Splash 10 ch09 Pieces of Scene

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    the time has come.for what?for
reading the  article of this month
and thinking about some facts.what
will be the subject of this artic-
le.it  will be about the building-
stones that became  together  with
to form this friendly scene.

    so get moving and read it on
the coming pages.

         pieces of scene

    i made my mind to write this
article after reading an inteview
in the magazine of proxyon called

    this interview was done by
prowler/proxyon and another dude
who is also in proxyon.

    in the  interview there was a
question about useless  groups(?).
i disappointed  when i read that
question.also my confusion doubled
when i saw accuracy on that list.

    i know that you are thinking i
am so angry with that i am writing
this article.my aim is to say ac-
curacy  is no.1 and  proxyon sucks
like hell.

    if you are thinking like that
then you are completely wrong.al-

though i disappointed,i won't say
anything like that.because there
were also some more groups like
acrise etc.and if this guy thinks,
like that then what can i do.must
i slag on him to accept us.ofcour-
se no.

    i want to talk about the silly
question 'useless groups'.as every
guy in this scene knows,our lovely
computer in danger because of an-
other computer amiga.the scene is
slowly dying as old groups die and

people leave slowly c64 scene.the-
re are some who will never leave
this machine until its death.but
is this enough?

    what do we  do for this scene.
all of  us spend lots  of time on
a mag etc. to bring some new pro-
ductions to the scene.we work hard
to make a cool thing.what is our
aim? our aim is to show the things
that this  little giant  computer
can do.

    what do human-beings need to
go on living? they need some oxi-
gene and all the time some food to
survive.if there is no food then
this means the end has come.

    this is in the normal life.but
what is the food of this computer?
of course it is the productions.
you know that software companies
are in a fucking lazyness.so it is
our duty to give the scene a long
life.so lots of productions are a
need for our scene.this means that

we need all the groups.yes,all of
the groups are the pieces of this
scene.how can we make a seperation
like useful and useless groups?

    and in my opinion we need also
lamers(!).you may think that i ha-
ve lost  my mind.but no.let me ex-

    i think there is no need to
explain the need of new comers.but
there is,for explaination of lames
perhaps its better to divide the

lamers into two categories.

    1)the ones that don't have any
knowledge about the scene and sce-
ne activities.the ones who only
play games.
    2)the ones that know about the
scene but were kicked out because
of ripping,recracking etc.

    there is no need to talk much
about the second category.once up
a time,they had a place in scene
but they refused it.

    but the first one? we have to
train  them to gain  new comers to
the scene.am i wrong? every scene
guy must  accept it  as a duty to
earn new members  to the scene.its
an  important thing which we must
do for surviving of c64.

    please don't ask that will we
leave the future of c64 to the la-
mers.don't forget that every scene
guy comes to his point after a ti-
me of laming around.you can easily
understand it from the interview

questions which ask 'when did you
come to the scene?'.last i want to
finish this article with a simple

  it is a duty for every guy
  to give lamers some information
  then a good scene-examination
  increase the population.

    do you want to learn where i
found this poet? i wrote it after
some changings in this little poem

  it is a duty for every boy
  to push a girl towards the wall
  then a little operation
  increase the population.

  heh he! hope you like this ar-
ticle.i am waiting for your reac-

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