Splash 10 ch13 Did You Know

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    now,i want to  give you some
more infos  about the guys and e-
vents.i mean the time of did you
knows has come.but this month the-
re are not much.because i did not
get much stuff  on that corner.i
may  be drop this corner  in the
next issue,who knows.

    ok,here they comes on:

       did you know that

    ...wollo/acy the soccer freak,
is against holligans.

    ...tyrant/acy makes fight spor
taekwondo and get maybe this month
the black belt.

    ...i am editing this issue of
splash under a very big time pres-
sure.i have to finish it in two

       did you know that

days time and i have two important
exams this week at school.

    ...tyrant/acy loves ninja mo-
vies more than girls (heh he).

    ...wollo/acy had a muscle sp-
lint in the right calf from a soc-
cer match.

       did you know that

    ...i must find a new c64 coz
this one is very close to its end.

    ...calypso/eternal has to join
the army at 11 may.

    ...satan/tat didn't beleive
that aslive/hysteric had sended 4
discs to all of his 357 contacts.

       did you know that

    ...many people thought that
calypso/eternal was tch/brutal coz
they look very much like eachother

    ...tch means the copyright ha-

    ...wollo kicked out his girl-

       did you know that

    ...tyrant's favourite death
metal group is sepultura.

    ...this chapter has finished
and i am so sorry for this less a-

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