Splash 13 ch18 Witty's Chapter

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yo and welcome to another chap of
splash & here writing this one is
>witty/wow.. hey! this is an >acy
mag you say!! well.. it is, but
the scene makes up mags through
news,votes,etc. so why not let me
write some stuff about the scene.

this chapter i am supposed to tell
of the scene in >australia.. but i
won't just tell of the aussie
scene, but about the aussie life!
             you know what to do!!

here are some aussie magazines..
violation, the link, vandalism
news, epic. etc.
the ruling mag. at the moment is
>violation by the cure.. it is a
underated mag. for instance..
last issue (no6) it had over 1000
text blocks!!! and although much
text is aussie related, the euros
that see it like it, as it has
charts, news and outside of scene
text. if you have not seen it
yet, then get your hands on it..
as it is not a bad magazine!!

at the end of the year a new demo
called down under will be done.
the demo will be different as
all of australian scene is making
it.. so there will be parts from
all the different groups around
here is a list of australian
groups in the scene at the moment.
(which i know of...)..
the cure, battery, lithium, tsr,
hype, parralax. also are divisions
wow, offence, force, etc and more.
all up there is around 50 sceners.

lately theres been quite a few new
sceners is australia come up..
the group called >tsr recently
entered the scene.. they now have
over 10 oz members and are now
making divisions in european
countries... most tsr members are
at least 20 years of aged or over
so it is good to see that we in
australia are not just getting new
young sceners!!
many euro friends ask us..how do
we manage to calls for free, as
many ozzy guys calls his contacts.

in australia, there are these
>clickers.. these put a burst of
volts through the telephone line,
stuffs up the phone, & then you
call anywhere for >free!!...
pretty good but a bit risky if ya
call from the same phonebooth each
day with no money in it!! (hehe)..

now that i have given you a little
look into the scene let me give ya
info about australia in general!!

 if you wondered what the movies
 in oz are at the moment, heres
 a look at what the cinemas are
lethal weapon. strickly ballroom
housesitter, universal soldier,
boomerang, buffy/vampire slayer,
encino man, a league of their own,
patriot games, power of one etc.
flashing ones are the ones i've
seen hehe..
through the list i can see many
facts with australia... check the
next page..

lethal weapon.. mel gibson is the
main role.. and he is an aussie!!

strickly ballroom.. aussie movie
with all aussie actors!

boomerang..a boomerang is a object
the natives of australia used to
hunt animals.. (the aborigines)..

universal soldier.. dolph lundren
spent much time in australia, as
he was educated at sydney

if your into music.. here is a
list of some of the aussie talent.

bands.hunters & collectors,
crowded house, dragon, noiseworks.
you say where is the considered
best live band in the world..ok..
we also have inxs..

male talent..john farnham, diesel
daryl braithwaite, jimmy barnes..
female talent.. kate ceberano,
jenny morris, oh no.. and kylie
minogue (if you call her talent)

there are more, but they are
just the more famous peoples..

i better end this chapter now..
hope you enjoyed this chapter and
stay tuned next time!!!

      signed.. witty of wow!
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