Splash 12 ch21 Funny World

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         funny world

  i don't know how many chapters i
have written so  far,but writing a
different introduction for each of
them really sucks! and here i have
to write one more again,let's see.
  okey,as you know now,this is the
shoparest part  in splash,so  just
sit back,relax,and open your legs;
dicks up!!!

 let's go on with...

   > the memeories of a penis <

ah,yes...i just used to have a lo-
ok at the naked  pictures of women
in mags,my master showed me movies
with a lot of fuckings in. then he
just wriggled me up and down; this
was something we both loved.and e-
ven at nights,while he  was in the
bed, sleeping, i used to  wake and
try to  feel the same without  any

 then,one day,i felt that somethi-
ng was going to happen.and  i  was
right!! my master  entered a house
out of the city where a lot of na-
ked women were sitting round.i re-
member very well that i got so ha-
rd as i never  had been! my master
talked to  one of those women  and
we went into a room together. what
was that? my master started to put
off his clothes as well as the wo-
men! the women laid on the bed  in
there and  i saw a biiig hole bet-
ween her legs (just like i  saw in

the movies)she was a female!she lo
oked at me with bored and tired e-
yes.then my master pushed me towa-
rds her... ah,i can't describe how
fearful it was! it was too dark in
there!!! but when i discovered how
wet and hot it was,how much joy it
gave me, i started to like it very
much!  in-out,in-out,in-out,it was
cooool! i just couldn't let myself
giving away everything i had!  all
my sperms went and got lost in the
mysterious and unknown caves of an
unknown pussy!yes,that was da name

of her...in fact this was the name
for all of the same kind of  those
 after that day we repeated the sa
me thing from time to time. and on
one of them i met the thing called
as "condom".it was a special cloth
that was designed specially for me
to wear during in-out game...but i
just hate this lame thing!first of
all,whenever i wear it,i just  can
not  feel the inside of  the pussy
and;and when my sperms came out,t-
hey  couldn't run  free,and spoilt

all my head!shit,i never liked th-
ose lame condoms and i never will!
  anyway,my master had also a girl
friend  but  he never presented me
to her pussy at first(eh!)they al-
ways played little games  but this
was all.until that day...
yes,one day my master and she came
to his house at a day that his pa-
rents were not at home. after some
little games(i was standing like a
stone during this)the girl put off
her skirt and my master freed me!!
cool..i just went through the legs

and found my target!!there she was
looking at me with curious eyes.as
she was  the most beatiful pussy i
have ever seen,i also wondered how
her in felt like and also was ama-
zed with the narrowity with her as
all the pussies i saw so far  were
huge ones.anyway,who cares...
 i went through her and heey..what
is  this???  some kind of membrane
was standing in front of me!i just
didn't give a damn and went on  my
way.i tore the membrane,but at th-
at time i heard a scream coming fr

om the girl, also some red  liquid
came on me. my master took me  out
very quickly(shit!)but after a ti-
me i was again in(hehe) it was one
of  the best in-out games i had up
to that time!
  after that day, we did it nearly
every day. it was so cool. i got a
lot of experience.now,i didn't let
myself so quickly and this gave e-
ven more fun.but i don't know why,
sometime later,my master left that
girl.but who cares,he  immediately
found another one! this went on

the same way.everytime new girls
and of course new pussies.
 but then...

  ehem,soory dudes but if you won-
der what will happen,just wait for
the next issue.yes,this means:

     - to be continued -

 now,move on to the other page...

    > namik kemal in the army <

   i do hope that you remember the
great  turkish hero,"namik kemal",
the guy that left no girls without
his 40 cm  dick,our world   famous

  okey,perhaps you don't know, but
when a turk guy  reaches  his 21st
age,he has to pay his military du-
  so normally,namik kemal was also

called for it...
 so,he just picked his bags, fare-
welled  his parents and  moved  to
the  city where  he would have his
military service done.
 it was quite a good place though,
he had his fun with a lot of compa
nions.but the exercised and all of
the training was too hard!!  there
were many kinds of them.
 one night one of his friends came
running  and took him to a  silent
corner,he was too excited...

 "namik,my friend,we're in trouble
man",he said
 "hey pal,what's the matter??"
 "you know the training tomorrow?"
 "ya,so what?"
>"they will make a row of your te-
am on the training ground and will
bring some naked women just in fr-
ont of you.they will also order ya
yo  put off your pants,and whoever
lets his dick up,b a n g!they will
shoot down!"
 namik got the matter of course...
he thanked him,and thought what he

could do to remain alive.he was cl
ever (eh,he's a hero!).and he soon
found the solution!
 just on the other morning,he woke
up and found a big plaster.with it
he sticked his dick to his leg!!!!
 so,he was quite relaxed now. when
they called everyone for the trai-
ning he went to the ground and st-
arted to wait.
 soon their,lietunant came and ta-
 "well gentleman,today,you may die
as you will try to control your

sexual power. who ever fails, will
immediately be shot down!"
  later,some really hot women were
 brought to the  ground and they s
arted to strip-tease!
 the first dude was shot very qui-
ckly.and many followed him.dick ri
ses and bang! he's dead.dick is up
and ooops,he's gone.
  so after a while all of the  men
were shot down,except for,yes it's
right;our hero:namik kemal! (heros
never die you think?)
 of course he was too excited too.

 all the colonels were watchin'him
30 seconds,40 seconds,and  just at
that moment it happened!
  his >l e g< rose and he was shot
down too.........

 allright,there was one more fresh
namik  kemal story told by nobody-
or  nobobi as we call him- of  acy
but i can't remember at the moment
so,that's all for this issue...see
you men...

        the bus(yo nobobi!)/acy...
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