Splash 13 ch06 Sinn Fein Said

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   up to now i had a doubt that i
couldn't present you an interwiew.
but  at the last minute i  got one
back so i'm glad to write it.hey,
don't think that it's an interview
just to fill a chapter.just read
it and decide it  with your  mind.
did you  ever notice something in
our interviews.yes,i  am sure you
can easily distinguish the specia-
lity.we try to interview some fa-

mous  guys as usual but we try to
ask different  questions  related
with this guy's job,group,past etc
these interviews weren't done with
sending a copy of the same inter-
viewsheet.and  we try to  ask some
really  important scene  questions
and not silly  ones like 'what  is
your  favourite fucking position?'
so i advice you to read our inter-

   after this short reminder,lets
start to publish this month's in-

terwiew.this  month i interviewed
the famous oldie called >sinn fein
of epic< hey,couldn't you catch it
yes,in a way you are right as he
changed his  handle and  group  in
these  times.so better  to say his
old handle  and groups.i intervie-
wed sinn fein(ex-mr.perfect)/(ex-
akrak,holocaust,acrise,image). as
you see he is one of the oldies in
this  scene so i can ask  him lots
of things.yes,it's  time to  start
writing it.

    -:falcon  +:sinn fein/epic

  -:hello sinn fein!tell us about
yourself please.

  +:well,my name is joaquin,i'm 19
years old,i  have blond hair  and
brown eyes,a girlfiend called dewi
and i am studying economics.

  -:narrate us what had happened,
you bought your computer up to now

  +:well,i'm about 4 years in the
scene but i started seriously 3
years  ago when  i joined  akrak.
then later i  joined the  blasters
inc. and  again later i  rejoined
akrak.in this time i  also was  in
holacaust for  some days  but they
recracked a first release from ak-
rak.then in iggi akrak died and i
joined acrise.anyway,there were
some problems in acrise,i left the
scene while crossfire/acrise for-
med image.then i rejoined the sce-

ne and i  joined image.now  image
died  as most members  from  image
and  unicess  formed a new  group
called  epic,so i'm in epic now.

  -:you  are one of the oldies  in
this scene.what are the major dif-
ferences between the scene 4 years
ago and the current scene?

  +:well,i think that in the old
days the difference between a nor-
mal group and an elite group was
not so big than it is right now.

nowadays there are also more peop-
le in the scene which also can be
very  important because almost e-
verybody  starts  lame,thats  why
many  people are  saying that the
scene is dying just because of all
these unexperienced person.

  -:you left  the scene  some time
ago but returned back.why  did you
leave? i mean  it was  because of
school,work  or etc? or  just you
feed up with it?

  +:many reasons made me decide to
leave.the first one was that acri-
se lost  their leader mendrake as
he  was caught by the  police.also
my study results were bad.and last
but not least i had some problems
with the police,so i had  to go to
court,but  this had  nothing to do
with stamp  cheating or  so,i just
had  some private  problems  with

  -:will  you  leave it again  or

continue to its end?

  +:i don't know.at this moment i
am  not planning to leave but you
can never say never.god knows what
might happen in the future.but it
also  can be  that i will take  a
break or so once in a while to re-
join the scene later again but un-
til now i am happy in the scene.

  -:when we look to  your backgro-
und we  see that you were in crac-
ker  groups up to now.so lets  ask

something about cracking.which is
more important for a cracker group
quality,speed,quantity? and why?

  +:definately speed.a group with
for example 2 first releases get
more votes then  a group  with 10
top  quality  cracks which are no
first releases.

  -:what's your favourite cracking
group,demo group,cracker and coder
also tell us why if it is not only
a sympathy?

  +:cracking group:the best is le-
gend  buy my  favourite cracking
group are the sharks  because you
never hear something from them un-
til they suddenly shock you with a
new 1st release.

    demo group:blackmail,although
they say that they will not conti-
nue with making demos.their demos
are  really  great.besides that i
really love demos with much grap-

really is able to do everything
with an original.also bacchus/fa-
irlight is good.

    coder:don't get  angry but  i
think that loren/epic is the best.
this guy  isn't so known  in  the
scene because he is spanish.but he
is already coding 4 years now and
he really is able to do everything
with a c64.soon everybody will see
loren's cool routines.

  -:don't  misunderstand me. at
first,i must say that i have not-
hing against image and crossfire
but i  want to  ask something.you
were  once a member  of holocaust
which all of us know its end.then
exory(dystan etc.) left the scene.
at that time wolf was a member too
some time past and wolf came back
with a group called navy seals.ma-
in  cracker was crossfire.then  he
built  image  and you  joined.now
there is a  rumour that  crossfire

is exory.you must know exory from
holocaust.what's your opinion abo-
ut this question? but i'll say on-
ce more that this is not an attack
question.splash is an objective

  +:simple,crossfire  are 2  per-
sons namely ex-reconner/ex-holoca-
ust and ex-exory/ex-holocaust.re-
conner is cracking the harder ones
like iffl cracks while ex-exory is
megaswapping  and  cracking the e-
asier ones.everybody  knows  about

exory's past but i thin'that every
body deserves  a second chance.im-
portant! don't believe the nonsen-
se that  acrise wrote because al-
most  everything  is invented  by
them just to gain publicity!

  -:now,there are lots of cracking
groups but less origis.according
to you does cracking the same game
that much gives harm to this scene
or not?

  +:no,because you really can see

which  group cracks with quality
and quantity and  which group has
got  lame versions.thats  why  i
think that a list of crack reviews
just like gamers guide is very u-

  -:up to this time are you satis-
fied with your place in this scene
or not?

  +:yes,i think that i really am
in a good group with cool members,
however there still are some peop-

le who are members of a good group
but they have never done something
to be in such a good group.thats a
thing that really irritates me.i
personally think that i've  worked
hard enough to be in epic.

  -:does computer effect your life
too much? tell us about your one
normal day.

  +:yes,the c64 really effects my
life especially my school life and
it also costs much money.anyway,i

still have got  money to go  out
with my  girlfriend.every week is
almost the same for me.from monday
till friday  school and studying.
most of the times i go out on fri-
day and sometimes on saturday.on
sunday i  have to  go to see  the
soccer games  of holland  coolest
team:sparta rotterdam.by the way,
my girlfriend is in the same class
as me so i see her everyday.

  -:what are yor future plans?

  +:well to finish my carrier and
to start working as a bookkeeper.
i also  hope to  engage and later
marry my girl.damn,i really am in
love,this time it is fucking seri-

  -:last thing to say?

  +:yes,a warning to acrise: stop
with writing bullshit about cross-
fire.here you got it:crossfire is
exory.i hope you are satisfied now

   also many thanx to you,falcon.
i hope that people will see what
a good magazine you are editing so
that they will start voting for
you and splash.

   to everybody:watch out for our
upcomming cracks.epic,our day will

  -:thanks for the interview.

  yes,i hope that you liked it and
learn the truth about crossfire.we

will continue our cool interviews
with the coming issues.as we said
lots of times don't forget to sup-
port us for better issues.

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