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         tesla special

   yo to the rockers up there!here
 we're again;here in our very  own
 corner.the corner of concious mi-
 nds that go for the real music...
 fuck all those lame syth shit and
 be proud of the music you are lis
 tening to...i salute you!
    i know,i know..that was a lame
 start but who cares?(or?)

firstly i wanna excuse for one th-
ing: if you have  read the  "ac/dc
special"  chapter in issue 11, you
will remember that  i promised  to
make a report about >metallica< in
the 12th issue(this one!).but...
 yes,but since i'm not a metallica
maniac,my knowledge about the kick
ass in trash is not enough to give
a full report including  everthing
about them.and i couldn't reach my
friends that are sick with the lo-
ve of metallica.but don't worey!!!
the awful,mega metallica maniac

wollo/acy(who else???)will soon be
touring my place and i'll get from
him!(by the way,the other>metalli-
ca fans:where are you men???  send
me everything you know  about your
idol group! come on!!!)
   so for this month i decided  to
write  about a  group that  is not
very well known by most of the du-
des,especially by europeans;a gre-
at and outstanding hard rock-heavy
metal group;the group that's  been
blowing my mind for about six mon-
ths:> > > t e s l a < < <

>name:t e s l a
>birth date:mid 80's
>style:hard rockish metal(whaat?)
>albumes:*mechanical resonence-88?
*the great radio contraversy-1989
*five man acoustical jam-1990
*physcotic supper-1992
*jeff keith:lead vocals
*frank hannon:lead guitars
*tommy skeoch:rythm guitars
*brian wheat:bass,piano
*troy luccetta:drums,percussion

 yep,as you can see,tesla is quite
a young group.they were  borned in
the same years such as guns n' ro-
ses and they also released their
first albume nearly around the sa-
me years.but they never got so mu-
ch fame.
   they made a very good come with
their "mechanical resonance" albu-
me and  matured with  their second
albume which was superb! later th-
ey released an unofficial  concert
albume, that  was fully  performed
with acoustic instruments...

i've got their last three albumes;
i must  express that the songs are
totally  impressive!the thing that
i like most  with their songs   is
the  sweet melodies, and blueslike
   no,no.when i say "sweet"i don't
mean that they sound just like pop
as bon jovi does(bah,lame...)  th-
eir first three albumes mostly in-
clude songs that fill one with gr-
eat joy of living...yes,that's the
right word:joy of life!!the lyrics
play a great role in this...check:

"i'll miss your smile,
that leave sparkings in your eyes.
you are so beatiful,
never change..." (the way it is)

 and,many like this.but take care!
those  songs are so emotional that
you  also can cry remembering your
lover,sweetheart(the way it is,pa-
radise,what you give,love sonh,be-
fore my eyes,etc...)

 of course they have head crushing
songs that are too philoshophic(fl

ight to nowhere,makin' magic..)but
i'll mention about the songs later
   now let's check the crew:
the vocalist:great!! he really has
a very different and terribly cool
voice that exactly suits  even  to
the slowest  and  fastest songs.he
can   easily give the thinnest and
thickest tunes... also,his singing
style is surely one of my favouri-
lead guitarist:frank hannon!!  yes
dudes,record this name somewhere

in your mind,because he's  one  of
the best at the moment.he can make
out really great  melodies  out of
his guitar. he's very  capable  on
this instrument.let me say that s-
lash is not better than him!
rythm guitarist:also an marvellous
talent!tesla's music doesnt depend
on  rhthm like megadeth  or metal-
lica,but in  their trashlike songs
he flies!(yesterdaze,flight to no-
where,don't derock me...)
   i think there's no need to men-
tion about  the bassist as this is

not something i can talk about...
let's leave this to the professio-
nals(yo mr.ammo!).also,the drummer
is quite ok ,but nothing so speci-
       == albumes --
>mechanical resonance: sorry,i did
not have the chance to listen this
one,but it's impossible to find it
here. if you have it, please don't
hesitate to send! you  surely will
get something nice back.
 i just listened three of da songs
there, in 5 men acoustical jam.and

 they were great! (getting better,
before my eyes,modern day cowbow)


>the great radio contraversy
ahhh,this is m-e-g-a-c-o-o-l!! all
songs are  better than each other.
once you start,you  never give  up
listening again and again.their mo
st famous hit "love song"  is here
too.it's a very good slow with a
muthafuckin' solo by frank!"flight
to nowhere" can be enough for even

the crazy-trashers,what a cool ry-
thm! paradise,makin' magic(!!),ha-
ng tough  are also giga  songs,but
all 13 songs are superb!!!  you'll
miss  a lot if you don't listen to
this albume.but,never give any com
ments  in the first go! listen  it
over and over, you'll see that i'm
                         > %98

> five men acoustical jam
"a sell-out.rightfully so,this sh-
ow was one of  five to be done al-

most acoustically.not too many ha-
rd rock groups would  dare attempt
such a feat,let alone  be able  to
pull it off,but tesla managed with
ease.i just hope that somebody was
wise enough  to capture  at  least
one of these shows on tape"
 this was written for a tesla con-
cert.the story is long:one day,tes
la performed some songs with acous
tic guitars.this was so much liked
that they  gave five concerts with
only acoustic(wood;classic) instu-
rements. later,the recordings from

one of those concerts was broadcas
ted on the radio.the reactions for
it were so good that tesla decided
to release it as an albume...thank
you guys!  because this concert is
really great,the taste of  wood is
so   differept that,you never  get
bored of listening to this  superb
albume. the songs are  from  their
first and second albumes,but there
are songs from different people,e-
ven from beatles and rollin'stones
 go for this!>everyone< can like!!
                            > %97

>physcotic supper
 yes,this is their hottest albume.
according to me this is not as su-
perb as the second one. but  still
it really kicks!
you know,in tgrc,the melodies were
extraordinary,and i can say the sa
me thing for the "playing"this ti-
me. both guitarists  improved like
hell.solos and rythms are much bet
ter and h a r d e r! yes,this albu
me is not that "sweet"...  tesla's
sound is settling to its place and
the lyrics  are getting  much more

philosophic!! and this makes tesla
  "no sign of justice;no liberty.
   can't you see that we are
   all freedom slaves?"
                  (freedom slaves)

well,the best song is song&emotion
i think. this was dedicated to def
leppard's lead guitarist  who died
sometime ago(r.i.p).this is really
a great slow in"don't cry"'s style
and i think it deserves to be no 1
in the charts!yes,it really is soo

cool! don't derock me is worth for
it's great 90 sec solo(this is tr-
ash man!). "what you give" is just
like those sweet  songs of  tesla.
it's mega! oh,god.also freedom sl-
aves(mega),had enough(cool),change
in the weather (great),man out  of
time(superb),call it what you want
(yeah!) are the best songs.but you
need a 4-6 times o'warming listen-
ings.otherwise,you might  not like
it.but this's the same for all al-
bumes.even for ac/dc(hehe!) anyway
this is a reality for even da best

albumes.believe it  or not, but  i
didn't like  "use your illusion"'s
until three listenings...
                           > % 95

   tesla is also famous with their
shows on stage. you know,just like
alice cooper does...
   according to me,tesla  has much
quality in their music when compa-
red with  guns n' roses.i can hear
you scream"hey,you've gone too far
man!" but this is the truth. tesla

has not achived such superb  songs
like "you could be mine" and"don't
cry",but also  has not puked songs
like breakdown, locomotive,shotgun
blues,etc...quality means continu-
ity in doing something good...
tesla has this...i think their mu-
sical  and cultural  knowledge  is
what ables them to achieve this...
how many bands can dare a live ac-
oustic show? this needs ass!
  anyway,i hope that i gave enough
information about this band  which
is not known  at all in europe.  i

will  be totally happy if even one
single person will get the oppurtu
nity to like this great band.i sh-
ared my  tapes with a lot of  pals
of me,i haven't met anyone who tri
ed tesla and didn't like them...
 so  fuck off reading now,get  out
to the closest music shop,buy "the
great radio contraversy"  firstly,
listen it 5-8  times and write  to
me,tell what you think!

   the addy follows...


  don't forget the metallica stuff
for the next issue! come on!! move
your asses dudes...
  this corner's gonna be better as
long as you support it!
   the addy above stands for every
kind o'rock&metal stuff for splash

who's the one that
makes you have it?
or maybe who's the one
always on your mind?
and who's the reason your living?
who's the reason for your smile?
i feel so lonely,and i know i'm
not the only one to ever feel this
i love you so much muge,
that i think
i'm going insane
i'm going crazy

i don't mind hell,going crazy
i don't mind hell,
can think about nothing
but the good,good love
what you give...

from:what you give/tesla(p.supper)

     that's all,see you.

            the boss of acy/dc
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