Splash 10 ch05 Baze Said That

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    as i received also the second
interview here i will publish it.
as i said before,this interview is
with the scene famous guy called
baze/illusion.i sent  the questi-
ons  when he was in brutal.but at
the same  time he left and joined
ils as trial.go on reading the in-
terview with this knowledge on the
next page.

        -:falcon    +:baze

    -:hello baze! first of all,we
will start  with the traditional
questions.please tell us about yo-
urself and your family.

    +:right on!my fully name is
thomas jorgensen and i'm 19 years
of age.i am the very unlucky owner

of a litlle brother.i have two pa-
rents as most of normal human be-
ings have.

    -:please give some informati-
ons about your normal life and the
place you are in,in your normal

    +:at the current time i sm at-
tending commercial college where i
science,ecconomic,history.when i'm
not studying i spent my time with

my friends or with my steady girl-
friend anita,whom i have been see-
ing for about 1/2 year by now.in
the weekend i spent my boozing.

    -:now,i want to talk about yo-
ur background.all scene guys know
that you are a mega-swapper.when
did you get yor first computer and
start swapping?what were your pre-
vious groups?and how much time did
it  get to come a  position like

    +:way back in 1986 i got my-
self a c64 as a present.after some
time i was fed up playing games,so
i decided that i would  try swap-
ping.first i was ina group called
power build up by some local dudes
then we split and i joined zyrax.
after that i just walked into bru-
tal.recently i left brutal and now
i'm on trial in illusion.i can not
remember when i got real serious
about swapping.

    -:now,the real active-scene

questions will follow.please tell
us about current status of your
group,management and organization
in your group.also tell us your o-
pinion about the places you got in
the charts.

    +:wow this was a hard one.as i
am on trial in illusion i can only
speak for myself.i was the danish
organizer.my opinion about my pla-
ces in the ranks,wll let me put it
in  this way.if  the voters think
that i'm worth voting for they do

it,and if they think that i am a
lousy swapper they simply don't.

    -:how many contacts do you ha-
ve currently and do you want to
increase it?if so,up to which num-

    +:for the time bbeing i have
about 180 contacts and that should
make me the second biggest swapper
in  scandinavia.i have  plans to
increase  amount of  contacts for
more than 200.

    -:does swapping give harm to
your social life and your lessons,

    +:some of my friends think i'm
nuts using a hell lot of money on
stamps.well, i manage to do my ho-
mework properly  so swapping does
not give any big social problems.

    -:what do you think about the
future of your lovely computer?ac-
cording to you will it die in near
future or not?

    +:the c64 will live forever,i
am a true  believer in  the future
of the c64.

    -:(ed:now,while i am editing
this chapter  what i am listening
do you know? not,i am listening an
old slow collection.and while the
edition of the previous question
the famous song 'love story'  has
started.it came funny to  me while
writing i love c64 and listening
love story.back to business.)what
will you do if it dies? the other

way of asking this question, tell
us your future plans?

    +:i will maybe buy myself a pc
and start working with it,otherwi-
se i quit computers for good.

    -:after hearing the  death  of
some  legend groups, last month we
we  saw that  illusion came back.
what is your opinion?

    +:fucking cool it proves that
the old legend still rules!

    -:who is ruling nowadays in
cracking + coding?

and dominators.

    -:what is your opinion about

    +:pretty heat group afterall.

    -:thanks!do you want to great

communist,nit1/f4cg,derbyshire ram
per/flash inc,megabyte/crest,razy/
legend,spikes/dunex,zoris & zagor/
air design,sham/light,dutch,aktie,
illusion members and the rest of
my contacts.

    -:your brother also started

swapping.do you use different com-
puters or....?

    +:we both use the best compu-
ters commodore 64.

    -:last thing to say?

    +:contact me now.look my addy
in contact corner.vote for illusi-

    -:thanks for the interview.

    i think this is enough about
the interviews for this month.see
you in another chapter.

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