Splash 12 ch22 Good-Bad Girls

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     good girls and bad girls

   ehem ehem... well,this  chapter
was the flop of the last issue  as
many people(i mean everybody)could
not understand some of da words as
the  first and last three  columns
in most of the pages were not pos-
sible to be read.this is a bug ca-
used by a techical mistake..(well,
if you type a chapter at 5 am,this
will be the result!) please accept

our excuses  and try to enjoy this
complete  chapter including all of
the stuff that belong  to the pre-
vious issue and the ones that were
planned for this issue!
*good girls get a tooth brush with
 bad girls get  birth control drug

*good girls have one credit card
and they don't use it often;
 bad girls have one brassiere and
they don't use it often.

*good girls warm some milk up when
they can't sleep;
 bad girls warm someone else.

*good girls think that office is
not a suitable place for love;
 bad girls think that no place wi-
thout love is suitable.

*good girls look with ashamed eyes
when they are surprized;
 bad girls look with crystal eyes.

*good girls eat pie in the bed;
 bad girls eat someone else.

*good girls read best-seller books
bad girls sleep with their authors

*good girls condale;
 bad girls marry the widow.

*good girls offer to share the
 bad girls are always in the  toi-
let when the bill comes .

*good girls jump to the tennis ba-
 bad girls hump to signed cheques.

*good girls just say:no;
 bad girls just say:when?

*good girls never do it in the
first meeting;
 bad girls wait to see which car
the man is driving.

*good girls always make a budget;
 bad girls always make shopping.

*good girls never date out with
her friends' lovers;
 bad girls date out both with her
friends's lover and his brother.

*good girls wear cotton underwear;
 bad girls don't wear anything.

*good girls make the ground shine;
 bad girls make their legs shine.

*good girls use an amiga;
 bad girls are always on the 64.

*good girls open some buttons when
it's hot;
 bad girls make it hot by openin
some buttons.

*good girls remember their school
meetings with cheer;
 bad girls remember them with fee-
lings of revenge.

*good girls make chicken for the
 bad girls make reservatiobs

*good girls go red when they watch
bed scenes in the movies;
 bad girls think that they could
make it much better.

*good girls never sleep with their
bosses(except me,hehee);
bad girls don't sleep either,if he
is not handsome,rich and symphatic

*good girls like italian food;
 bad girls like italian waiters.

*good girls put on high heel shoes
at the office;
 bad girls put on high heel shoes
in the bad.

*good girls say "thanks for the
 bad girls say "what do we have
for the breakfast?"

*good girls think that a dress's
gonna be perfect with a necklace;
 bad girls feel totally dressed
with a necklace.

*good girls walk;
 bad girls either get a taxi or
are taken with a limuzin.

*good girls always wonder how a
city club look like;
 bad girls are a member of them.

*good girls thin that it's a waste
of time to spend a lot of time in
front of the mirror;
 bad girls think the same too,but
when it's done with the wrong man.

*good girls go red because of the
thinks she think;
 bad girls make others go red by
telling the things on her mind.

*good girls think "or did i want
a high salary" in their first bu-
siness application;
 bad girls ask how much they give
for overwork.

*good girls send their letters
with pink envelopes;
 bad girls fax them.

*good girls return home with a bus
 bad girls return home in da front
right place.

*good girls just watch the films
on tv;
 bad girls play them.

*good girls go on holidays with
their families;
 bad girls with their walkmen.

*good girls look for caurage;
 bad girls encourage.

*good girls are left;
 bad girls leave.

*good girls close the curtains at
the evenings;
 bad girls just wake up and open
the curtains at the evenings.

*good girls just vote for a party;
 bad girls want to know the candi-
date closer.

*good girls never let do it on ass
 bad girls let do it  anywhere.

*good girls wear the old garments
from their mothers or sisters;
 bad girls give their old garments
to their mothers or sisters.

  yes,that was all.now think about
the girls you know and decide whe-
ther they are good or bad!
  let's stop now,the
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