Splash 12 ch18 Movie Reviews I

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          movie reviews

   hello there! here is our movie
review  chapter as you can under-
stand from  the title  easily.this
month we  have 4  films reviewed.3
of them were reviewed by shockwave
and darkwind.and the last one was
reviewed  by me.now,lets stop this
crap talk and start with it.

              j f k
         (kevin costner)

   many of  you might  have  seen
this  flick and those of  you who
haven't,should.a great movie theo-
rizing on the assaniation of jfk.
this movie raises several interes-
ting facts.kevin costner plays the
district  altorney to  perfection.
under his command a team is gathe-
red  and gradually  they  collect
facts.he takes  to  court a mafia

man but the case falls flat.he is
opposed at every juncture.the film
shows the original tape of the ar-
ressination  along with hypotheti-
cal  situations.according  to the
film  harvey orwald  was an  agent
for cia working undercover for the
mob.the  arresination was ordered
by the brass because they thought
jfk was going to withdraw from vi-
etnam.the film puts up some inte-
resting  facts and makes great vi-
ewing.the film is over  two and a
half  hours and every minute of it

is very  engrossing.personally  i
think  that the film's  version of
this event has more facts then the
cia report  put forth then.anyway
we shall find  out when it  is put
out of maximum security in some (i
think) 25-30  years.until then sa-
tisfy yourself with the movie.

        rating:  9/10

        the last boyscout
          (bruce willis)

   well  it is  like other  bruce
willis hitslots of gore,violence,
bad language and snappy one liner.
bruce willis is a privite detecti-
ve  who hasn't  had a care  for a
while.his friend tells him to find
a person for  500 us dollars.then
his  friend died in a  car and the
film picks up it's pace.the pd jo-

ins forces  with a former la guar-
terback  who has rebelled from his
team because of drugs.his girlfri-
end is murdered because she slept
around and  found out some facts.
then starts the violence and acti-
on which continues till the end of
the  movie.the  film has a pretty
good ending ,if not great.all in
all with its humor and action plus
some very good stunts this makes
for  a  good viewing.personally i
found this movie to be better than
die  harder i and ii.running time

is about 2 hours.


          star trek vi

  (william shatner,leonard nimay,
       christopher rhimmer)

   the  spaceship 'enterprise' is
off  to another adventure  to go
where no man  has gone before (and
all that crap) for  the sixth (and
i hope the final) time.we  come to

see  the  enterprise.the  story,a
vulcan saboteur is found who has
assassinated the leader of a space
tribe.but the  interstellar court
gives its verdict that the captain
and the doctor are the quilty ones
they are trown into a prison from
where they escape.the special ef-
fects are not  too  great.there is
little  difference from  the  old
versions.but  despite all this it
is  a worthwill movie.well worth

   these films were reviewed by
shockwave and darkwind.now i will
go on with one more.

         little man tate

   (jodie foster,dianne wiest)

   this  film is  a quite interes-
ting  and unusual one.it is  about
the story of a little boy  who has
a  super brain.although he is very
young  he is a  professinal piano

player  and he  can do  some hard
math questions in a very short ti-
me.up to there everything is all-
right,isn't it? but this child has
some  problems  ofcourse.he has  a
diease  from  his stomach.but  the
major problem for him is,couldn't
find friends.noone wants to be his
friend.tate is so hopeless.but he
attends  math  olimpics,university
and things go on like that.i advi-
se you to see this movie.it has a
quite different subject.

   this is all for this month.ple-
ase don't forget to send the revi-
ews of the films that you have se-
en lately.see you in another chap-

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