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   merhaba again!here we are again
in the reactions part.again we had
a lot  of reactions and again they
were>not<as we wanted:long enough!
for example,here's a reaction from
tg-acme/image:"i like it".and that
is all.cool that you  like it. but
what  kind of answer can  we write
for such a reaction?
   anyway,let's get on to the real

reactions now...

  *bizarre/techno ind:again a cool
issue,but i think you should start
thinking of a new outfit.the great
amount of chapters is cool,what a-
bout swapper charts?all in all the
text is ok and nice to read...keep
it on dudez!

...wow,thanks for the nice reacti-
on! firstly we are not thinking of
a >totally< new outfit in the clo-
se future.because when we were do-

ing this outfit,we decided to keep
it for  minimum 10 and maximum  20
issues. (this is just the  4th is-
sue!)also there are some other re-
asons.we think that we really  ch-
anged  too  many outfits  and this
gave harm instead of profit.i  to-
tally  agree roman/sunrise's idea:
"the outfit is the trademark of  a
   but  you certainly can expect a
little improvement in the text sc-
reen! we are just thinking what to
do now,and there are some brill i-

deas to put on access!wait.
   and about swapper charts. well,
we  have  not made up our mind  to
make it or not,as a swapper  chart
is usually not very fair. most  of
the  people get the latest  cracks
and demos released,especially  the
important ones.but someone can de-
cide only about his very  own con-
tacts.and everyone is not swapping
with everyone.got it?but anyway,we
will think.
   it's great that you like all of
the chapters and the text.they su-

rely will be better with your sup-
port.just keep supplying!

  >roman/sunrise: i  haven't  seen
"splash"  until now,so no  comment
from me...

...whhhhhaaaaaaaaat??? you haven't
seen any issues of splash?shame on
you dude,contact an accuracy  mem-
ber verry soon or jump off a cliff
(heheee,remember this answer?)

  >merlin/image:nice mag,just keep
it coming!

...yeah,thanks!we surely will keep
it up man!why not writing a longer

  *andre(as)/antic/oxyron: splash
is cool,but  try to  get more text
and to  change the text displater!
the menu is cool.a magazine worth

...your reaction gives pleasure to

us as you like the mag.if our rea-
ders supply us,of'course the text
will increase automatically.we'll
try to change the text  screen in
near future.thanks pal.

  *dr.j/the force:the mag is fuc-
king great! awesome texts and user
friendly outfit! keep cool as al-

...wooaaaaw! what a morale giving
reaction.for better ones you know
what to do.please and please suply

us  and see  the result.thank you
very much man.

  *static/wrath design:pretty cool
mag,but change the ugly splash lo-
go in the menu please.and if you
have an old c64 then you can't see
the chapters in the menu!

...oh,it is too bad that you can't
see the names.but my computer is
also  an old  one but there is no
problem.i also didn't hear any ot-
her reaction like that.but we will

try to fix it.see you later pal.

  *well i  think splash is getting
better  every  issue.in  fact too
cool for words!

...yippie! to see that people li-
ke  your production.this  feeling
is also too  cool for words! we'll
try to present you  better issues
in the future too.thanks guy.

  *stormbringer/clique:splash is a
very cool mag in my eyes,cool gfx

and sound but increase the amount
of text.it is not that good spre-
aded but send me a copy and i'll
spread it world wide.bye!

...it is nice  that you  like this
magazine.if  our  readers help us
more  then the text will also inc-
rease a lot.it is a pity that it
is  not good spreaded.help us and
see the result.

  *kbs/nerds:nice magazine but not
my favourite for sure.the introlo-

go is very cool but that's all.it
has a lame outfit i think.use an-
other charset for instence.the
text is ok.i'll rank it as the 15
best magazine.

...we can't understand why you did
not like the outfit.we got several
pozitive reactions about the menu
system.it is good that you like
the text as it is the most impor-
tant thing in a magazine.send  us
some information about your favou-
rite type.see you.

  *slademan/excess:change your o-
utfit a bit! i don't like the menu
that much.also get some better gfx
please.but good amount of text.
great mag anyway.

...as we said we will try to chan-
ge the text-displayer.also we will
try to increase the text.just wait
for the coming issues.later.

  *freddie/heartbeat:your magazine
is really good!the text amount ma-
kes it very cool and the gfx-code

is also not bad.keep up your work
and you will be very high in the
charts.good wishes.

...cool that you like it.the code
also will be improved.but it is
still a good one in the scenemags
general.help us and lets increase
the text.if our readers help us,
we are sure that we will raise.
thank you.

  *stephan/triumwyrat:music's very
cool.text  is also  cool.keep  on

working friends.

...with this reaction you made all
of us happy.axl  jumped too  high
that if he was in barcelona olim-
pics,he would have  the  world re-
cord.what about this music? help
us always for better issues.later

  we are also getting some reacti-
ons on the votesheets.they say
things like:i never see it,spread
it better,is it a new mag...etc.
we feel real sorry.if it is not

spreaded then what is the aim of
editing a mag? so please amd plea-
se don't forget to spread this ma-

   now,the normal-reactions is o-
ver.normal reaction? yes,i mean
the reactions that has a normal
length which advice  some improve-
ments to catch the best.but we are
so pleased that we got one which
is very long.infact it is not only
a reaction but it is a story.plea-
se read it in the next chapter as

not much space left in this part.
by the way,don't forget to send
your reactions to us.

                  signed: falcon
                         the boss
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