Splash 13 ch17 Did You Know

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         did you know...

   another 'did you know that ...'
chapter in this magazine.do you
think that they're enough and lost
their attraction.i can't say that
you are wrong but still some dif-
ferent things are inside.but don't
forget to send some 'did you know'
to our addy and enjoy these ones.

         did you know...

...that menace/legacy is a dope-

...that pussymaster is called 'va-
gina' by his friends.

...that dr.j/the force broke his
leg in a car-accident.

...falcon/accuracy(that's me) had
an operation from his nose and had

         did you know...

to stay in the hospital for 3 days

...that micheal jackson came to
turkiye while dangerous world-tour
but then left before the concerts.
he had some problems with his neck
all his fans got angry and still
they couldn't get their money back
(around 35 us dolars for one per-

         did you know...

...that  kik/trinomic and  dr.j/tf
are brothers.

...that leech/comic pirates comes
from poland.he  moved to germany 5
years  ago.he ofcourse  can speak

...that galen/trinomic got a porno
doll as a birthday-present.he got
it from the comic pirates and tri-

         did you know...

nomic guys.

...that my drive is so old and co-
uld not read discs if it is not
cut from the top.

...that ferencvarous won the hun-
garian championship.20000 people
cheered them during a day in buda-
pest.they'll beat out slovan bra-
tislava from european cup.coz bra-

         did you know...

tislava has more hunresidents then
bohemians  and  about 10000  fans
will travel there from hungary.

...that  besiktas  was named  in a
hungarian  sportlines as  turkish
fradi! fradi  is the pet name  of
the best  group ever ferencvaros!

...the football group ferencvaros
released a music disc.it's called

         did you know...

called 'green  flag-green eagles'
and  sounds  cool.send a tape  to
dylance/headway to get it.

...that bitnapper/comic pirates is
one of the good supporters of this
magazine.he have filled out around
7 votesheets for this issue.

...that my birthday is to close.
yes,i am writing this text on 9.10

         did you know...

and my birthday is on 11.10!

...that mr.dj has to study very
much this year because he will get
into the university-enterance exam
this year.

...that although we are in october
still turkiye is very hot.

...that the boss moved to istanbul

         did you know...

for the university.but he has to
travel around 1.5 hours to arrive
his school from his new home.

...that you have finished one more

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