
a question of ideas.if i have any
idea its a thing of 2 or 3 hours
to code it but the idea is impor-

   +:what are your thoughts about
the going-down quality in the new
released games?should most groups
stop cracking and start coding de-
mos or...?

   -:i don't know much about the
new games as i only play rolepla-
ying games on the amiga.

   +:what are your thoughts about
this magazine?

   -:i think your magazine is a
kind of cult.it is well coded and
cool designed.i always enjoy the
reading very much!

   +:thanks very much for your
thoughts and for the interview my

   -:i have to thank you! see you
and always know:

   'das sterben ist isthetisch but
    nud vou astralischer schouheit

    yes,you have come to the end
of another chapter.these were all
the interviews for this issue.so
get moving and select another cha-

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