Splash 10 ch15 Demo Review

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          demo review

   hi pals! as always i'm in a big
hurry. so there is again only one
demo reviewed. i really want to
make more wants but you know...
by the way diz time i don't wanna
review the demo part by part. i
just review it at all. this time
it's a demo by >sunrise<

>anal tv 2 (plasmatic channel)

  i read somewhere that this demo
is the first one by sunrise but i
am not sure at all. maybe the fir-
st or not. but it has a lot of
world's first routines. which are
mostly based on plasmas. yep, this
demo has 5 parts + a intro. and
5 parts include 5 world's first
routines which are exactly coded
by nyarlathotep. thiz guy is the
coder of the whole demo.

  in the demo you can see strange
plasmas,a fli up-scroll stretcher,
and a lot more which have also as
cool graphics as the coding. art-
workd factory was who made the mo-
stly graphics and i thought they
made'em very well. the musics are
very old ones but one of the bests
which are ever produced on this
little machine. made by the famous
guys who aren't anymore composing
tunes for the c64 like:rob hubbord
and matt gray...

   at the end i can say that this
a real succes for sunrise and i
hope they will get a good place in
the demo competition by the light
pardey while the demo was released
on the pardey.
   my overall rating like diz:>%91
and that'z surely not too much.

                     mr.dj is off!
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