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         more about wars

   do you remember my article abo-
ut the wars  in issue 11? there i
tried to  put out a  new point  of
view to the  wars.right,now i will
discuss this with my friends!

   yes,i said with my friends as i
got two reactions releated to this
article.but before this i want to

narrate what i told in that artic-
le.i know that there are still so-
me guys who never saw splash,snif!

   there,i  said that  wars can be
useful  sometimes  for the scene.
they don't all the time give harm
but may be help to improve the qu-
ality in the productions.and i ga-
ve an example for this.the group a
attacks group b because of a rea-
son and a war starts.simply i said
that  both groups try to crack and
code better to show that they are

more powerful.so the quality in
the productions increses directly.
but the frienship...yes,its obvio-
us that wars destroy friendship.
after this short reminder lets go
on discussion.

   i am sorry to disturb again but
i must say at first that:

   i am not a favour of any war
      i am also not a sadist!

   i had to say this as i really
afraid c rom to be  misunderstood.
so never forget this while you are
moving in this chapter.yes,now the
time has come really for the first
reaction.it's from > spiderman of
x-factor <.here it is:

   'it is a nice point of view you
come up with here.personally i ha-
ve nothing against the so-called
wars in the  scene and it would be
strange if i had,as  x-factor has
been in war with  almost every ma-

jor  danish  group throughout our
existance.this is probably our own
fault but we simply don't omit re-
acting on lies told about us.furt-
her more if  we  think someone is
lame then we let him know.


   not much  to say about this one
as  it finds the  article interes-
ting.here  i must once more remind
you that i am not a favour of  any
war.(i know you get bored but i do

not say it again because i am sure
you  understood it.)here i  try to
tell about what may follow after a
war starts.now,we  will move on to
the next one which was written by

   'this is zore.i'd  like to say
some words about you.article about
wars you wrote in splash issue 11.
please don't take it personal but
i think it was total bullshit! may
be you never had problems with no-
body but  beleive me  that it  can

really hurt  and it  is no  fun at
all.but  anyway let's  stay  with
the facts! you  argued that groups
that  are in war  with each other
produce better stuff and try to be
better than the other one! no,fal-
con,that simply wrong(i think).be-
cause  groups in war  waste  their
time with stupid antidemos and an-
tinotes insteed of keeping their
work! and just look at the aims of
wars!x-rated  vs vagabonds for ex-
ample.count zero wrote  that their
aim is  to kick  vagabonds out  of

scene!no  word  about being better
or something! wouldn't it be sorry
if one of this groups die? you al-
so said that friendlyness can't
produce cool stuff! why do you
think like that! believe me,that a
coop can produce better stuff than
a war! that was my point of view.
                   zore/elysium  '

   yes,yes,yes!first of all thanks
for this reaction as  you open an
area to discuss.here are my facts.

i  had some  enemies in my  first
scener times but  most of them qu-
itted the scene.but  to tell  the
truth i have some little more now.
so,i know what a war is.i know al-
so that it is not fun or joke.may
be you don't like what you do in a
war but you know that you must do

   about anti-demos or anti-notes,
you are right.they waste their ti-
me but they also increase the amo-

unt of time they spent on computer
just look at the releations betwe-
en image and acrise.they wrote so-
me anti-notes for protesting the
other but they also go on cracking
more.at the same time image relea-
sed lots of cracks while i saw a
version of 'calippo fres.+22' from
acrise.isn't it good?

   the things  go on nearly  like
this while a war takes place.first
group writes an anti-note and you
read.then you wait for the respon-

se and judge that who is right.so-
metimes the attacked group doesn't
give a response to this anti-demo
but tries to do his job better.you
can find its example in the u.s

   also do you think that anti-no-
tes take too much time? i do not
think so.although i saw an antino-
te,i never saw an antidemo against
vagabonds done by x-rated.but you
can see that both groups are wor-
king ndd rising up in the charts.

and none of them seem to die soon.

   and i didn't say you can't pro-
duce cool stuff with frienship in
a coop.you misunderstood me.of'co-
urse a coop's better than a single
group but just look at the scene.
how many coops you see?

   last,think  a was  have started
between us.i attack you and claim
that you had ripped some graphics.
and i  say you  are the lamest gfx
guy in this scene.what'll you do?

you just simply leave the scene or
try to draw better pictures to as-
hame me.i don't think that no one
could  easily leave  this scene as
we have lots of memories,good fri-
endship and many more.hope you un-

   while the end is coming i must
once more remind that wars really
destroy the friendship scene.i do
not think anyone who is saying an
opposite thing to this.my aim in
here was to show another point of

view.i didn't mention something
like all guys lets start some wars
and ...

   yes,the  end has come for this
discussion. ( at least  for  this
month.)but if you have some dis-
cussion points with this subject
or with another then don't forget
to send it to:

   all the things for a better

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