Splash 12 ch01 You and Us

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           you and us
   tirilaylaylom!!!  once again we
feel the joy of presenting you an-
other issue of splash, all through
our veins!

  for those about to read splash!
    w e   s a l u t e   y o u

   first  of all we have to excuse
for the very "untidy" eleventh is-
sue.it was a complete mess!lots of

typing mistakes,wrong packed chap-
ters,unfinished topics,wrong writ-
ten texts,unchecked charsets,and a
lot more! sorry dudes!!
   but this was the result of edi-
ting it in a very hurried manner..
we had  to finish it very  soon so
most of the texts were typed  in a
two days time.and  it was finished
at 6 am in the morning.you can gu-
ess how careless we were!! see, we
even  didn't have time to  control
the charset we put,leave the text!
we all got aware of the errors af-

ter spreading it! sorry again...
   but anyway! here we are  with a
very better issue! if  you look at
the  thanks to  chapter,the addies
or the charts, you will  recognise
that the number of votesheets  re-
ached  are less than the  previous
issue...but this is not that  end-
ed to send sheets! the supports a-
re increasing  all the time.but if
you've read  the last issue,you'll
remember  that we wanted to  bring
this  issue in one months time  or
so! yes,all the issues before were

released in times between two mon-
ths or more but splash 12  is pre-
sented  to you in a time much less
than two months.cool eh?  we  will
try to release the 13th issue in 1
month too...just support us!

   in this issue we also broke our
record in the amount of text.again
we have lots of news,articles,nos-
talgic parts,music and movie revi-
ews and  much more text which  you
will probably like.

   but we are all the time in need
of your help.please and please ne-
ver forget and help us with your
reactions and all the things that
a magazine needs.you now our addy.
send them to:


   are you still reading? oh good,
but we think it is enough with the
foreword for this issue.what you
are waiting? start reading and en-
joying this issue.at last here is
the credits of this issue.

      splash issue 12 credits

code and gfx.................kadem
co-editors..........the boss,mr.dj

supply and reading.....our readers

   if you like this  issue please
spread it all around because there
are still some  people who didn't
saw splash  before.thats all for
this issue.its  time to  start to
move on  in the long  chapters  of
splash.see you.

           signed:the boss-falcon
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