Splash 12 ch03 News and Rumours

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   life is going  on with its full
power  and days follow each other
like a train  which is going crazy
we don't have the chance  to live
these days  again but  we have the
chance of learning what have hap-
pened lately in  our scene.yes,we
again tried to collect the  latest
news for your knowledge.here we go

  *klf+emf left vagabonds and bu-
ild  up  a new demo and  cracking
group.it is  called  nirvana .lots
of dudes also joined.

  *airwolf/genesis  started swap-
ping again.

  *mister perfect/acrise returned
to the scene and joined image.he
changed his handle into design al-

  *static/gothic design once again
changed his group.he rejoined one
of his old groups wrath design.al-
so fozzie/gothic joined wrath too.

  *testicle,mistral and care left
in access to build up sawbone.

  *calypso/ex-crystal joined the
guys in  f4cg .also cyberdyne/tri-
nomic left and joined f4cg.

  *another ruling coop came to the

end.deadline  is now  dead as all
the members joined illusion.arcade
is now on his way.

  *mc-t-fly left triad as he could
not stand jerry more and he joined
joined the ruling company.

  *hooper/hitmen returned to the
scene and changed his handle into

  *riddler/acrise bought two new

  *warlord/tat left and joined the
guys in hysteric.

  *v-man was kicked out of wow.

  *floppy man was kicked out of

  *sad left heartbeat,changed his
handle  to corsair  and joined ex-

  *lord crucifier is no longer in


acrise,tesla/baboons/acrise and
voyage/ex-rebels joined vagabonds
while tanis was kicked out.

  *cash is dead and all members
joined trash.

  *flatline/ex-ndc joined rush as
a swapper and graphician.

  *trice/oxyron/clique joined rush

as his 3rd group.

  *led was kicked out of extacy.

  *the imperium arts is no longer
a demo group.from now on it  is a
musiclabel.so non-musicians kicked
out.and all the actuel members are
forced to join 2nd  groups to sup-
port them  with music.so,the syn-
drom joined sunrise,t.error stayed
in  ninjutsu  design,a local game
group and  gaston is  still searc-

  *shogun+zeus of anzac joined vi-
sion as a second group.

  *kbs joined nerds as grafician
and main swapper.

  *stormlord/wow stopped megaswap-
ping.he gave his contacts to wow's
new megaswapper called the demon.

  *xoss and buzzard left unicess
and joined vision.satan/vision is
recuting as many unicess-members

as possible in the hope that mason
will join too.

  *silent/dominators sold his 64
and left the scene.

  *bizarre/techno ind. is now a

  *roman/af/sunrise got a modem.

  *rrr joined oxyron.

  *satan/tat is now also a member

of genetix.

  *vengeance joined the force.

returned to the scene.their next
demo will be called doa (dead on
arrival).it will have much digi
music and will the most original
demo yet on c64.

  *orbital,the group which helps
new sceners into the scene,died as
stigs left the scene till december

they all joined a new group called

  *razor/the force returned to the

  *accuracy-amiga section is comp-
letely dead as viper,dr.sculpt and
scorpio left the scene.

  *she  from germany  joined accu-
racy as a swapper and cracker.

  *zore/rush changed his handle in

to seico and joined elysium.

  *witty/wow+rush  will start  a
chapter  in  splash  starting from
the next issue.

  *tg-acme/image  also  rejoined
cross.he is in both group now.

  *stack j was kicked out of tri-

  *orgasm/wow renamed into jcd his

  *dooze left success to build up
his own new group called desire.
desire will release a mag called

  *shocker left success too.he re-
named into buddha and joined f4cg

  *wow's new swedish board 'maxi-
mum perversum' will open very soon
sysop is cruel.

   yes,that's all for this issue.
don't forget to supply us with yo-

ur latest news.only way for this
magazine to survive is your help.
so don't forget it.

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