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          funny world

   bah,again time to tell you  th-
ings that should make you laugh. i
don't know why,but whenever i  try
to write down some funny things he
re i feel like a clown...
   so what do we have in this  is-
 - the final(yes!) chapter  in the
memories of a penis

  - old graffitis
  - and a few more...

   now  let's start with the final
part in...

     > memories of a penis <

   ...yes,then my master saw her !
perhaps  the sexiest girl we  have
ever seen!
   in  fact i felt that my  master
looked the girl with some other e-
yes.i never learned what love  is,

but i think my master'd  fallen in
love with that lady.yes he had!
   well,if he'd asked to me first,
i  would advice him to  test-drive
her pussy;but you know how strange
all those human beings are...
   anyway,my master kept on runnin
behind the lady for a long time,at
the end;however;he managed to draw
her attention.
   after a few night meals,i found
my master taking to the bed,yes...
it was my turn at last!
   after my master placed  himself

on  her body,i found myself  going
through  the legs and there i  was
the wet,dark and tough aim!  well,
her pussy smiled to me and i  just
coulnd't keep myself going  inside
at once.aaaah...it was the coolest
pussy i ver fucked man! this night
we fucked at least three more  ti-
   so  this  went on quite a  long
time.everybody was glad:my master,
the  girl,the pussy and of  course
me! so  my master decided that  it
would be a good idea to marry her!

   marriage? why not i said to my-
self? years were passing and i su-
rely wanted a constant,steady  pu-
ssy...so they married.
   well, the rest of story is  not
too  fantastic.in fact, after  the
marriage, i  experienced the  best
fucks in my life in many different
positions:the ass (dry but tight),
the mouth(wet and great) and  even
the tits (big and enjoying...) but
you know the usual stuff everyday.
   anyway,years passed and at  the
moment i am living the last days'o

my life.i don't remember the  last
time i had my head up,and i surely
i do not want this anymore:you see
i am bored and tired...
   the only hole i'm seeing is the
hole of the toilet.well you  know,
this is life!...

      -  t h e    e n d -

  well that is all for this story.
before reading the graffitis, take
a look at this question:

   >what is the difference between
a seventeen months old baby,a  se-
venteen  years  old girl,a  twenty
seven years old woman and a thirty
seven years old woman???

to a 17 months old baby,you firsty
take her to the bed and then  tell
a story.
to a 17 years old girl,you firstly
tell a story,and then take to  the
a 27 years old woman is like a st-
ory herself

and a 37 years old woman says"stop
telling  the story and come to the

  hehee...not bed,oops,not bad eh?

         - graffitis -
   well,in fact we have  published
all  of these graffitis before  in
garfield news,but i think it's mo-
re than one year now,and even i've
forgot some of them.there are many
newcomers to the scene,and the mo-
st  important thing:i do not  have

anything else to write here!(hehe)
funny world...anyway,here they are
for your pleasure:

* antidisestabilishmentarianism is
easire than done...

* a bee or not a bee -that is here
the question!

* all  we need is love,but all  we
get is home work.

 * and how did you  find  yourself
this morning?
   i just rolled back the sheets
and there i was.

 *  ...and on the eighth  day, god
went on surifing...

 * anything worth  having is worth
cheating for

 * a  pupil who is  searching  for
heaven on earth-slept in geography

 * to bad spellers of the world!

 * blow your mind!
   smoke dynamite

 * does oral sex mean talking abo-
ut it?

 * drinking will not solve your p-
   but will give a lot of interes-
ting new ones.

 * drive carefully!
   don't kill a child,
   wait for a teacher.

 * dying is not so sad,but you fe-
eel bloody awful next day.

 * everybody talks about learning-
but nobody does anything against!

 * god is not dead! he just  could
not find a parking place...

 * god shave the queen.

 * i came,
   i saw,
   i ran...quickly in the opposite

 * home is where television is.

 *i'd enjoy the day more if it st-
arted later.

 * god and i have an understanding
i don't understand him,
and he doesn't listen to me.

 * if god really made everything-
i'd say he has quality control  p-

 * if your girlfriend gets a baby
join the army or the navy.

 * i had a solution but it didn't
match with the problem.

 * i may not be perfect,
but parts of me are excellent!

 * i.q means idiot quatient

 * in case of an atomic attact:
 1.put  your hands over your  ears
 2.put your head between your legs
 3.kiss your ass good bye - you've
had it...

 * i'm on a sea food diet,
whenever i sea food,i eat it...

 * i never drink unless i'm  alone
or with someone.

 * is there intelligent life here?
yes,but i'm only visiting...

 * it needs twenty men to build a
   but only one teacher to wreck

 * i was an atheist until i reali-
sed i was god!

 * jesus lives!
does this mean that easter is can-
celled form now on?

 * i was born this way-what is yar

 * jesus loves black and white.
but he prefers johnny walker.

 * jesus said to them:
"who am i ?" and they replied:
"you are the eschatological  mani-
festation of the ground or our me-
aning,the character  of  which  we
find  the ultimate meaning in  our
interpersonal relationships."
   and jesus said:"what?"

 * keep frankfurt tidy!
eat a pigeon! (come on zore!)

 * keep your country clean!
mail your rubbish abroad!

 * living on earth is expensive.
but it includes a free trip around
the sun.

 * make love-not home work

 * make a snow women this winter.

 * my father takes me to school e-
very day.he has to - we are in the
same class.

 * no smoking in beds
and no sleeping in ash-trays.

 * our teachers have a problem for
every solution.

 * reality  is an illusion  caused
by the lack of alcohol

 * some teachers are wise
and some are otherwise

 * stop air pollution-
quit breathing

 * teachers  are people that  help
us clear problems that we wouldn't
have without them.

 * teachers do not speak in their
   only when others are sleeping.

 * teachers  have only two faults:
everything they do and  everything
they say.

 * tell me your grades and i  tell
you who's sitting besides you.

 * the germans in this bar are all
trying to get into the record book
of guiness.

 * the jews are god's chosen peop-
   the eskimos  are  god's  frozen

 * the only way to avoid  mistakes
is to gain experience.
   the only way to gain experience
is to make mistakes.

 * there are no winners in the sc-
hool-only survivors

 * the  road to success is  usualy
under construction.

 * this goverment is magic.
watch it disappear at the next  e-

 * twa poster:
-breakfast in london.
-lunch in newyork
-luggage in barbados.

 * when  you haven't learnt anyth-
ing,there is nothing to forget.

 * we are always in the shit!
only the depth varies.

 * yesterday i couldn't spell"edu-
cated".now i am it.

 * you can fool some of the people
all the time and all of the people
some of the time...
   a  combination which keeps  our
school going.

   pheeew...that was it!please no-
te it that i got all those graffi-
tis from a german book called:
 "englische  shulerspruche-all you
need is love,all you get is video"

   i hope you enjoyed the stuff...
just choose another topic.

             see you and bye bye!

               the boss/accuracy!
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