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           old days

   hello again!i don't want to st-
art crap down, because there are a
lot of things to write here in th-
is  chapter.but before starting, i
want to say something:
   i've got a reaction that  advi-
ced us to review mags even from 87
and so(were there any then?)  but,
since we couldn't find too old 1s,

i am going to bring the things  f-
rom a mag in 1989.
   here i want your help!  if  you
are  in the scene for a long time,
and if you got any "too-old" mags,
please do not hesitate to send  it
to me! and if you can,you are  al-
lowed  to write the whole  chapter
yourself! just look at the way i'm
doing  here and write the  chapter
on the paper,then send to us;thanx
a lot...
   anyway,in fact i had sex'n'cri-
me no.3 and even mamba no.1  under

my hands,but i prefered to use the
4th issue of a mag called>relax<as
it contained a lot of  interesting
things for today's scener.
 as  much as i could see, the mag
was being released by a group cal-
led  sodom as well as afl'70.there
weren't any credits to da editori-
al but code is by sowell/sodom and
the logo is by tpa/x-ample!the mag
belongs to late 1989...

  okey,now get ready for a fantas-
tic journey in time!..

        - the charts =

best cracker group

8.censor design

best coding group

3.megastyle inc.
5.the ruling company
9.master design group
10.actual trade generation(atg)

-demo of the month-

wonderland iv by censor design

-best 3 musicians-

1.markus scheneider
2.maniacs of noise

   as you see,there are still many
familiar names,but things are get-
ting a bit stranger than it was in

garfield  news no.1 that was  used
in the last issue.
   some of the groups mentioned t-
here are totally dead or on  legal
style,atg,poltergeist and nato are
stone dead but x-ample,and if i am
not wrong,mdg are in the game-code
   as you can see,censor had rele-
ased the fourth o'their wonderland
series and it was again on top.
   anyway,the more interesting pa-
rt comes now.remember that, every-

thing under the "news" headline is
originally,fully taken from da mag
and i'll be talking on later...

        - the news -

-transcom will stop at the end  of
the year (unknown,their only coder
and cracker has still stopped  for

-unifier also joined censor design

-atg and powers of pain're in coop

  - my-t-fast left ionix and join-
ed amok.

  - matrix isn't dead.they're only
three members. (peter the  master,
sam and lord of time).the most cr-
ackers  went to crazy; some  other
guys built up lotus

  - crazy and lotus are now in co-

  - dr.cool(ex-galaxy) joined cen-
sor design.

  - someone did a funny(lame) demo
where it stood  'coded by  bob  of
censor.' it was a funny joke, won-
der who did it.

  - scoundel and asshole of  ionix

  - sys of drive joined alpha fli-
ght 1970.

  - omg told us that 'mamba'is al-
so released under the amok label.
(red.:we aren't released under the

amok label like a few mags.

 - 20cc is and was not in amok!

 - vector  is dead,exory  rejoined
unicess.raw,detch and some  others
joined daniax.

 - moskwa tv was caught by the po-
lice.all addies were found.

 - there'll soon be a mag released
on the disk published by orion.its
name will be 'corruption' and  the

gfx will be done by contex.but  we
have to wait till venlo january to
get the first issue.

 - the joker left fbr to join tnt.
(a group in ireland)

 - sting of paramount left the  64
scene.he's now only on the  amiga.
(red.:will paramount fall now? be-
cause  sting  was a fast  original

 - nemesis from dom joined i+t.

  - marc  of alpha flight 1970  hq
the most of his criminal activiti-
es.he now works only for relax and
swaps with some cool friends.

  - derek b. left censor design to
join action.

  - newstyle of poltergeist is now
in babygang.

  - swallow is now back in the sc-
ene ,after he got bored on the  a-

  - the whole wuppertal section of
dualis were kicked out.later  they
joined ionix.

  -the game katakis 2 will soon be

  - and now a very glad story.(the
gladdest stroy we ever had heard!)
omg's mag sex 'n crime ( or was it
sex 'n slime) from amok and  gene-
sis project will not  stop  produ-
cing their mag.(red.:oh guys! will
it ever end?)

  - ziggy from acid joined legend.

  - esi-germany asked crazy if th-
ey would code a disk mag for  them
and  beastie boys.of course  crazy

  - the titan and kiss coop split-

  -doyle of trash and thomas hein-
rich of x-ample write a game.

  - squels  and  dark lord are  no

longer in censor design.they  both
went to amiga.

  - legion is dead.some of the ot-
her memberes built up a new  group
called as "looc"

  - a few days later the group na-
med 'looc' died and,andy capp  and
express joined process.

  - yankees and bb coop splitted

>>>well,that was all for the news.
before talking about them,i  advi-
ce you to read on because there'll
be some really 'interesting'  thi-
ngs later in this chpter.

   now,let's talk about sex...ehm,
i mean the news!

  - as we all know,transcom didn't
die at that time and was still  a-
live in 1991.

  - unifier later left censor  de-

sign and joined  flash inc.  where
he still is.but he isn't as  acti-
ve as he used to be i think.who k-
nows perhaps he already left...

  - the coop between crazy and lo-
tus ruled for a long time and  la-
ter when it was splitted,crazy ke-
pt  being quite active  but  lotus
got lost...

  - mamba released under amok  la-
bel??? i've never heard this befo-
re and i bet it must be one of omg


  - for those who don't know:mosk-
wa tv was one of da best lamers(?)
that ever came to the scene!  m-tv
soon number one in da lamer charts
and noone could get that place ba-
ck before exory...

  - there  you have also read  the
news about corruption's birth. la-
ter,the editors 3dk and jack dani-
els  joined  atg and that was  the
time when corruption hit da charts

for  good and didn't leave the top
to any mag for about a year.accor-
ding to me,corruption is the  best
mag that existed ever in the scene
(but i'm not talking about the is-
sues after the 8th...)

  - hey,is the joker mentioned th-
ere joker/mayhem? i don't know!

  - sting  later came back to  the
scene.paramount is also kicking on
these days again.

  -i know very well that there we-
re still some guys in wuppertal in
dualis in 1991.

  - the swallow mentiened there s-
hould be 'swallow/censor'

  - as you could see,omg and sex'n
crime  was not too much  liked  in
1989 too...

  - there's a group mentioned  th-
re called 'titan' the  only  thing
i know about them is that once tch

of brutal was a member of them.
>>>that  was all for the news. now
please read the following story t-
hat i again got from relax no.4<<<
> the true story about omg and gp<

   sometime ago,timelord (tnt) was
caught  by the cops.just for this,
antichrist(frank) decided to  stop
because of video.
   as timelord didn't want to stop
he decided to be antichrist!!again

sometime later antichrist ( frank)
came back and is now other %50  of
antichrist! so antichrist's on one
side frank(original antichrist)and
tnt(wellknown as omg of amok)
   that's built antichrist!...

   yes,that's it! really interest-
ing or what? for a long time,peop-
le kept on saying that  antichrist
and omg were the same guys.but ac-
cording to this story above,we can
develop a new theory:
   there's an antichrist and there

is an omg.but omg uses the  handle
antichrist as well,so it's hard to
guess when he's omg and when he is
antichrist.people  are right  when
saying omg is a.c. and omg is also
right when saying he is not. ques-
tion  is here:is antichrist  today
frank or oliver(omg) or both??this
will remain a misery i bet...  re-
act on this please!

   that's all! if i have  made any
mistakes,please correct me!!!  see
you,bye bye...  the boss/accuracy!
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