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           mag reviews
   dadadadaannn...here we are aga-
in in the mag reviews chapter.the-
re are so many mags around that, i
think those reviews can give  some
kind of opinion to the general au-
   by  the way,i do not agree with
the people who say:"argh!there are
too  many mags,everybody is  doing
their own mag.i think all of    t-
hose should be cleaned off the sc-

   well,why?? how can we determine
the ones to edit a mag?  i  really
think that it's everyone's right..
i bet  this is a kind of  activity
just like cracking or demo coding!
do you  get annoyed when even  the
worst  groups make a demo or crack
a game? surely you don't! so, what
is the point in  complaining about
the number of mags... i read in  a
mag(can't remember which one) that
everyone can't code or draw,but it
is easy to write text...well sure,

but does the outfit fall from  the
sky? the mag should be a producti-
on of the whole group, the  outfit
the logos and other gfx,as well as
the  musics should be made by  the
members  of  the group, publishing
the mag.of course the sceners must
be allowed to help the mag in that
way, with some musics and graphics
but if>all<the logos are drawn and
all  musics are composed by  other
people outta group(even if they're
special) what the heck... that  is
what i call lame...

   anyway,let's put a point to the
subject and start the reviews.
   the mags reviewed in this issue

  >update 7................sunrise
  >scene observer 2.........oxyron
  >internal 15.................wow

   well,there are only three  mags
reviewed for this issue but as you
also will see yourself,all of  the
reviews are done in details!  that
is the way it should be,right?

update 7:   the intro is really  a
--------- normal one,nothing  that
much interesting.
*outfit:  it consists of two  main
parts  as some  mags.the menu  and
the text screen...
in the menu,you can see a nice lo-
go on da top.a mirrored 1x1 scroll
flows under it,coming from the two
borders.the menu box and the upda-
te logo takes place following each
other,from the scroller.by the way
there's a special effect surround-

ing  the chapters so that is why i
have  called it a box. and finally
an "update issue seven"  sprite is
circling  the update logo  and the
   the  chapters are loaded with a
non-irq loader...
   text screen is again quite nor-
mal.up the screen the logo telling
the chapter's topic swings and the
texts're presented through the wh-
ole screen under it(18 rows). also
some other specials are visible on
the down border(page no,etc...)

   what is so special is the>very<
advanced help commands.you can  e-
ven adjust the volume from the joy
in port two and many other so...
   yes,the outfit is really a very
classic and familiar one but it is
advanced to the limits!  otherwise
the rating be lower than... > %70
   text:yes,what i liked with  the
mag is the amount of  the "useful"
stuff which didn't bore in anyway.
the  language is quite okey;  also
i couldn't spot many typing mista-
kes.yes,there are only eight chap-

ters but there  could be seven  of
them only from the"mixed"chapter!!
the  editors seem to be putting  a
lot of work into it...there were a
hell  lotta demo reviews for exam-
ple.(hey mr dj,move your ass too!)
yep,the rating for the text is>%90
   objectivity:it seemed quite ob-
jective as well,especially  in the
chapters that it was needed... but
i think one of the editors put his
own  personality too much  through
the text.it's roman who does  that
and that's only my,yes my, my very

own idea!(hehee)but it's not a big
problem i guess...           > %85
   graphics are not bad but surely
could be much better         > %75
   musics are quite reasonable,i'd
give a vote for the composer(that
is the syndrom of sunrise)   > %80

   overall:a pretty well done mag,
one of my favourites nowadays. al-
though the outfit is very  classic
it doesn't bother as reading it,is
a fun! the editors say  that there
won't be a new outfit ever as they

think the outfit of a  mag is  its
trademark and i totally agree with
this idea!they don't have to chan-
ge it...but,it's a pity that upda-
te won't be released for four mon-
ths.they could easily get into the
top five if they'd put their asses
to release an issue two months la-
ter.i do hope they will!

 final rate:%70+%90+%85+%75+%80/5

               80+5 for overall
                  >> %85 <<

 scene observer   the intro of the
================= mag is really  a
high quality one,i liked it!

outfit:da thing that hits your fa-
ce first is the "handsome looking"
screen! there is a nice "scene ob-
server" logo,which is divided  in-
to two parts:scene on  top and ob-
server  at down.firstly,there's  a
welcome messie between them and as
you press fire,it disappears,leav-
ing it's place to the ten chapters

right under the"observer" logo you
can notice  extras that will  tell
the name of the chapter and the no
of page when the text is loaded.
   yes, the text is loaded with  a
non-irq loader and the same screen
this time carries the texts of the
loaded chapter.you can switch bet-
ween the chapter by right and left
moves,the fade away is normal  but
of course nice.there  are two dif-
ferent chars i think(1x1,2x2)  and
some star sprites  explode  on the
text area!!  yeah,exploding  stars

rule for sure(yo mr.dj!)    > %85

text:it's a bit hard to talk posi-
tive about the text but that's so-
mething the editor accepts too...
the main reason is the little amo-
unt of votesheets and you know,th-
at's just the second issue.there's
something that drew my  attention.
the mag doesn't belong to the gro-
up but the editor(tts) himself. of
course many mags are done  by some
certain guys and they take the mag
with themself when they change the

group.but as long as they stay  in
a group,the mag is accepted as the
group's  production.so  the  other
members help the mag too...that is
way it should be i guess.so if tts
starts to call s.o.  as  "our mag"
instead  of "my mag" i  think  the
texts can be better,that's just an
idea.even though,the texts are not
that bad,but certainly needs  more
effort!                     > %60

objectivity:yeah,all of the mag is
very objective to the root! > %95

graphics:the logos and the charset
is  quite impressive.i  loved  the
multi coloured logo!         > %85

music:well, the musics are  really
good,but,but they are neither com-
posed by the a group member nor're
specially done.this takes 15 rates
off...                       > %70

overall: hmmmm,a greatly promising
mag for sure...very stylish design
and quality graphics as well as da
objectivity can take this mag rea-

higher in the charts,but not until
the amount of text improved.if you
give it a check you also will  ag-
ree.anyway,the overall rating is:


      75+3 for overall

           >> %78 <<

   that was all scene observer.now
make your move to the other page!

internal 15  hmm,in the intro  you
===========  can see a pretty well
done fli logo! yep,the  intro  was
totally cool!

outfit:just like most of the mags,
there is a logo on the top...right
under,there's a"the next generati-
on" text    seen in 1x1 chars. and
the  chapters are  presented  in a
huge blue box one by one in 2x2...
too bad that you can see only  one
chapter name there...anyway, after

choosing  the chapter and  waiting
the non-irq loader to load,you fi-
nally enter the text menu where ya
can see the same internal logo. if
you move the joy up,you can choose
which page to skip;nice.. then you
can start to read by wriggling the
joystick right and left.as a  page
skips,the raster over the text co-
mes  down and when it's up, here's
the new  page.the charset is  nice
too.very classic  but easy to  use
outfit  may seem boring  but  this
should not be a problem:   > %80

text:that's what i'm going to cri-
tisize most with this mag. looking
at the number of chapters and  the
amount of text you may  think that
"what??? you should be an idiot to
critisize this mag for their text,
it's a massive". yes,it really  is
a massive but a mess as well!!come
on and explain me the point in wr-
iting 2 chapters only fo'editorial
eh? well,there are really a lot of
useless text here man! i think the
editors of internal are in a compo
with remix for writing crap all o-

ver the mag...  it really is  okey
to write  about different subjects
as a topic that is not interesting
for someone may be totally  brain-
smashing cool 4 others:thats not i
am talking about here!the mag's so
full of useless crap that you  can
miss  the other  important  things
in all this mass!  while you  read
something about the scene,the edi-
tor suddenly starts to talk  about
himself,his hobbies,what he'd  for
the dinner(eg)or his life story...
and see,in one of the chapters,af-

ter  finishing the thing  he wrote
you meet his interesting words:
"hmm,this made only 16 chapters!!!
but our mag is known with its many
texts so i'll go on..."
   and later he goes on with  some
kind of crap...come on dudes! this
is not what i understand from many
text!!                      > %60

objectivity:here's something i can
not say anything as they say  that
they  are not interested in  being
objective.i  have to  congratulate

them for their original and perso-
nal  point but this doesn't mean i
agree with them.if you think  that
way,keep it up! but since the edi-
tor kept on saying that  they were
a %99 subjective mag,i can't  give
a rating higher than...       > %1

graphics:there's only one logo  in
the mag but it really is quite ni-
ce in every aspect!          > %75

music:there was one thing i forgot
to mention while talking about the

outfit and this's the availability
to load a new music that is  given
out with the outfit.nice...  > %75

overall:in fact,could be much bet-
ter,but it's their useless texts &
subjectivity that ruins the mag...
they really should think about the
policy of their editorial again 'n

        %58+0 for overall
            >> %58 <<

   anyway,datz all for this issue!
if you want your mag specially re-
viewed and if you are brave enough
to leave it in our cruel hands,you
know the address to send:


               >the boss/accuracy
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