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   yes,right choice.reading an in-
terview is the most effective way
of learning about one person.if it
consists of quality and different
questions  than nothing  stop this
pleasure.so here is  an interview
for  your pleasure .it was done by
famous swapper l'trimm of x-rated.
here we go for it then:

     -:falcon     +:l'trimm

  -:hello l'trimm! please tell us
about youself.

  +:well,my  real name is  pascal
and i'm 16 years old.i'll be 17 on
20.10.i'm 1.70 meters tall and my
weight is 60 kg.i have blond hairs
and blue eyes.i still go to school
and i  have a  girlfriend.her name
is sandy  and she is a beatiful 16
years  old girl! beside the compu-
ter i like to be together with my

girlfriend  and a  lots friends.i
think that must be all.

  -:when did you enter the scene?

  +:oh,i think i entered the scene
4 years ago in 1988.

  -:aha,you  are an oldie  in this
scene.give information  about your

  +:well,before i entered the sce-
ne i lamed around! but one day i

got  the  idea to join  a cracker
group.then i joined dualis.(ed:oh,
dualis.my  old group.)in dualis i
stayed a  couple  of weeks.i did a
lot of graphics for them,but they
never used  one  of them! my  best
friend  was alex of dualis better
known as  extreme/ex-rawguys.well
he left the  scene.then i  decided
to join another group.i heard that
gloom  search for a new graphixer,
megaswapper.so i decided to join
gloom.but after a  few weeks gloom
died.then i  got an offer from my

cool friend 'eggman/climax' to jo-
in  them.so i did  it.in climax i
stayed a long time.but then i de-
cided to join the old legend 711,
coz climax was too lazy.so i did
it  but one day  later i  rejoined
climax.after  some months,i think
it were 7 months,full  of lazyness
i got an offer from mindcrime/va-
gabonds,i joined  them.after  some
months  of being a damned cool and
fast  swapper,i left vag(in)abonds
in order to join x-rated.there i'm
now and i will stay there for the

future,too! but take in mind that
i got several offers to join some
other groups,for example 'hysteric
and extacy'.

  -:in near past you were a member
of vagabonds.why did you leave it
and  joined  x-rated? i mean was
there a special thing?

  +:yes,there was  a special thing
mindcrime told  lots of shit about
count  zero,that he can't crack or
something  like  this.this really

piss me off! well mindcrime surely
can  crack but  count zero is much
more  better! the  vag(in)alamers
should fuck up!

  -:x-rated declared war to vaga-
bonds.is  this a  personal war of
count zero or a war of all x-rated
guys? what is your opinion?

  +:no,i don't  think so! well,ok.
the start made count zero but i'll
help him in any way i can,coz he's
one of my best friends! and i rea-

lly think that all of us will help
count zero in  all things he will

  -:who is ruling in the scene now
according to you?

  +:in  my eyes,faces is the best
cracking and coding group.syllinor
is a damned kewl cracker.well,ok.
faces  nearly don't  get one first
release but  they show quality wa-
rez! and they've a little problem.
their warez are bad spreaded each

time.they  need  more  swappers in
the  foreign countries.i can't be-
lieve it,why nobody  vote for them
they're  so  cool in coding .check
all demos and tools out! this is
real quality! isn't it?

  -:what must be  important in  a
demo,crack,mag ?

  +:in a demo the important thing
is the style of a part.it must lo-
ok cool.this  is all.the  coolness
make the success of a demo!the im-

portant  thing in a crack is the
quality and  not the shit with the
first-releases! ok,i know.lots of
dudes  said that the first release
is the important thing,but i don't
think so,coz i think that quality
counts more! what is  your opinion
about  it,eh? (+:i agree.) in the
mag  counts only the text  and not
more else!

  -:narrate your one normal day to

  +:no comment.it  would take more
than 4 pages of this  piece of pa-
per.so  lets go over to  the next

  -:your real thoughts about this

  +:well,i think that splash is a
damned  kewl mag.a cool outfit and
text.what  should i more say? cool
mag and go on with producing this
fab mag.i'll help you in every way

i can!

  -:thanks a lot.another question.
what kind of specialities  must a
mega  swapper have? must he  have
several contacts? must he have a
super  speed? must  he write  long
personal  letters? which  is more

  +:hmmm.normally a megaswapper do
not need any kind of specialities.
but i really prefer long letters
and this mean friendship ofcourse.

but a swapper also need a little
bit speed!

  -:think that the rebuilded x-ra-
ted dies again.which group do you
want to join?

  +:i really like to join hysteric
for example.or maybe antic or fa-
ces would be a cool crew!

  -:tell us your future plans.

  +:well i like to get more than

400 contax,so contact me.and then
i want to be a cool cracker'n'co-
der like syllinor/faces!

  -:thanks for the interview.

  +:thanks too.

  yeah,it was cool,wasn't it? but
the end of this chapter has come.
so select another and go on rea-
ding pal.
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