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            old days
   the awful journalists o'the aw-
ful  mag splash are awfully  proud
to present a completely  new topic
which was never done by anyone be-
fore! a glance to the old days the
scene had!..
   yes,sounds interesting eh?well,
we'll just examine the old mags  &
print some news and charts.we will
also make comments as well,as long
as our historical knowledge lets!!

   for this issue,the mag i've ch-
ecked is  quite familiar: garfield
news issue 1!! yes,that's right...
it's the first issue of splash(you
know it is ex-g.n).although splash
is a completely different mag now,
its  roots lie over garfield  news
that was released nearly 2.5 years
ago for the first time! yes,that's
right:our mag was firstly released
in the autumn of 1990(i think).and
you  see, we are one of the oldest
around!.. bye the way,at that time
it was released by the sample boys

consisting of falcon(now acy), do-
nald (now axl/acy),viper (left the
scene) and devil(now smile/clique)
   after tsb, g.n. was released by
dualis  and finally by  >accuracy<
and changed its name into splash!
grumps,time warp complete,time  is
now 1990,autumn !

    yes,one  of the times that the
scene is living it's good days.(or
some people always  think so). but
the demos will be totally boring 4

todays' scener... anyway,now  take
a look at a few news...

  * angie/hotsoft left hotsoft and
joined the guardian angels...

  * sodapop/level 11 started swap-
ing again.

  * cyclotron changed their name
to bronx.

  * shez/nuclear will quit because
of army season.

  * the joker crew died and  kadem
joined bronx.

   hmm,now some more information:

  * hotsoft was a one-woman crew!!
the thing which is so  outstanding
here is angie! she was a>women and
she was over 40 with two children<
strange eh? i think she's outta da
scene.the gaa's are still alive!

  *sodapop is still in the scene &
as you know he is the sysop of the

fairlight hq,paradise!

  * there're only a few members of
bronx left on the sixtyfour but a-
miga dudes are still alive!

  * shez/nuclear later cameback to
the scene, and most of you  should
know shez/house! that shoud be him
eh? he still is in the scene i th-

  * the last news is a  completely
>false<  one.joker crew was  still

alive since a few months ago.their
last member  steve joined acy  and
they are dead now.also kadem never
ever joined bronx.the only  groups
that kadem has been to're:the cob-
ra boys,joker crew,estergon design
and of course accuracy!

   this was all for the news.we of
course will have much more of them
as  you know,there are  a hell lot
of them!
   okey, now let's take a look  at
the rulers of that time...

      cracking groups

     1.genesis project

   yes,genesis used to rule in cr-
ackin'with their members like gob-
lin and snacky,but they are  doing
nothing now.i+t was the best  coop
ever done.they were no.1 until the
dudes in ikari joined legend! ( it
was a shock for everyone).illusion
legend and dom are still  fighting
for the top.f4cg and paramount are
also started to make their way  up
there.transcom  is also dead  just
like holocaust
   the story of holocaust is quite
complicated.once they were  really

very high in the charts.but  later
then,it was understood  that their
main cracker exory was a terribble
lamer!.. the ones who lived  those
days can never forget da wars bet-
ween exory and gp.later many other
clues were found about exory  that
he was recracking and cheating the
charts.he couldn't keep it up  and
he simply tried to trick the scene
by changing his handle into dystan
and building a crew called trauma.
but  it was soon again found  that
he was exory!yes,then nobody heard

his name...until today! hmm,cross-
fire of image is claimed to be the
old lamer exory!this is quite hard
to prove i think...now let me tell
you a little story:
   wolf(ex-acy) was once a  member
of  trauma.after  dystan was found
to be exory,the group was split of
course.wolf joined several  groups
until the day he built his own gr-
oup:unique.and unique had a crack-
er that was never heard:>crossfire
but  i can't make any comments  on
that,we've to be an objective mag.

        demo groups
      3.flash inc.
      4.censor design
      5.cosmos designs
      6.megastyle inc.

aah...that were the days of bonzai

shocked everyone with their superb
demo bonzieed  and kept their pla-
ce for a long time by releasing  a
lot of cool demos.but now, most of
their mambers are in starion.it is
only century and megastyle that're
competely dead.the others're still
in  the  scene and except  for tat
all  are still producing demos now
and  then.you can't  see  light in
the  top ten now,but  after  a few
months,they took their place there
and never left again. but  i think
beyond should be here...


  1.snacky/genesis project

   well,except for  snacky,all  of
those dudes are still in the bizz,
and still have nearly the same pl-
aces.but what a shame, no new cool
crackers showed up!


 2.scroll/megastyle inc.
 4.hannes(mc sprite/cosmos)
 5.zodiac/flash inc.

   well,trap has left the  scene a
long time ago,just like scroll(shi
man!).zodiac is no.1 in most of th
charts and crossbow is too lazy, s
is hannes... maybe at the cd party


 1.bizzmo/genesis project

   here're the charts that changed
the most.it's only gotcha that  is
seen  painting here and  there but
today young talents  are ruling...
just look at dragon( ok. he  isn't
that young) ogami,pal,tmt,atte and
all i can't remember!



   yes, once it was only  vibrants
that  were seen in the top  of the
musician charts,but this  changed!
many other musicians are ruling da
top and i think this  is something
really cool! by the way,laxity was
not in vib at that time i think!


4.fatal news/censor design

  hmmm,this chart also changed li-
ke hell.it's only  corruption that
is released time to time i think!!
i also heard that rock'n'role will
not be released anymore...

   corruption kept its   place for
a long time even if it was not re-
leased!but,their old issue was the
best i've ever seen! their editors
joined paramount,genesis project &
finally dominators;jack daniels is
still in there i guess.
   sex'n'crime was also number one
until corruption got their  place.
in fact,except for fatal news  all
of  them has once been the  numero

   well,that's all for this issue.
if i've made any mistakes in  any-
thing please excuse me and send  a
letter what it actually is...

   so far,so good,so what?   it is
again the time for goodbye...

              >the boss/accuracy
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