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           party zone

    hey!what is this? is it a par-
ty alert! yeah man,i can hear your
voice  asking these questions.you
are right.here the informations of
the party that our cool scene will
live in the coming days.interested
or do you give no damm?follow with
the next page if you give importce

     the brutal demoparty'92

    amiga organizer:hurricane
      c64 organizer:brutal

    this amiga/c64 party is not an
ordinary demo-party! hurricane and
brutal are proud to introduce you
for the greatest demoparty ever in
history of the personal computer-

more than three times bigger than
aars-xmas-party'91 held by:anarchy
crystal and silents.

   this party will take place in
the centre of denmark on an island
called samso,from the 26/6 at 8.00
to 29/6 at 13.00 cet.

   the greatest demoparty in the
world-ever! prizes for  more  than
100.000 dkk(16500 us-dollars)! ten
competitions with more than seven-
ty winners! great facilities!

    we give you the best facility
ever seen.

   -room for at least 2700 people
including all kind of stuff.

   -two giant screens for demos,
movies etc.

   -giga powerfull music equipment
in both halls.

   -the party place will be 2 big
halls and a big school.

   -a cafeteria in both halls will
be opened 24 h/day.

   -electricians are hired to take
care of any problems.

   -cleaning personal is also hi-

   -a  hst-modem will  make  sure
that the stuff will be known aro-
und thw world in a hurry.

   -two discotecs will be availab-

le both friday and saturday.

   -the party place is placed in
the centre of the town called tra-
nebjerg,so there will be lots of
shops nearby.

   -for groups who wanna be by
themselves,we can offer them a vip
room for themselves if they pay a
danation of 450 dkk.

   -a tv-transmitter will be ava-
ilable at the party,so you can see

the demos on your own tv.

       the competitions
    there will ofcourse be a lot
of competitions for both amiga and
c64.we actually break the existing
record in: -most competitions
           -biggest prizes ever.

    we give away for about 110.000
dkk in just money prizes.besides
that there will be a great deal of
hard/softeware in the compos.

    there  will be  the following
compos for  the amiga: demo,music,
graphic,fastest demo,game-compo.

    and the c64 compos will be on:
demo,music,graphic and a game-com-

          the entrance
    the entrance for this awesome
party will only be...125 dkk.the
entrance for our great discos will
be 30 dkk per night.

      specials at the party

    -we have arranged the regional
tv to come and make a shoot at the

    -lots of computermags will al-
so be there to make an article of
the party.

    -some big danish computerfirms
will be there to show you the la-

test amiga/c64 wares.

    -if this party turns out into
a big  success we  will personaly
garantee  a new mega-party  in de-
cember 92 or in january 93.

    -at the discos there will be
compos with great prizes and there
will be  lots of  different shows
all through the night.

    the adresses are on the next

          the adresses

 party-place   XXXXXXXXXXXX

     for further detailed infor-
mation  or for  booking space for
you  and  your equipment, you can

write to hurricane at these addies

  hurricane         hurricane

    yes,your editor is back.while
i am writing these party informa-
tions,i dreamed to join it.why i
only dreamed? because it is really

hard for us to come this parties.
but i think you must not lose this
party.it can easily be understood
that it will be megacool.

    by the way do not forget to
send your party informations.

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