Splash 10 ch07 About the Charts

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    what does this scene consist
of? it consists of lots of groups.
what do these groups consist of?
they consist of members.what do
these members do,then? they work
and try to do their best on their
jobs.why on the earth,do i use the
word 'they'? all of us are the
members of this scene.so better i
use 'we',i think.

    why do we try to produce some-
thing? is it for entertaining our-
selves? yes.is it for seeing what
can we able to do? yes.is it for
fun? yes.is it for seeing if we a-
re better or worser than the ot-
hers? yes.these questions can be
followed with more and more ques-
tions.but lets talk about the last

    what is the way of seeing that
the place of you in the scene? yes
its answer is very simple. it is

the charts.as you know,every mag.
has charts.some vote-sheets are
spreaded and the votes are calcu-
lated.the charts are made after
calculation.but although there a-
re not much changes,the charts
differ from mag to mag.i think its
cause is that every mag has a dif-
ferent reader-status.sometimes
there are very big differings.you
can see something in top 10 in one
mag and not at top 30 in another.
now here is an article and sugges-
tions written by the freak/rebels

about  the charts.here is what he

"   i have read  the article votes
in brutal  recall 8 and would like
to give following comment.

    fact is that  every magazine
publishes  its own votesheets and
charts, and everybody  should know
that none of them  are really ob-
jective.therefore i wonder whether
the scene,i.e. we do really want
objective and unbiased charts? i

for myself,and i am certainly not
alone with this request,want to
see objective and uncheated charts
the idea with the country votes
was a first step towards this di-
rection.therefore,i have worked o-
ut a new suggestion which,however,
requires tolerance and cooperation
by each group publishing a magazi-
ne.i suggest to proceed as follows

    each group continues to send
out its votesheets to its contacts
but the voters do not return their

votesheets to the respective gro-
ups but they send them to a cent-
ral place where all the votesheets
are collected (somewhere in euro-
pe) and this central place is of
coz neutral,i.e. it does not par-
ticipate in any voting and doesn't
publish a mag.this central place
evaluates the votesheets and dis-
tributes the results to all maga-
zines.afterwards,the votesheets
will be returned to the individual
groups so that they know who has
filled out their votesheets,for

publication of the adresses,etc.

    of course, it  would also be
possible  to organize a  central
place  for each individual country
like it is for the music charts of
the european countries,and a supe-
rior place will then publish all
euro charts.

    i really wonder if we all to-
gether will be able to achieve so-
mething difficult but worthwhile.
this would really be a good achie-

vement. to program  a demo or to
crack a program is something which
can be achieved by everybody with
some efforts.

    you have read some suggestions
about the charts.infact,it is not
a bad idea.but my thought is that
if something like this is done,
then there will be no need to send
the results to the magazines.it is
better to publish a mag only con-
sist of the results.but this mag

must have  no group.according to
me  it is nonsense  to publish the
same  results in the magazines as
these  will be  the same-text.this
is what i think.

    you learned what i think? do
you want to publish your thoughts
too.then send a reaction to us and
support this magazine.

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