Splash 12 ch17 Splashing

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   although  we got  several good
long  positive  reactions,we were
anxious for not getting longer re-
actions.but at the end we got one.
yes,it is from zore/rush.as you'll
see it is a very long and pleasure
source reaction.well,it is better
to call as a splashing story.are
you interested? i am sure you are
so read it in the following pages.


   it was  thusday the  2nd  july!
after a long time of summer lazy-
ness and  non  computer activities
i  finally decided to  go to  the
post  office,to  check out  if my
contacts were  less lazy than me.
   as it  was my turn the post of-
fice woman,which i know quite well
looked at me strict and gave me a
huuuge pile of sendings.

   puh, back at home i was working
myself throught the envelopes as i
noticed a grey envelope! the typi-
cal  envelopes from  turkiye !!! i
got excited, my adrenalin was pum-
pin' ! immediatly two words brain-
stormed throught  my head! is it a
script? is it a >splash< ? i knew
it must  be one of those  kick ass
mags! i waited for them so long &
now the big moment had finally ar-
rived !
   clumsly i opened the envelope !
yeah ,a letter from my pal' boss '

after  reading  it i  took out the
disk ! i hold the  black , square
plastic in my right,trembling hand
i was sweating profusely  of exci-
tement !it was like a sexual pre-
lude.i couldn't wait no longer , i
to put it in to the narrow , black
opening immideatly ! no,not what u
think,you preverdet pig !i put the
disk into the drive !
   o.k. let's continue, i shot the
drive and pressed the f7-key ! the
directory  appeared  on  the blue
screen ! yeah,i was right!my feel-

ing didn't fool me.the first words
i  saw  where  * splash issue 11 *
yippiee, the directory ran and ran
the screen down like one of those
silly basic programs  we  all know
at first...

10 print"xxx"
20 goto 10

while the directory ran and ran i
thought : yeah , so many chapters,
so many text !then a noice took my
attention.tock , tock , tock !!!!

what was that ? tock, tock, tock,
oh , no ? the disk was destroyed !
the drive didn't continue to read
the dir . shit , shit , shiiiiit !
i took the disk out of the drive &
i saw it !the disk was totaly des-
troyed ! oh , no ! those ???????
post officers did it again !i knew
it !they just waited 4 my sendings
and than they made their most sa -
distic dreams come true on my en -
velopes .but i am not fool either.
i had the most cruel ideas what to
do with those post officers !!!!!!

i wanted revenge ! i wanted to see
their pain and their blood .
   as i realised that half of the
chapters were still working,i felt
mercy with the postman and removed
the mouse  trap  with  the  poison
spikes from the post-box (of coz a
slowly effecting poison, he he he)
o.k. i loaded in the mag and the
intro,which i never liked,apeared.
allthought . the coding is good ,
the char is unreadable , and the
zax  are  not  well  one of  axl's
worst . he has done much better

zax, which'r being wasted in crack
intros.i found the random intro
in splash 9 much more orginal!any-
way its kick spare fast,its just
an intro ! decrunch , decrunch ...
the cool menu appeared ! i've read
all the working  chapters and fell
in to a deep melancy,because only
half  of them  worked,but as  all
storys ,also this one has an happy
end!the next day falcon's sendings
arrived  with  a  %100 version of
splash.i loved the good girls ,bad
girls chapter (written by boss ) &

i found that the wars article was
totaly stupid .all in all it was a
extreamly code issue & splash be -
longs to the top mags ! shit , now
i will have to wait 30 looong days
to get next issue of this kick ass
mag ! but now i have to make some
self publicity ! u'll find similar
lyrich bullshit in the new mag in-
quiri , because i will be the main
editor . it will also teature some
cool , new ideas ! be sure to get
a copy of it .

*splash is really cool so keep on*
        > yer good work <


   thank you for being a morale
source with your story-reaction.be
happy as this issue is also full
of text.i don't think that i am
wrong in my article.well,we will
discuse this later.we all wish you
luck in your magazine.keep cool.

   such a long one as we said,ye-
ah? why don't you send long ones
like this to us? please send your
ideas to us to get cooler issues.

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