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    greetings friends! hello and
welcome to the 14th edition of yo-
ur favourite magazine.i know that
most of our readers could hardly
waited for this new issue and now
we are here to present you another
full issue of splash.yes,this time
we again delayed some little but
this time we have a good  reason
for that.yes,as you  see we  feel
the honour of presenting this is-
sue with a new outfit and new de-
sign.also there are some new chap-
ters too which were prepared just
for you.i will give some infos a-
bout the content of this issue la-
ter but at first i want to write
some words about our new outfit.

    this issue is a hard one for
us because we are coming in front
of our readers with a new outfit.
all of us hope that our  readers
like this outfit at least as much
as the previous one but we  hope
that this one will be loved more.
i personally in a such a position
full of excitement,like i was in
the start of splash.i think every
magazine editor  feels the  same
things,as a new outfit of a mag is
something like starting a new mag.

    you may  ask me  why we have
changed the outfit then.i think we
had to do it as we have used the
older one for a long time and some
of our readers started to ask for
some changements.by the coming is-
sues we used to improve the outfit
but the time has come for a comp-
letely new one.but we'll keep some
of the special points which  we
thought it became a speciality for
us.for example the firman in the
text screen will stay but we have
changed the text-changement.yes,as
you see we are using an up-scroll
this time.we insisted on the pre-
vious kind of text-screen but most
of our readers asked for upscrol-
ling inn their reactions.so we had
to change it.i hope you like this
one.and i also hope that NOBODY
attacks us with an accusation sa-
ying that we have ripped their i-
dea by using  an up-scroll.i  am
sorry for writing some  crap like
that but as you know we have been
accused for ripping(?) menu of a
famous magazine.i won't discuss it
anymore as i still laugh it when i
remember.let's change the subject.
would you like the creditz of this
issue.here they are:

code and graphics.........kadem,dj
splash logo...........death/hitmen
co-editors..........the boss,mr.dj
music 1................guy shavitt
music 2,3...................mateus

    now let's look to the content
of this issue.i am proud to  say
that we again have lots of topics
which will get your attraction.he-
re is a short list of it.


    we tried to collect the latest
news just for your knowledge.


    i have counted more than 120
votesheets to approach better and
better charts.don't forget to send
your monthly votes to us.


    here are two cool interviews
which were done with derbyshire
ram/illusion and tts/oxyron.enjoy


    we are at the start of a new
year.we will see what the coming
days will bring us but do you want
a summary of the rulers of 1992.
load it and see it by yourself.


    in this issue we have the most
amount of addies up to this time.
you can be sure to find the right
addies to contact.


    how about learning more about
the aussies? no,not only the scene
but also the real life.then what
are you waiting for?


    mr.dj and the boss reviewed
some of the latest mags and demos.
so check it now.


    this is a new chapter in which
you can travel to past.we are sure
you all have some memories while
you were building your group.what
about sharing it with everybody.
we are waiting for your stories.


    this is also a new chapter of
this issue.we want to make you to
know about the other guys in this
scene.read it in more detail in
this part.


    i tried to review the latest
films that i have watched lately.

            AXL'S PAGE

    another new chapter in which
the only thing you will do is to
laugh.it's waiting for you.


    do you think that there're too
much magazines in this scene? but
don't forget some facts.check this
chapter for more.

    yes,these were some of the to-
pics of this issue.yes,i know you
are becomming impatient for enjo-
ying this issue.so now i'm coming
to the end of this chapter.before
the end,i will write our addy.

    a better issue can come out
only by your helps.so please don't
forget to send your latest news,
personalities,group stories,jokes,
memberstatus and all kind of mate-
rial a magazine needs to:


    so now it's time for you to
start enjoying this issue.as you
see it's another full issue.so i
will end this chapter with this

   if we were you
         we would read
               this magazine!

   because we are
         editing only in
               this magazine!

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