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         splash issue 13
        the october issue

   here we are back again to  wel-
come ya to another issue of splash
and say:merhaba folks!
   as you know,we would try to  be
released  once  a month but  there
was no "-splash septemper-"  as we
saw that we could not make it  be-
fore the late september.we thought

that it would be much better to b-
ring it in the early days of octo-
ber.that's surely better.
   and before everything,we  would
like to express our deep  feelings
of thank to all people that  voted
for splash!it's a crazy good feel-
ing to see that people at last  s-
tarted to recognise the amount  of
fucking  work we are putting  into
this mag.especially,it  was a cool
orgazm to see our name on the  top
of  the "best coded mag"  chart in
world news 17(cool mag by the way)

perhaps  it will be lame to  boast
here,but we think we do deserve at
least that place with our demopart
like outfit,containing dot vectors
,mega grafix,etc...
   you  know,we have  always  told
we don't care about the charts too
much;it's the fun you get from the
mag we are all bothered with.those
charts showed us that people liked
splash and it surely gives a great
morale,also a big acceleration  to
make it better! just keep on supp-
orting us with all we need and le-

ave the rest to us.we'll bring you
the ultimate mag...now let's  talk
this issue:
   as you see,we still keep the u-
sual outfit.the improvement in the
text displayer depends on  kadem's
time and who knows perhaps he will
find some.and good news:you'll pr-
obably  meet some new  graphics in
the next issue.just wait and see!
   a hint by the way: we got  some
reactions about a bug in  the menu
that happens in the chapter box...
it happens just because of the ca-

rdridge you use.simply remove it!!
   as you'll  see,the text written
by the boss is fewer than the pre-
vious issues as he's too busy with
moving his place to istanbul...all
during those come and goes,he  had
less  time to sit on the  computer
so you may recognise that some  of
the usual parts are missing.but he
will  be back with his usual  work
next time.
   well,you know,both editors  are
students and the fucking school'll
start soon.this  means that  there

will be less time for us to redact
the mag.just do not panic when you
don't get any splash from us.delay
is the most used word in accuracy!

   yes,it's a pity that we delay
but when we are back,we come back
with quality productions.oh,i co-
uldn't take myself from boasting.
sorry! now a short list of what we
have in this issue.

   first of all as your help inc-
reases by every coming issue the

quality rises automatically.this
month we got lots of votesheets
and as a result we have more bet-
ter charts.also three chapters of
addies is a good effect.

   as splash is not an only addy-
mag,we have again lots of articles
releated with the scene.also we
have an interview with sinn fein/
image which tells some facts about
crossfire.we advice yo to read it.
also we collected the latest news
around for your pleasure.also if

you are a modem trader then you'll
find some board numbers too.star-
ting from this issue  witty/wow'll
write about  also aussie scene e-
very  issue.these  were the  parts
releated with active scene.

   we have of course some non com-
puter chapters just to lighten the
pressure of the scene on you.we're
sure that you will have good time
while reading this magazine.

   to cut it short we say that we

say that we are back with a super
full issue of splash.after telling
about some chapters we will advice
you that:

 if we were you we would read this


 because we are >only< editing in

          this magazine!

   to bring you a cool issue all
of us worked really hard.if you're
interested with the credits then
here they are:

editor....................the boss
code and graphic.............kadem
slave work...................mr.dj

   we know that you are impatient
and want to  start enjoying this
issue.so we will stop it here.but
we'll ask for something from you.
please don't forget  to  support
this magazine with your votes,ar-
ticles,news, stories,reviews to
this addy  for better issues.send
them to:

   yes,now it's time to start with
enjoying this magazine.so what are
you  waiting for? just  quit  this
part and start with the real ones.

                          the boss
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