Splash 13 ch10 Scene-Fears

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   yo friends!

   as usual i am here to write my
thoughts about some points that i
try to catch like in every issue.
but this time,it is not an artic-
le.i'll only try to compare some
fears that we have in normal life

with the ones that we have in nor-
mal life.

   no,no,no,no! when i say 'scene
fears' don't misunderstand me!this
time i won't talk about 'the scene
is dying.this fears everybody etc'
this is another subject.but let's
start with it.

   what is fear? with a simple de-
finition,it is  the  thought of  a
force which can give you  harm or
cuse something bad  happen to you.

it is a part of human-being.in e-
very section of our life,we have
fears.at childhood we  afraid from
thunders in the rain,darkness,bad
guys trying to grab you, doctors,
etc.in our youth and  wetness  all
the time we have many types of fe-

   in our scene-life we  also have
some fears like in our normal-life
did you ever think about it? per-
haps it is not  only  fear but  a
mixture of fear,excitement,suprise

etc.but it  is sure that  you feel
much different.do  you ask  when?
then go on.

   think that you  are in  a crac-
king group.you  find a mega  cool
original  game that  has not  been
cracked by  anyone before.with  a
great feeling in your body you try
to crack it as  soon as  possible.
then you try to send it to u.s for
fixing.all of your work  is for a
 first-release of a  cool game.but
while  you are  doing all of these

you all the time are worried about
if another group will do it before
you.cause of  these  thoughts you
try to be faster.this is  all  the
same when you have a chance  for a
first-release.perhaps by time you
used to have first-releases so you
don't give a damn too much.but it
isn't like that for a normal-speed
cracking  group.just  think  about
yourself.the main  point is  that
you  afraid because of the thought
of someone will do it before you.

   this it not  same in coding but
it is related.someone  finds a new
effect  and  shows something new.
then another one does a better one
and this goes  on like that.if you
are also a  coder  and you  think
that  you can  improve this effect
then you start coding immediatly.
you try to work more as you have a
care that  someone will break this
record before you.this time again
yo afraid from another guy who is
faster than you.as like as in wild
west,you will survive in this sce-

ne if you are fast enough.

   time causes  on some-fairs  on
swappers and  mag-editors.nothing
can able to stop time while  these
guys  must finish the works on ti-
me.a swapper mostly  afraids to be
dropped  so he tries to be faster.
also problems with the post-offi-
ce,police and  money  effects  a
swapper.a mag-editor must be quick
as the mag-stuff that he got  will
be worn out.so they feel the fear
of time-pressure everytime in the-

ir mind.

   yes,the point that i try to co-
me is that fear has also a place
in our scene-life like our happi-
ness,excitement,friendship etc.if
you don't believe me or find my
words too silly then just examine
yourself for a period.i'm sure you
will agree.

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