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        is 64 dying?
   well,this is a question  that's
asked by many of the  dudes around
and  i want to express some of  my
own thoughts here...
   when i came to the scene around
2.5 years ago,sex'n crime was  one
of the first mags i've ever  read.
somewhere in it,omg was  complain-
ing about the wars and saying that
the scene would die in  >1 year or
so<. now,it's 2.5 years after that

time and people are still discuss-
ing the same things.why? what's da
use? if it dies,it will...
   of course da scene will die one
day too,just like anything that is
living.but,i don't think that  the
end is too close...
   in fact it really's very  surp-
rising  that the users of such  an
old machine are still quite many!!
surely so,look at the other  eight
bit machines that has died long a-
go.i really think that the sceners
should  be proud of the work  they

have done before.do you really th-
ink that the builder of the 64 has
ever thought that the things we're
doing on it would be possible  one
day? i don't think so...
   well,the scene is certainly not
dying yet.many of you probably has
not  recognised but as i have  al-
most  stopped swapping  for  eight
months or so,i am totally impress-
ed with the number of the new cool
newcomers.and  i have to say  that
i  have never seen such an  active
summer before.

   first of all,only in a few mon-
ths there has been a fucking crow-
ded row of parties:light,arcade,b-
rutal,assemply'92  and soon to  be
done,trias+faces and  finally  the
cosmos designs party.this makes a-
bout  two parties per month  which
is terribly cool!
    and  what about the number  of
new demos??? only from the  brutal
party,we got>18<demos! and all  of
the  ones i have seen were  really
cool! this is a great effort  man!
and  certainly  there are more  to

   i just don't remember the  num-
ber of cracks i've received.it  of
course is true that the quality is
never like it used to be but  that
certainly is normal.and it doesn't
matter(it shouldn't) even all  the
companies stopped doing games!what
the heck? what are demo groups for
really? the ideas are endless,even
the coding will hit the limits one
day,the way  of the style is  open
to the end! just use your brains!
   i also want to mention about da

amiga that many guys choose  going
   firstly,the swap scene in amiga
sucks like hell! most of the stuff
takes one  or more disks  and  3.5
disks are much heavier.this  makes
swapping on amiga really expensive
and  if you have 20 contacts  then
this is really a  lot!  funny  eh?
many people choose the boards  and
this  kills the atmosphere of  the
scene.for example,even  if i'm not
in contact,i know nearly %90 of da
guys in the scene as the number is

not too much.but  two guys can  be
in the amiga scene and never heard
of each other anywhere even if th-
ey are no lamers at all.this's so-
mething caused by the fucking many
number of people and groups. amiga
scene lacks the cool atmospher the
64 scene has.this is the most  im-
prtant thing that's apsent.(by the
way,the atmosphere of  the scene'd
been a bit better in the  past.)
   it all is true  that the  demos
on amiga are boring,i always look-
ed at amiga as a game machine  and

it always will stay so.
   so,just keep it in mind that da
scene  is still kicking asses  and
it seems that it'll  go on the sa-
me for a pretty long time.
   don't forget! it's in our hands
to keep this machine alive,and th-
is gives me a kind of feeling just
like we are the gods!  ah,how cool
   anyway, it's high time to  give
the end to this lame article. send
your reactions,okey?
                >the boss/accuracy
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