Splash 14 ch04 News and Rumours

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    hello everybody! yes,we  are
once more together in  one of the
most readed parts in the magazines
i couldn't understand how the time
went on from the previous issue up
to now.to tell the truth i could
not understand how the time passed
through this year.10 days later we
will leave 1992 with all remembe-
rings left to us.time goes on too
fast and lots of things happen by
every coming weeks.i again tried
to collect the latest news for yo-
ur pleasure to summarize what have
happened lately in our lovely sce-
ne.i tried to collect the hottest
news but ofcourse some of them are
a bit old.but don't  forget  the
fact that we are producing this
mag one issue per 1.5-2 months for
presenting quaility stuff.so it's
normal i think as we aren't a dai-
ly presented newspaper.but i'm su-
re you'll like this chapter as it
is good enough.so go on reading to
judge it yourself.but don't forget
to send your latest news to:


    ok,now it's time to read what
have happened lately in this sce-

   -first of all i want to start
with correcting a big sucking bad
designed rumour.in some magazines
a rumour was published as a news.
that was the rumour that ACCURACY
is dead.do i  need to  tell  that
this rumour is a total bullshit? i
don't know who told this but i'm
sure he is not a lover of us.what
a silly behaviour to stop us!!!

   -we also gained some new mem-
bers too.annihilator/ex-accuser
joined accuracy as a graphixer and
swapper.also pina/ex-trash/ex-got-
hic design and mateus/ex-trash jo-
ined accuracy family.mateus and
pina are also members of the zak
group xentax.

   -wollo/accuracy made a comeback
but then he left the scene immedi-
atly because he has no time for
copying the discs.

   -accuracy has also now a 64 bo-
ard.beam is also now available on
64 now and it's the accuracy whq.
call it under +90-4-

   -AIRWOLF/legend left legend and
joined SUCCESS.

   -narc/ex-legend rejoined legend
under his new name WEST BAM.

   -FANTASIA is dead.TRAITOR joi-
ned VAGABONDS.he also left accu-
racy too.NEWCOMMER is still a mem-
ber of accuracy but he is looking
for a second group to join.

   -BOMB/faces left the scene and
SYLLINOR stopped all of his swap
and cracking activities.

   -ANARCHY/red sector quitted the
scene for a while.

   -LEGACY is back with nearly all
old members except icarus,gash,mo-
dern bob and weasel.sum new ones
like CHOTAIRE also joined in.CASE
also rejoined.they also have two
boards now.

   -GRANDPRIX joined trinomic as a

   -PRINCES are dead now as all of
the members joined TRANCE.

   -YOKO/collusion stopped all his
computer activities and and left
the scene.also PALADIN/cli stopped

re in co-operation now.

   -SUNRISE is not dead as some
rumours said.

   -MR.AMMO left blaze and joined

   -RAY,WAVE and MALCOLM joined
VISION after the death of unicess.

   -MASON was kicked out of EPIC
because of his attitude wanting to
rule the world.HUNGARY HERO  and
SLATANIC were kicked out of epic
because they were only taken in by
mason without the rest knowing a-
bout it.REFUGEE was also kicked o-
ut of epic because of lazyness.

   -devil/fury changed his handle
into midromin while rek/death re-
named into bacillus.

   -BIZARRE/trance joined AMNESIA
as a second group.

   -DR.J/the force has a new addy
now.he also joined the army so he
may be decrease his activities.

   -ELVIN/the sharks joined REBELS
as mail and modem trader.

   -sodom is dead now as all mem-
bers joined CROSSLINE.

   -JAM lost two members.RED DEVIL
left jam and joined FAIRLIGHT as a
musician.also MAC joined the swe-
dish army.BUMBOO/jam joined TWI-
LIGHT as a second group.

   -emf/nirvana renamed his handle
into CAVRON.

   -the norwegian group circle is
dead.abbot and costello are now
only members of migs design.nillsi
has gone to amiga.

   -AGEMIXER joined ASTRAL as a

   -ZAPP/ex-gothic joined WRATH D.
after gothic died.gothic died be-
cause fozzie and static joined in

   -VISION will release a mag cal-
led COMA.also vision is in co-op

   -a new group borned.it is cal-
led as P7P.the leader is getto boy

   -RAGMAN/pxn rejoined comic pi-
rates while jason released a grap-
hic disc.by the way i heard a ru-
mour that jason left comic pirates
and joined X-RATED.

   -GOREFEST/trinomic left trino-
mic and joined ACRISE as a dutch

ER left vagabonds and rebuild the
old cracking group SECTION 8.

   -PROXYON is rebuild.PEARL left
sap to join proxyon.

   -ICARUS/red sector inc. will
get his modem soon.

   -INXS/vision joined the army.

   -a new group was born called
DEICIDE.it was built by MARCUS/ex-
x-rated and another guy.

   -after loosing 3-4 members VA-
GABONDS gained some members too.
ex-curve and FAKE joined vagabonds

   -LITHIUM gained lots of members
ex-creation,dna,avtek and raj joi-
ned lithium.

   -ANTIC also gained two new mem-
bers.SQUAD/ex-rizing joined as a
painter and he changed his name
into ozzy.DIRTY-C/ex-unity also
rejoined antic.by the way andre/
antic is back of business after a
delay of 5 month.

   -MR.BRAIN/accuracy moved in a
new house so he had to changed his
addy.check the second-addy corner
for his new addy.

   -ALPHA FLIGHT is back on the
scene once more with members like
2dd,franky and marce.also STEPHAN/
ex-triumwyrat joined in.

   -JACK DANIELS left the scene so
corruption won't be published from
now on.

   -STARLIGHT/ex-circle joined
BRONX as a girl swapper.

   -RUNE/hoaxers and CLIFF joined
SUNRISE as swappers.

   -LARRY and VOYAGE left rebels.
larry joined LEGACY.voyage is now
only in vagabonds.

   -CRYPTODANCER/triumwyrat and
some of his pals are spreading ru-
mours about their membership in
MAGIC 12.it's a lie.

   -speedy/magic 12 changed his
handle into S.G.

   -PARONOID/triumwyrat left and
joined CHROMANCE.also there is a
rumour that triumwyrat is dead.

   -SPIDERMAN/dominators changed
his addy.look for it in the second

   -L'TRIMM/x-rated joined TRINO-

   -raistlin/loa left loa and joi-
ned ARM.he changed his handle into

   these were all the latest news
that we got lately.i hope you en-
joyed it.don't forget to send your
latest news to us.

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