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        magazine reviews

   okey,here we are back again  in
the cruelest chapter of splash.the
fun in doing this bizz is that al-
though we are not perfect at  all,
we  just critisize the  other mags
for the things they lack.but i th-
ink this is the nature of critisi-
zm.people who can't sing,critisize
micheal jackson's style,lamers who

don't know what a realtime dot sc-
roll is,talk about that the dots'r
not enough(this wasnt to you zore)
and people who can't edit a mag p-
roperly give advices to the  other
editors;but that's life.we have to
live with all this shit.yes,remem-
ber that we are always in shit. it
is just the depth that varies...
   okey,let's end the crap and st-
art the business.
   i have again chosen three  mags
to give detailed reviews for each,
so if it isn't yours,just say  bad

luck(or good luck!!!) and check if
your ideas about those mags fit to
   and to editors that i'm review-
ing their mags,take it easy and do
get your revenge back by reviewing
splash! this is life...
   the unlucky mags chosen for the
unlawful review this time are:

>immortal flash 15/atlantis-ils
>tele 64 1/alive
>newspress 3/rebels

immortal flash 15 oooreyt!the int-
----------------- ro that welcomes

you to the mag is a nice and  ori-
ginal one that works automatically
but an intro is an intro,so skip.

outfit:the menu system is again an
original  one.there is a huge  box
that is nearly full screen and im-
mortal flash logos come and go out
all in this box.the chapters  that
take  place are sorted  under four

parts and each part can take  six.
you  should  go right and  left to
choose between the parts and as ya
move the joy down the chapters un-
der that part appear and you've to
move up and down to go between the
chapters and later to come back to
choose another part.( sounds comp-
licated but it's not...) as you c-
hoose  a chapter it's loaded  with
an irq loader.
   the text screen is(again)origi-
nal.you go through the pages  with
arrows and there is a sub menu  to

choose between the three musics...
the background that the texts  are
displayed change time to  time.and
a great capability that it can sh-
ow three coloured graphics that e-
ven move sometimes!!!  cool man! i
loved the text  screen although it
contained too much details...
                            > %90
text:hmmm, the amount of  >useful<
and not-boring text was quite rea-
sonable.there're a lot of chapters
but i think some had fewer text...
anyway,although all the things we-

ren't interesting for me,there sh-
ould be some people who'll like t-
hem.yes,this is a point that every
single guy should make clear in da
mind:a topic that is not interest-
ing for you,can be totally impres-
sive for someone else.got it? i do
hate people that keep saying:"-hey
this chapter sucks,remove it!" so,
dr.science,don't care what  people
say too much...  oh,anyway! here's
the  point:
                            > %80

objectivity:great. i think the mag
is extremly objective.in fact,hard
to say that i've read all the mag,
but the editor seemed quite nice.

graphics:the graphic hold mode  is
really a brill idea although there
isn't too much use.the logos,chars
and other gfx looked pretty well.
musics:there are three special zax
and i liked'em  all.what can i say
more?                         >%80

   overall:in fact there ain't too
much to say.this mag's been  alive
for a pretty long time and it also
has a good reputation and a  fame.
it certainly deserves it!! i don't
have anything else to say but:keep
up the cool work!

              +%5 for overall

           result is:>%90!

tele 64 1 here  is a mag that con-
--------- sist of adverts and addy

corners.before i have loaded it  i
thought that it would be a  pretty
boring,but guess my surprise as  i
saw the nice design.okey;the intro
is a movie like one,nothing so sp-

outfit:first  of all,i have got to
say that,the whole mag is designed
as a tv programme and the graphics

are all about a tv.in the main me-
nu,the chapters are shown as if t-
hey are being told by a well drawn
tv speaker.the 8 chapters (in fact
7,one's the end part).and the num-
bers of the chapters take place on
a remote control where you can ch-
oose  any  number with a  joystick
controlled  arrow.in fact this  is
not the only way,pressing keys 1-8
handles the same use as well.
   the text page is surrounded wi-
th a tv box so that you feel  that
you are watching the texts in,on a

tv-set(or this is the way they did
want us to feel like).nice  outfit

text:to say the truth it will be a
bit  silly  to give comment  about
the text in tele 64 as it's a  mag
completely  for adverts.everywhere
in the mag is just full of adverts
and adresses.the cool and original
side with the mag's its ability to
show graphic adverts.when you  ch-
ose the chapter with graphic  ads,

all are shown one by one. you  can
go one forward and back  with  the
joystick and after the last screen
it automatically turns back to the
main menu.cool! i really loved the
idea  to give full screen  graphic
adverts and no doubt  that this'll
become popular soon.by the way, it
seems that there will be some tro-
ubles between silicon  ltd and  a-
live as silicon claimed to get the
idea first.well,datz not our busi-
ness at all.anyway,although this's
only the first issue,there were p-

retty a lot of adresses.but yet,it
needs quite more!
                        > %70

objectivity:since tele64 is  not a
mag that needs objectivity,i'm not
going to give any percents.

graphics:hard to say that they are
great  but not bad either.i  don't
know  why,but there was  something
old  fashioned with the gfx.but  i
think they fit the outfit. > %75

musics:the musics were quite  okey
but most of them were  ripped ones
and this will take 15 percent off.

                        > %70

overall:a  very promising mag.it's
not hard to guess that the graphic
advert bizz will be popular soon..
seemed like a fresh breath...

  %80+%70+%75+%70/4  %72.5

    %72.5+2.5 for overall >>%75!<<

news press 3  well,as soon  as you
------------  load the mag,you en-

ter the mag without an intro.so t-
here is nothing to talk about  the

outfit:nothing so special about da
main menu.there is a  huge  rebels
logo on top,a 1x1 scroll walks un-
der that and the chapters are dis-
played on moving star sprites...as
the loader (not irq) is quite fast

you do not wait too long and  that
was nice.
   the text menu is also a very c-
lassic one:just a full screen  up-
scroll...there is a text under the
screen and what a shame that  they
forgot to change the"newspress is-
sue 1" theme...logo is average.
   the whole outfit is nothing sp-
ecial at all...

text:it will be hard to talk posi-
tive about the text in this  issue

as well.this is something the main
editor kept on telling and  accor-
ding to him,the reason for this is
the summer time and long holidays.
they also planned to'ave three mo-
re chapters but they did not  come
in time to the editor.so there are
only a  few chapters and  a little
text as well.
   and i want to say something he-
re about the lyrics chapter.viper/
rebels said that it's them who are
redacting  such a chapter for  the
first time.correction:i think  you

have not seen the august issue  of
splash(issue 12)containing a chap-
ter full of lyrics from beatles...
this is nothing important,just kn-
ow it.anyway,the rating for da te-
xt is...
                            > %60
objectivity:well,i haven't spotted
too many things to ruin the objec-
                            > %85

graphics:the  logo was quite  well
drawn but the painting was only a-

verage. the charset was also a bit
hard to read
                         > %60
musics:the main menu's music's the
conversion of obsession form  army
of  lovers and the text music  was
the  zak from last ninja iii. cool
tunes but not special to the mag.
                         > %70

overall:hmmm,i really do not  know
to say.i don't want to use any ha-
rd sentences,i don't want to  make
any cruel critisizms as i  believe

that both the text and the  outfit
will be better in the future. they
have work much more for the  text.
they just can not come to anywhere
with so few texts...
   anyway,i  hope to see  the  new
outfit they mentioned and  i  hope
to review it this time with better


        and the result is  > %65

   that was   all for the  reviews
of this issue.it's really  a  hard
job to critisize other  mags  as i
know what a work it is!all text w-
riting,vote counting,addy sorting,
news checking,article writing eats
time and the pressure to make  the
mag better and better doesn't feel
so cool everytime.
   by the way,starting  from  this
issue,i'll be ranking da mags i've
reviewed  so far and perhaps  this
may be a guide for you to vote...
or,who cares.this is just a review

   the mags reviewed with the  new
system so far are only six,but you
see,this will soon increase.
   okey,here are the ranks:

1.immortal flash no.15.........%90
2.update no.7..................%85
3.scene observer no.2..........%78
4.tele 64  no.1................%75
5.newspress no.3...............%65
6.internal no.15...............%58

  remember that a mag will rerevi-

ewed only in case of outfit change
and never again...
   it's again farewell time. don't
take life so hard,it will end  one
   if you are brave enough to lea-
ve your mag in our hands,if you're
crazy enough to be one of the  un-
lucky,send your mag to me and  ask
for a review.you can find the addy
somewhere else,but not here...

believe in peace and love!
                the boss/accuracy!
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