Splash 10 ch18 School Daze

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    are you bored? do you want to
read something different? let's
move to real life and have a break
from this fast and cruel but funny

    for your entertainment here is
a story which was written by beet-
lejuice of accuracy.perhaps this
story reminds your school days,who

knows it.move on and read:

           school daze

    old mc beetle  had a farm and
he had beetles in his farm... hi
folks... it is me,the man of your
dreams.beetle juice  strikes back
in  his own corner.(ed:is he? well
your reactions will decide this.)
welcome  to the  bestestest corner
in the mag.i killed lots of my ti-
me and i wrote these.i will talk

about my school life.when i was a
little kid my mother sent me to a
kinder-garden.i was the most nasty
one.after the fire  they threw me
out.my college life was also inte-
resting.i  broke two legs and one
arm but they were not mine.when i
broke the door of the class they
punished  me with talking  mental
doctors.when i left the mentalhos-
pital they took the doctors to an-
other mental hospital.when i was
caught while playing 'who will die
first' they took me to the teacher

who is called as 'murderer'.she
was the most dangerous one in the
school 'god bless her'...my mother
wanted me to go to a course i ac-
cepted because i want more play -
ground to play.the teacher was an
old man.i made him a paper tail
and set it on fire.it was cool fun
seeing him running up and down on
the corridor.

    ofcourse they punished me.they
threw me out and they ordered me
to stay out.i took my pumpshot gun

from the repair shop.i started to
shoot the windows on the top and i
threw mud balls in.it was hard but
i did it.it was enjoyable until i
was out of shots.one of our teac-
hers was really ill.she was taking
medicines(in capsules).one day she
wanted me to bring a glass of wa-
ter and medicine capsules.i catc-
hed a bee and i put it in one of
the capsules.when she swallowed it
after some time the bee was survi-
ved from the capsule.i like beeing
beeing like this.

    another one is here.there was
a teacher  who is tearing my let-
ters.i  hated  him and i  put some
gillettes  in the  letter.when he
tries to tear it...his fingers we-
re dropping one by one.now i am in
high school.if you want my highsc-
hool life wait for the next issue.


    yes,it is the end.so menu must
follow.              signed:falcon
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