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    yo all the movie lovers over
there.yes,i know that you are wai-
ting for the reviews.so i will not
spend time with this crap talking
but i will start publishing them.
we will have 6 reviews in this is-
sue.five of them were done by ah-
san ali and the last one was done
by calimero/acy.the list is on the
next page:

    in this issue we have the re-
views of these films:

    -one good cop
    -if looks could kill
    -scenes from a mall
    -my girl

    after the list of them,the re-
al chapter starts.you know what to


 (dustin hoffman,robin williams,
         julia roberts)

    what  to say a  childish film
obviously at  the teeny-boppes and
upto 12-13 years.robin williams is
a busy lawyer,his wife and 2  kids
along  with him  visit his foster
parent 'werdy'. here his  children

are kidnapped by  captain hook.he
is told by wendy that he is peter
pan but how can a lawyer believe
that.well in comes tinker bell(ju-
lia roberts) and whirks him to ne-
verland where he must learn to fly
and fight to rescue his children.
robin william as peter pan gives a
good performance while dustin hof-
mann is brilliant as cap.julia ro-
berts also plays her part nicely.
all in all a good film especially
if you are a peterpan fan.

           one good cop

         (micheal keaton)

    i hate cops  bloody nuisance.
anyway  one good cop  follows a ok
plot.micheal keaton's  partner is
shot dead (nice) he  leaves behind
3 daughters(not so nice) without a
mother.so micheal keaton and wife
would  like to adopt them but they
haven't got the dosh.therefore he
sticks  up a drug dealer.now thro-

ugh in some stunts,shootouts (the
bad guys need firing practice),de-
aths you have one good cop.ok film
but the ending is hard to swallow.


        if looks could kill
    (richard gricco,roger rees)

    it  starts out  as yet another
lame  brainded  spy spoof.but  it
picks up  the tempo with some real
bizzare scenarios. roger rees is

the sillian.and linda hunt mania-
cally wields  a  golden whip that
she wears  around her neck.this is
goofy film.recommended for killing

        scenes from a mall
    (woody allen,bette midler)

    i  think this is the worst of
woody allen movies.the story is a
married  couple fight  and make up
during the  almost  endless day of

their 16th  wedding  anniversary,
which they spend inside a mall.a
really  booring  film.with  a mine
constantly irritating the hell out
of you.halfway through the film i
had to puke.


         (rutger hauer)

    has anyone seen 'the hitcher'?
well the  person  is the same but

this time he is the hero.the story
is near future.rutger and buddies
rob a bank but he is double cros-
sed and shot by his girlfriend who
decides  that  buddy is  a better
fuck.well mr.rutger is sent to a
new prison.but he has hidden the
loot.now  this prison  is  really
different.each person has a ring
shaped detonator round his neck.
the frequency of 2 persons is the
same,if they are seperated by more
than 100 yards,then boom.therefor,
there are no other safeguards.rut-

ger is  an electronic  genius also
he escapes with his wedlock part-
ner.then  follows achare and seve-
ral suprises. a very  good movie
a very good  movie strongly recom-


    i want to remind you that the
reviews up to this point were done
by ahsan ali.thanks guy.and i must
also remind that they came to me
with a delay because of lame post.

now here is the last one which was
done by calimero as i said before.

 my girl /1991,100 min-warner bros

 director:howard zigff
 producer:laurice elehwany
 editing:wenay bricmont
 music:james newton howard
 players:macaulay culkin
         anna chlumsky
         jamie lee cuttis
         dan aykroyd,richard masur

    in this film as i said before
macaulay culkin,who had been bro-
ken a  ticket office record with
'home alone'  is playing. the sub-
ject is telling the love releation
ship with sentimental style.

    my girl is take place in 1972
summer.in the small town which va-
da (anna chlumsky) lives,two im-
portant names  of the presidency
placard was  hanged.when the coun-
try is waving with election exci-
tement,madison is protecting a si-

lent middle america small town i-
dentity. and vada is  living with
his father harry (dan akyroyd),who
has a profession on corpse working
also she's disease patrent kid.her
good friend is thomas j.(macaulay
culkin).in  the meantime  vada's
father searching for a face-pain-
ter.and a woman called shelly de
vogo (jamie lee curtis) started to
work with him.after that father's
and daughter's releationship star-
ted to  get out of  order. little
girl jealous of she.meanwhile when

shelly  changes  the old habits in
the home,vada is try  to succeed
with  changing  in her family and

    she has fall in love with her
literature  teacher.but he is very
 old for her.she is a naughty girl
like  a tomboy. she is climbing to
the trees, riding a  bicycle and
catching the fishes.

    one  day thomas  and vada went
to the forest. at there when they

were playing  with bees's hive,she
lost  her ring which brings her a
chance.2-3  days later thomas went
to the forest  again to search for
her ring,he  also found it.but the
bees started to attack on  him.so
he couldn't save  himself and he
died.before he's got an alergy to
them.vada's father made a funeral
ceremony  for him.vada was destro-
yed.because  he's the real friend
for her and she's been loving him.

    after this event she went to

her  literature  teacher and told
her feelings to him.but he explai-
ned that it was impossible and al-
so he's  got  a lover.she escaped
from him.

    he  has a summer  class which
includes,to tell the feelings with
a poem.vada was joined this class
and  read  a poem which she wrote
for thomas.

    at the end of the film thomas-
's mother gave her a ring which

was thomas found in the forest.she
took it and never pulled out.

    that's all.it was very senti-
mental,wasn't it? i think  you are
agree with me. never  put off till
tomorrow  what may  be done today
and look on it immediately.

    thanks calimero.yes,you have
managed to  finish also  another
chapter.see  you in another.
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