Splash 13 ch22 Movie Reviews

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         movie reviews

   yo movie freaks!

   it's  time for some reviews of
the latest movies around,yeah? but
with a deep sadness i must say one
thing.this month we have only two
reviews.its  cause is my school.it
has started so it eats much of  my
time.also i couln't get some revi-

evs from  acy-pakistan.so  these
facts  caused this  chapter to  be
not much long.i  hope it won't be
like that in the coming issue.but
better start now.

      christopher colombus

   it's a movie which tells about
history.in  middle age,there  are
two important portions.they are a-
sia and europe.the main source for

all  goverments is tradement  with
asia.so they travel across see but
they had to give turks some tax.so
they need  another way for not gi-
ving the it.by that time christop-
her colombus  claims that he  can
find india  by going to  west all
the time so he searches for a co-
untry  who will support him.then
spanish  kingdom gives  him  three
ships and he starts the adventure.
it is a good movie altough it inc-
ludes some  boring screens  while
you travel across the sea.i recom-

mend it if you have time and loo-
king for something.


   the second review was done by
witty/wow.thank you mate.he revi-

           house sitter
    (goldie haun-steve martin)

   this movie is one big con by

goldie haun.she has a 'one nighter
with  steve martin  and finds  out
that he  has a properly  which is
vacant in a  country  town.she  is
poor  and  works as  a waitness.so
she decides to  move into  his va-
cant house without him knowing.pe-
ople ask who she is and she makes
up bullshit about how she is mar-
ried to him and it is very funny.
steve martin then comes to his va-
cant house to find her occupying
it and  living in it.they  make  a
deal for her  accomodation in  the

house,she must con steve's  ex-
girlfriend and set them up.well i
won't give too much away,except
the basic storyline is who can be
the best bullshitter! a very ori-
ginal story line!


         batman returns

   this show sucks.he only good
part is michelle priefers fucking
hot curves(body). rating:30/10

   sorry but i'm now  out of  any
reviews.i know that this  chapter
is  empty but its  reason is  time
problems.we will write more revi-
ews as usual in the next issue.see
you in another chapter.

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