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   ooops,here  it's time again  to
hear what people are thinking abo-
ut splash!it seems that many dudes
do not like the text menu although
we love it!..anyway,let's stop the
crap and go ahead,
   the first reaction comes  from
a norvagian pal...

   >toft/hoaxers:dear splash hq!
my name is toft and i have been in
the  scene since 1987.i would like
to react on what i saw in issue 12
called old days.ok,it is a  pretty
cool idea-but 1990? in the eighti-
es the  64 scene has  started, and
old days should refer to much old-
er days than 1990.that's all nega-
tive i got to say about your  mag.
else it's one of the top 10 ruling
mags in 1992.
   the  menu looks nice, though it
got nothing to  do with eachother.

(mag compared graphix) but that is
   that you try to be original  s-
tarting new chapters,you'd  better
cut out da lame charts.what quali-
fications do those people have th-
at make them reach the charts?
   there's something called quali-
ty and you got quantity.it's right
that the first 5-6 are perhaps the
best but it seems like fame o'gro-
ups,or how last issue's charts was
-decides ranx next charts
   i would like to spread your mag

as it's bad spread.i saw  garfield
but  i didn't see splash until the
11th issue...
          the rest you know...

...well, first of all many  thanks
for your long and constructive re-
action.i hope many people will mo-
ve their asses to put down the sa-
me kind of work!
   you are not totally wrong about
the -old days- chapter  but when i
(the boss) was editing that  chap-
ter,garfield news 1 was the oldest

mag under my hands and it would be
a nice idea to use it as it was da
first root of splash.and second  i
am in the scene only since late'89
so i don't know much to give  com-
ments about those days.i have  not
written  the old days  chapter for
this issue yet,but i'll try to use
the oldest mag possible and ask to
mr.dj  or dr.ice about the  things
there.and an offer to you:why dont
you write the next(14th issue)"old
days" chapter? just get some  news
and charts from an old mag, making

comments(like the way we do.) just
write  the whole thing  on a piece
of paper and send any of the edit-
   it's great that all the negati-
ve  side was this,thanks for  your
nice words(that's the way we enjoy
editing the mag)
   well,i really couldn't underst-
and what you ment about the charts
exactly.but if you were mentioning
about the big charts that lasts f-
rom 1 to 30,then i should say that
we do that to let other people ex-

cept for da famous show themselves
too.that's not a bad idea i think!
   yep,please spread splash  every
time you get it!(i hope an accura-
cy member  will contact you  after
reading this,addy in wanted part.)
by the way,you didn't miss a  lot!
we started splash from the 9th is-
sue so this is just the 5th issue.

>zinia of wrath designs
   the mag have a cool outfit,good
gfx,but i think there are some  s-
mall text in some chapters.but the

music is cool.write longer text in
the chapters is a tip from me.keep
up all the cool chapters,thats all
from me,
                zinia is out!

...wow,it's always great to hear a
positive reaction.thanks mate! the
texts were a bit few in the issues
before the 12th,but that issue had
a lot of them right? in fact  some
chapters are really empty as every
topic is taken as a separate chap-
ter in splash.so da length depends

on the potential of the topic(he?)
anyway,keep on enjoying,voting and

>franky of padua
   now your mag is really nice,but
please try to improve the textdis-
player a little bit too...

...argh,again an anti-text menu'er
writing.well,we really have  plans
to improve it you know, the coders
in acy are too busy to work on the
mag at the moment,but it will  su-

rely be improved one day(but no e-
xact time promised!)

>woise of maniax
   hey, i think your mag is  good,
but i don't like the menu!when you
choose the chapter,the arrow some-
times stand between two  chapters.
please fix it! stay on doing  this
mag and change the menu!

...well,if the thing you don't li-
ke with the menu is only that,then
good news:this bug does not  occur

in the coder's machine and if  you
want to get rid of that,then  what
you all got to do is removing  the
cartrige! cool eh? otherwise,i  do
think that our menu design and gfx
are at da top and won't be changed
(the design) anytime (gfx will  be
changed).anyway,thanks for the re-
action and keep on supporting us!

   1)why don't you have a  swapper
chart on your vote-sheet?
   2)there is a bug when i  scroll

the text up and down in the menu!!
the words at the bottom(nearest to
the water) disappers and the words
which were above this line copy it
self on to this line.check that!
   3)the  intro sometimes  crashes
if i press spacebar after a while.
(just not fast enough)
   4)except this,the mag is  exce-
llent!  more and more chapters  in
every issue and hot news'n'charts,
even you guys come from a  distant
   keep up your awesome work!

...cool reaction again.thanx mate!
   1)well,we think that a  swapper
chart  never seems to be that fair
everybody swaps with different pe-
ople so one votes for his own con-
tact only,no matter if he >really<
is good or not.but who knows,maybe
we will put it someday.
   2)as i've told to toft  before,
this  bug appears because  of  the
cartridge you use.just remove it.
   3)what?such a bug never happen-
ed to us! but anyway,we have a new
intro now...

  4)yeah!thanks man!it's such kind
of handclaps that keep us going.ya
are right,it is really  harder  to
put hot news as  the post  usually
sucks major dick!but you see,we do
try to make our best... and surely
it's our  reader's support that'll
help us to get much better.so  ne-
ver give up supporting!

   really cool mag.a new outfit'll
do the thing.else i think the text
is good written.

...it's really cool that you  name
splash really cool! but i have  to
disappoint you about the new  out-
fit.we'll only change the graphics
and improve the text displayer but
no plans for a completly new  out-
fit! and the text will get  better
with your helps,thanks!

>culu/migs design
   nice outfit but slighly hostile
behaviour.otherwise >great< mag!

...hostile behaviour??? oh my god!

we are really trying to stay  fri-
endly and objective!  if you  have
spotted such an hostile behaviour,
than you should know that it  must
have been because that the subject
that is been hostile about, should
be taken as so,got it? if we think
that something deserved a  hostile
behaviour,than it will be just be-
cause the objectivity takes it  to
be.but thanks anyway!
   otherwise it's >great< to  hear
someone calling us great!

   yes,now the boss is tired with
it so now i(falcon) will continue
with answering the reactions.who's
the next guy? let's look.


   just one of these average maga-
zines but cool!

...yes,this reaction is short but
i included it in this chapter.hey,
pal you said that it is an average
mag.are you sure with it? please

investigate all  our  issues and
think  again.we put out  a really
great amount of work with this ma-
gazine.also we do  not  fill  the
chapter with a feeling swallow.i
don't  want  to make a self propa-
ganda but i don't think splash is
only an average mag.


   yo pals! i think 'splash' is a
really nice mag!i don't understand
that only some guys vote for the

splash!the splash must be  higher
in  the charts! the text is  good!
the charts fair and so on! the o-
utfit is  nice,but old! i hope you
changed it a bit again! but all in
all,a very  great magazine! it is
very interesting to read!

...wooaaaaww!what a reaction! the-
se reactions give us the power of
editing more issues.thank you guy!
we are pleased that there are some
guys who like the text we write.we
are going up in the charts with a

small speed but we don't mind too
much with it.the main aim  is  to
present a good-work to all sceners
about the outfit,as you have read
it before we will change the gfx.
and some new effects  are here  in
this issue too  in text-displayer.
please go on supporting us for a
better magazine.

>tmb/digital designs:

   you should expend your charts
section and  write everybody  that

has got a vote or at least the top
50 or 100,else we'll just see the
same names all the time.

...a reaction  to our  charts.well
man,we also want to publish top 50
but the amount of filled votesheet
is not enough for top 50.but we a-
re glad to see that the amount in-
creases in every issue.but we do
not want to publish  all the  guys
that got a vote  because we don't
think it is fair.a friend of a guy
votes for  him and  he is in  the

charts.as you know votesheets are
not the perfect way for faircharts
and if we publish them just think
the result.ofcourse our top list
will expend by time as we are sure
that we will get more votesheets.
ok,so all the time support us.


   the  last issue  of splash was
the first i ever saw  and i  must
say  that what i  saw was  really
cool.especially the chapter design

is cool and very original! keep on
with that good work!

...many many thanks for your posi-
tive reaction.by the way,hey our
readers never think that we only
publish positive reactions.we ne-
arly give answer to all of them.
hey man! we will always publish
better issues with your helps.do
not forget this.there are some mo-
re reactions who gives power to
our body.here are they.


   splash is really an original
and good discmag.keep up the good
work.it's really cool.


   splash is a cool mag.the outfit
is the best ever.keep it going!


   very cool mag,getting better e-

very issue.

...yippi! that is the thing that
we wanted.and it is a very nice
feeling to see that the thing you
have done is loved.better issues
is not to far with your help.

   but there  is something  still
makes us  unhappy.we still got re-
actions like 'i never saw it befo-
re.' if people  doesn't see  this
product then what  is the  aim.we
try to spread it everywhere but it

seems it is not enough.so please
spread this magazine as much as
you can.best wishes!

              signed:the boss
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