Splash 12 ch14 Group Names III

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         group names
   the awful journalists of da aw-
ful mag are here again with an aw-
fully cool chapter! as you all kn-
ow(?) we have been editing the me-
anings of the names of the  famous
music  bands and the singers...
   now i feel all the joy of brin-
ging you the names from the groups
in the scene.this idea has been in
my mind for six months now.i  just
decided to make it when i saw  the

meanings from some music bands  in
a turkish music mag.i firstly  ed-
ited them and now here's the right
time  for the scene groups.by  the
way,after the first two parts that
the  group names were edited, some
dudes asked me to this thing thats
thought before(yoo zore,too late,i
have already thougth that!).later,
falcon asked me about the same th-
ing on a phone chat.so here it is!
   by the way,in da 6th or 7th is-
ssue  of  corruption,3dk and  jack
daniels  did a similar thing  like

this but they have just wrote what
the name ment only and it was just
a  very little corner,but you will
see that,what we are doing here is
quite big and detailed.not only da
meanings  but also the stories  of
the name of the group will be told
so don't come up and say "ahh,this
was done before..."
   and >pleeeeeeeeeze< send us the
story of your group name.otherwise
it's totally impossible for us  to
keep on doing this...
   since this is the first  time i

will mention about the names  that
are personally known by me, either
the ones that one of the members's
told me or da ones many people al-
ready know...
   so  that's why i'll be  writing
about  the groups in turkiye as  i
know all about them.and these are:

> accuracy
> bronx
> clique
> scandal

>accuracy:many people won't remem-
ber but the austrian group ria and
the  turkish group the cobra  boys
were in a co-op...
   later  in the end of the summer
of  1989,these  groups decided  to
build a group from two... so  frib
of  ria  asked the cobra boys  how
was"accuracy"?all cobra boys liked
the name so accuracy was built  on
the first days of september in'89.
(soon we are 3 years old!!!)
    everyone should know what  ac-
curacy means;just check our warez!

>bronx:again this group was built
by several groups in turkiye: the
zombie  boys(istanbul), pet  shop
boys(izmir) and one more from an-
kara. they firstly took the  name
cyclotron but they later  changed
it into "bronx"
   bronx   actually  is the  name
of an area in a los angeles(i gu-
ess!) where the black live only &
many rap bands come from there.
   i  think it must  be turbo  or
vigo  of bronx to find this  name
as they are bloody rappers...

>clique:hmmm,here is another group
in turkiye but with another story.
after  some internal problems, the
64 members of bronx left and built
up a new group.after thinking abo-
ut names like acme,faith ,atrophy,
gaia, escape,etc. they decided  to
get clique.
   what does clique mean? a clique
is a little secret group of people
that have destroying aims about da
community  they are living in, but
they just look like them...  so we
must be careful eh?(hahaa...)

>scandal:well,their story also lo-
ok like clique...
   axon  of clique left the  group
because of internal problems.later
the guys in bronx asked him to jo-
in; he refused. then, the bronxers
adviced him to build his own group
and that was also his own idea!
   so  he asked  one  of his  best
friends,nobody of madness to build
a group togather.and nobobi agreed
too...i'm not %100 sure about this
story,so sorry if i'm wrong.and ya
all know what scandal is,right?

   that was all for this issue. if
you want us to keep on doing  this
chapter, please send us the  story
and meaning of your group name, as
well  as the founder of it...  and
you can write it on the votesheets
of course!


                *the boss/accuracy
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