Splash 13 ch14 Group Names

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          group names

   first of all,i have to  protest
all people that have not send  the
story  and meaning of  their group
name.i mean everybody! yes, nobody
seems to be interested in this to-
pic but please send them!
   i think many people wonder whe-
re all those strange names come f-
rom,just like:faces,elysium,oxyron

triad,etc,etc...just drop me a li-
ne and tell where you got the ins-
piration for your group name, what
it means and so on! come on guys!

   here i want to thank >mindcrime
of vagabonds< for reacting the gr-
oup names chapter in the  eleventh
issue.addicted readers should  re-
member  that i asked if there  was
someone whp knew what *tankard* is
and according to mindcrime it is a
big glass of beer! thanks man...by
the way,he also wrote something a-

bout megadeth.read on:
   "-megadeth is the decay of  the
world,but you wrote that it's a  1
km area.false,that's overkill sec-
   hmm,interesting.but you  should
know that i got that definition f-
rom an original megadeth poster w-
here it wrote:
 1.the thing i wrote last timf
 2.world's state-of-the-art  speed
(in the style of a dictionary.)
  anyway,that isn't something  too


   so,that is all for this  issue.
dont forget to send your group na-
me story either by writing on  the
votesheets or by mailing  directly
to me:

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX    see you later!

                the boss/accuracy!
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