Splash 13 ch02 News and Rumours

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   huh! what  a great speed?  time
passed very quickly since we rele-
ased the previous issue.two months
have passed although  it seems to
be  less.but one  thing is certain
that lots of  things  happened du-
ring this time.now we will publish
the latest news  that we have got.
why don't we start then?

  -these  two months  caused many
things happen  in accuracy.first,
mr.dj must start very much for an
univeristy entrance exam.so he had
to decrease his activities.so he
will crack if he has time.but he
didn't leave the scene.

  -axl is the new organizer but he
put down his composing a bit.

  -the boss/accuracy moved to is-
tanbul because of his new school.

so he changed his addy into:

         the boss/accuracy

  -accuracy gained some new mem-
bers.dominator/ex-lethargy joined
in as graphician and swapper.also
spiff joined us as a dutch swapper

  -turk 1164 joined in as a coder

and annihilator(anni)/ex-accuser
joined in as a graphixer.

  -there  are also some new swap-
pers in accuracy.sleepwalker,bad-
boy ,mr.brain joined.look for the-
ir addy in the contact corner.

  -accuracy-pc section will be ac-
tive from now on as some new mem-
bers joined us.rasel  joined as a
pc-swapper and transparent joined
as a sysop.now accuracy has a pc
board called beam at XXXXXXXXXXXX.

  -hoodlums is dead and all of the
members joined mayhem.

  -slam/ex-silicon joined varsity
as a coder and graphixer.

  -skinhead was kicked out of ge-

  -johnny  joined miracle  while
ratman  and mc quade  left to join
rebuilt hotline.

  -rrr joined oxyron as a gfxer.

  -toft joined hoaxers as musician
coder,cracker,swapper and gfx man.

  -the syndrom,roman,narrow  and
franky left sunrise to join padua.

  -valentine/faces left the scene
and went to amiga.also panther of
brutal left the scene after spen-
ding 6 years.also independent will
not be released anymore.

  -achilles/acrise  is no more  in
visual reality as a second group.

  -alive released an addymag cal-
led tele64.send your addies,bbs
and members wanted and gfx addies

  -dexter/x-factor will quit the
scene soon.

  -unicess will open a pc section.

  -elysium won everything possib-
le on aprixia-party.they got the
first place in demo-compo,first
and second  place in music-compo
and the first four places in gfx-

  -radar/arcade recracked the ge-
netix version of nobby preview.it
was heavily coded.

  -luke/ex-sunrise renamed into
master jay.

  -comic pirates made a clean up
in their member-status.ragman,fef,
leech,phoenix,ansgar and cyborg
were kicked out of comic pirates.

  -perpleux/collusion and kingpin/
wow returned to the scene.

  -the system is a new group from
denmark.all ex-members from lcp
built it and joined in.

  -viny rejoined the force after
being groupless for some time.

  -dr.j left image 2 days later he
joined because of the anti-demo a-
gainst image.

  -auidence/sunrise joined trc as
modem+mail trader.

  -stephan/triumwyrat left because
of some personal problems.

  -sammy joe/circle  has  changed
his  handle  into abbot.also  vega
joined circle.

  -tmb/digital designs has moved
to bergen,norway coz of school so
he changed his addy.

  -the oldest group in csfr trash
died.sid,2h left the scene for a
while some members joined death.
pina and mateus are searching for
another group.

  -alex,reign,crow,sunkyard left
rush to build up their own crew
while top secret joined rush.

  -success gained some members.
pompom joined in while lifestyle
left legend and rejoined success.
micron also joined success.

  -tyree left arcade,tried to join
success and went back to arcade.

  -baze left illusion to join le-
gend but powerplant says he was
never in,so now he's back in illu-
sion.he dropped most of his contax
but kept around 50.

  -yank was forced to leave succes
sand therefore he left the scene.

  -success has got a new ushq.it's
called 'edge of midnight'.the num-

  -there are some name stealers
like nightshade/trc,nightshade/ex-
cess,nsd/unicess but there's only
one real nightshade and he is in

  -swave/chromance left the scene.

  -skorpion and loren left akrak
to join image.skorpion renamed in-
to drugdealer.also design changed
his handle into sinn fein.chotaire
left image and joined control.

  -firewalker/low blow joined tri-
nomic as a swapper.

  -techno is dead.most members bu-
ilt up trance.

  -bulldog/spirit started with his
drivind licence.

  -neotec/rebels joined rush as a
second group.

  -lobo/wrath design left the sce-

  -dense/hysteric joined spirit.
bullet proof is now a spirit mag.

  -jk,tango and vain got kicked
out of gothic design.static is the
new leader.also nake,rainbow and
dr.crack (all ex-experts),two flo-
wer,zzap/ex-epic and bogami/ex-ma-

niax joined gothic design.

  -a new group called amnesia was
built.the members are calypso,wiz-
vis,higgs and vans.

  -paratyphold/morale changed his
handle into sx-ural.

  -acrise is busy with a coop demo
between battery and acrise.

  -hitmen has a new musician.also
raddings will be out in two month

after a delay of a half year.

  -spratt(ex-conic) joined heart-
beat as a musician and swapper.
arcon(ex-megaunit) also joined he-
artbeat while wit left to built up

  -at the last minute i got this.
image died as most of the members
left to build up epic with some u-
nicess members.

  -mercenary(ex-royal/dsr) bought

an amiga and quitted the 64 scene
after death sector died. after six
weeks he's searching for a good
amiga group to join as graphician
and swapper. if you're in need of
an exellent member don't hesistate
to contact this cool old 64 guy.
you know where to look for his ad-

  -accuracy's world hq "skylab" is
history. the sysop snarl is still
a member of acy and from now on he
will continue his activities in

  cracking and swapping.

  -trinomic got a new swapper in
holland called bigfoot.

   yes,that was all of the latest
news that we have got.don't forget
to send your latest news to us.

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