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       german post again!
   i wonder if the post in germany
is the worst of all?i don't remem-
ber  the number  of problems  they
bothered the swappers with and he-
re's again a note that was written
by  andre(as)/antic/oxyron telling
about  the things happened to him.
in the note he asked people to sp-
read,and if possible edit in their
mags.we think that this can be im-
portant for germans,so here it is:

   yep,this is andre(as) of antic/
oxyron to bring you some facts ab-
out my raising n' raising problems
with the lame post i've had lately
   when i decided at the  3-7-1992
to send out  to  my contacts i had
after  a day of hard work of about
90sendings ready and threw them to
the postbox.
    after two days i got home from
work and wanted to check the post.
between 4 or 5 sendings i found  a
card  on which the post invited me
to  their office.i was wondering??

why did they called me to the post
as i didn't cheat stamps.
   so i went to da post office and
after i appeared in the room  they
wanted me to show up.a typical st-
upid postman came and showed me  a
a mountain of sendings,my sendings
   being shocked i  asked why they
delayed my post as they got to ar-
rive to their targets as  soon  as
possible.they said that i  haven't
used enough postage on all parcels
and i may not send as "buechersen-
dung"anymore.(i did it for now for

two years and they never said any-
thing) and must send as letter. so
i had to pay the surchage  of  the
missings so that  these  would  be
sended out.all in all of a fine of
60 dm (around 35 dollars)  to  the
money i already paid for the other
stamps(about 140 dm or 80 dollars)
so this sending costed me 115 dol-
lars(ed:whaaaaat? with this money,
you can make 266 sendings from is-
tanbul or ankara,and from my  tiny
city where all postmen know  me, i
can make >632< sendings to abroad!

in fact this is the result of  the
rise  of dm all the time in turki-
   i knew that they checked my in-
coming post and once they asked me
about cheated stamps(but i said  i
never noticed that,and i didn't k-
now why some dudes did that).but i
never knew that they also check my
post going out.they also opened  a
lot of parcels and found there ch-
eated stamps i sent back and  they
asked me about them.i said,that  i
send them back because.these dudes

collect stamps,but they didn't be-
lieve me.
   i told them that the people wi-
th cheated stamps told me that th-
ey are collecting them so  that  i
sent them back.
   then the postman showed me a s-
tamp and washed it clean.so he sa-
id and explained me that all these
dudes can use the stamp again.i p-
layed the wondering dude  who  was
shocked and i said that  i  didn't
know this.now the postman wants me
to stop sending those stamps back!

i said that i'll do this...(but  i
won't of course!)
   so all contacts of me:cheat ve-
ry carefully and better don't. but
if you cheat you'll surely get 'em
   this was the reason for some of
my  delay and the  reason  of  all
the garbage on the envelope.i also
have to pay much more for  sending
out,but anyway;i won't stop  swap-
ping.all are welcomed  to  contact
me as i still can afford to  swap.
(ed:addy in the contact corner)

   all are welcomed to spread this
note  or even to release  in  your
mag as it should also be a warning
to all germans not to send as"buec
hersendung" anymore.even when  you
don't write your addy on the enve-
lope  they find out who sended  it
or they throw sendings in a  trash
can so all your contacts and  disx
are lost forever...


   well,thanks  for  this  warning
andre!i hope germans will take ca-
re of how they are sending...but i
wonder if this  thing will be  the
same in every postoffice!  because
this kind of behaviour may  change
from postmen to postmen. even  the
treatments may change in  the same
post office.
   so  i  think it's  the best for
the germans to make some"test sen-
dings"to some friends,relatives to
understand and see  how the  dudes
in  the  post  will react and then

you can decide how to go on  send-
ing...logical eh?
   anyway,this was just an  idea.
i still can't understand how this
lame german post works...

   now choose  another topic, and
enjoy reading...

                >the boss/acy!
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