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       deep purple special

   i know,i know... you were again
expecting me to give ya the metal-
llica special chapter.but for  the
second time,i have to  excuse from
you for no metallica chapter as my
plans didn't go on their way.
   now,i won't give any exact time
for that as i expect a big metall-
ica fan to deal with it.yes,that's

an offer!! if you feel that you've
enough  knowledge about  metallica
please send us a full report about
the ruler in thrash.the report sh-
ould contain:
-a little introduction
-the identity card
-historical background
-specialities of the crew
-some lp reviews
-comparasion with some other bands
-final words

   in fact you can do the same re-

port for any band you want to. you
know,splash is your mag!  who ever
ever  wants to write something  is
always welcomed.just write it on a
paper and send to us.i've  asked a
few guys for some  special reports
but still no respond.anyway, we'll
see.if noone sends a report for da
next issue,i will be reviewing led
   okey,now let's get to deep pur-
ple.but,this review will be a  bit
differrent then what i've told  a-
bove as d.p.was quite a mess band.

   the band was firstly  built  by
john  lord,chris curtis  and  nick
simper in the last years of 60's!!
when they searched for a guitarist
ritchie blackmore was the best na-
me that came to their mind.in fact
blackmore was quite a hard-to-get-
on  guy and he used to  trip  from
band to  band.but when simper  and
lord brought him the offer,he  fi-
nally decided to end  all this and
joined to stay steady.
   after a month they started wor-
king,curtis left the band,thinking

that there was no hope.so they had
to search for a drummer as well as
a vocalist.
   they firstly took the offer  to
ian gillan but he refused them.la-
ter rod evans and ian paice joined
and finally the group was built...
their  first name  was roundabout,
but they decided to change it into
deep purple and so everything  was
ready for the record.
   their  first albume " shades of
deep purple " was  quite okey, and
the  second one followed  it  very

quickly as all they were doing was
to play old tunes in a heavy  way.
although this style was really li-
ked, they did nothing new  and the
important side with da albumes was
the new songs composed by them.and
after the third albume,simper  and
evans  were kicked replacing  them
with ian gillan and roger glover.
   the  year of 1970 was the  time
that is excepted as  deep purple's
real birth date.after a flop  con-
cert albume,they put themselves to
bring something really outstanding

   and they so they did. the first
e.p."black night" became   a  real
hit.the albume"deep purple in rock
" became one of the best rock  al-
bumes ever."fireball" followed it,
even if it wasn't  as succesful as
the previous one,it certainly  was
   '71 was spent with concerts,and
in 1972 they were at the top.after
gillan recovered from an ilness,he
met da crew to stay in a hotel.but
the hotel burned in fire that  st-
arted during a frank zappa concert

and at that night one of da master
pieces of rock borned called : "s-
moke on the water ".the  following
albume "machine head" was the  al-
bume that  famed deep purple  most
both with the chart success and da
   but those successes brought the
band members to a worse place.deep
purple's name was taken as a label
and as music factory and blackmore
's will for leadership started in-
fights  within the band.all  those
fights reached the peak when  they

started their 4th albume.( and the
last one as well).the name was"who
do you think we are"  and  despite
everything,it was a nice one.alth-
ough it was liked,gillan didnt li-
ke the quality and left the  band.
blackmore was not  satisfied, this
time he started to cause  problems
to glover so left too.but blackmo-
re  couldn't recognise  something:
he  ended  the  golden age of deep
purple with his own hands.
   the remaining three members de-
cided to go on under the same name

but after this time the group  has
never been the same.one of da most
important specialities of the gil-
lan/lord/blackmore/paice crew  was
the songs that were composed toga-
ther.but after that time,the songs
were shared between 2-3 of them so
this age was the time that the wh-
ole splitting began.
   so the rest started to search 4
a bassist and a vocalist.glenn hu-
ghes was taken as a bassist and as
a vocalist,david coverdale was ch-
osen.coverdale  was really  not  a

bad  vocalist but he had to  fight
with gillan's myth. so after their
world tour,they recorded their 1st
albume with the new vocalist:burn.
although there were only two songs
that was really good,the fans made
the record number one and further-
more deep purple was chosen as the
best band in 1974.
   the members who were  searching
a way to stay on top were so angry
about the critisizms to burn that,
they decided to put all their  en-
ergy to a new albume.the new albu-

me called"stormbringer" was a pure
hard rock albume.title song was a-
bout the gothic sybols and  it was
a deep purple classic.the final s-
ong  in the albume was a very dif-
ferent  deep purple song, carrying
very soft,melancolic tunes:soldure
of fortune.
   soon  the troubles in the  band
restarted.blackmore got crazy when
his ideas were not accepted so  he
started some solo works.after fin-
ishing  his albume by the help  of
a new york'er band "elf" he annou-

ced that his career with deep pur-
ple had reached the end.
   any band would die after loosin
such a guitarist.but the left mem-
bers in deep purple started to se-
arch for a new guitarist and  soon
found him:tommy bolin.the year was
1975 and they started a new studio
albume. "come taste the band!" was
totally a tasteless albume and the
band was too far from the old,good
days.the tours were also not succ-
essful at all.and in the march  of
1975,the members announced that  a

name had become history.after this
tommy bolin died in a car accident
and paice,lord,tony ashton started
a new band
   later in 1984,the old deep pur-
ple came togather.it was  not  the
friendship or musical love but the
unresistable  cash offer that  put
them togather again.so the  result
was quite  a good long-play called
"perfect strangers"  carrying  the
old deep purple shades.but the ot-
her next albume was only a bunch'o
average songs.with this albume,the

internal problems restarted.it was
again blackmore and gillan in  the
major problems and soon gillan le-
ft the  band saying that deep pur-
ple  had become  a device for  the
personal aims of the guitarist. so
they took joe lynn turner as a vo-
calist and released their new  al-
bume "masters and slaves" with the
new vocalist but the songs  were a
repeat of the old deep purple tri-
   if we take a look at the  back,
despite the marvellous albumes pr-

oduced,the number one in hard rock
is still accepted as"led zeppelin"
one of the major reason was all t-
hose neverending internal problems
that took them being away from ea-
ch other.also  they were too  much
into the show business that saw t-
hem only a money-machine.
   now,lets talk about the two ba-
nd built by ex-deep purple'ers:ra-
inbow and whitesnake.
   rainbow was built by  blackmore
with the band called elf.the group
had stunning place in the hardrock

world with the outstanding albumes
they made.the other  members  were
craig gruber,dary driscoll, mickey
souley.the vocalist was ronnie ja-
mes dio  that would become a  very
well  known hard rock vocalist  in
the future.the first albume  named
"ritchie balckmore's rainbow"  was
pretty succesful with great  songs
like temple of the king,catch  the
rainbow and 16th century greensle-
evs.the following three albums al-
so had the quality of da first but
after dio left the band, the  band

started  to release average  works
until deep purple was built in'84.
   the other group was  whitesnake
that was built by david  coverdale
and later paice and lord joined da
band. they released not  that  bad
albumes and when in 1987,when rock
became  popular again,they made  a
a big  fame with the albume  named

   well,that was all.you should k-
now that it was not me that  wrote
this crap.i just tried to transla-

te some parts of the book"led zep-
pelin-deep purple" by  ogan  guner
and erim oral.according to me, the
number one in hard rock is ac/dc!!
   anyway,check the  chapter  with
lyrics from deep purple too...

   but since all the songs  i have
filled  that chapter  already  and
since  i still have some more, you
can find some of the remaining so-
ngs  in this chapter.just move  to
the other page!

           - fools -
i'm crying
i'm dying

i don't know,what's wrong with me,
it's in my head.
i can't see what's gonna be as i
lie in my bed.
man is not my brotherhood and i'm
of the dead
i died as i lived,as i loved and
was born
on the distant hill
the reasons to hide were the rea-

sons,i cried
fools pass laughing still

there can be bad blood in all i
can see
it's in my brain
you don't know the pain i feel as
i must live again
rock and stones can't bruise my
soul but tears will leave a stain
they smile to themselves
as they are grinning my head on
some distant hill.
the blind and the child with tears

in their eyes.
fools laugh as they kill
i got my own way to go.
and i don't want your mind
i believe if you could see the bl-
ood between the lines.
i believe you could be a better
please clear the way so the unborn
can play on some distant hill.
laugh as the fire eats their burn-
ing remains.
fools die laughing still...

      - perfect strangers -
can you remember
remember my name
as i flow through your life
a thousand oceans i've flown
oh and cold ice,cold spirits o'ice
all my life
i am the echo of your past.
i am returning
the echo of a point in time
and distant faces shine
a thousand warriors i have known
oh and laughing as the spirits ap-
pear,all your life

shadows of another day
and if you hear me talking on
the wind
you've got to understand
we must remain
perfect strangers
i know i must remain inside
this silent well of sorrow.

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