Splash 10 ch08 React to Swap

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   reaction to swap importance

    oh,it's another reaction chap-
ter.what will be about then? does
the poor editor is so out of maga-
zine stuff that he tries to incre-
ase the number of chapters by wri-
ting the reactions again and aga-
in.heh,of'coz it is not.why we ne-
ed to do it.in this corner,i will
publish some other reactions and


    what will be about then? as
you can easily understand from the
title,it will be about my article
which was consisting of some tho-
ughts on swap importance in the
previous issue.such a long senten-

    now,first reaction-article is
here.it is written by another fa-
mous swapper l'trimm/vagabonds.now
i leave the it for him.he says:

"    here's l'trimm/vagabonds.in
your mag splash issue 09 i read an
article  about who are the impor-
tant members  in the scene.there
stand,some  cool words  about the
swappers.so  i decided to write a
reaction about it.

     i'm one of the megaswappers
in vagabonds.i nearly have 120
contacts and i'm very proud of it.
i love swapping very much and soon
i will contact more than 200 new
dudez.i hope all of them will re-

turn my package then,coz i want to
be a real megaswapper!ok,you wrote
that every group needs a swapper.
this is really right.every group
need a swapper to be famous.it is
true that it is  pure spending of
time,when  all coders  coded like
hell and crackers  cracked like
hell when it wouldn't spread it a-
round.but every group needs a co-
der and cracker,too,coz we haven't
anything  to spread  around.so,i
think that every group needs coder
cracker,swapper,musixer and grap-

hixer to be a real group.and now
to the thing about the voters.you
wrote that the swappers (lamers)
vote,coz they want their addy pub-
lished.than their stand,that they
didn't know who are the groups in
the scene.this's not true.i nearly
get 8-10 sendings everyday.so,i
get all demos,cracks,mags and all
other crap.so,i can see who's the
best in the scene.i can see the
quality and all other things.i re-
ally vote for the best! also,i've
only to say:"the scene need many

swappers.but the scene need also
coder,cracker,musixer,graphixer! "

    as you see,it is a nice reac-
tion.i am really happy that he ag-
reed all the words of me.i am sure
also that every swapper and most o
the scene freaks agreed me too.a
deepless hapiness will cover my
body if i can able to erase the i-
mage of swapper is lamer.

    i got another reaction from
pasific/arcon for that article.he

wrote that:

    "...i liked  that part from
falcon  in the last splash,about
the swapper importance..."

    thanks to you also,man.after
writing this reactions,i  have to
close this chapter.now,i will have
a short break before editing anot-
her one,so catch me in another
corner of this mag.
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