Splash 10 ch03 News and Rumours

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    time passes and the days fol-
low each other with a hyper speed.
life goes on and every day another
event takes place.yes,as this is
the news'n'rumours part here is a
list of what had happened from the
9th issue up to now.

    please and please don't forget
to support us and here enjoy them:

    -ayatollah/tat joined fair-
light and he released emanuelle as
a fairlight mag.he is also in tat

    -neno/ex-the force joined the
forces of arm as a main spreader.
he also changed his handle into
trendy dealer.also arm will open a
bbs which will be called armoury

    -accuracy lost two good mem-

bers.they are wollo and zore.zore
left us to join wow.wollo left the
c64 scene and this is for sure.he
said this is the last time.tyrant
and falcon will take over his con-

    -vagabonds got some new mem-
bers.digital joined as a coder and
trasher king joined as a cracker,
coder and swapper.perhaps kreater/
zenith will join.

    -cevin/trc left and build up

his own group called extacy.read
more  about that in the interview
with cevin.also shocker and armi-
tage joined extacy.

    -trinomic also gained some new
members.sod joined as a swapper &
cover designer.other new members
are kik,dr.loot and murdock.

    -cyberdyne stopped all his co-
deworks  on c64.in  the future he
will compose on 64 and amiga.

    -king/brutal quitted the c64
and went to pc.

    -crazy is a new swapper on c64
he is the brother of baze/illusion
he is searching for new contacts.

    -there are 3  new members in
silicon ltd.ep/ex-obituary joined
as a musician and jesus/x-obituary
joined as a swapper,coder,graphix,
cracker.slam/eternal left and joi-
ned as a coder.

    -bomb/ex-traitors joined faces
as a vhs-swapper,mega swapper and

    -freeze/ex-force joined faces
as a musician.

    -cellux/faces  and streamline/
faces  are in coop under  the name

    -warhead left stella and joi-
ned faces as a cracker and swapper

    -stella had many changings in
the member-status.tasty left and
joined his old group adsr.freeze,
weeys and double mc were kicked o-
ut from stella while filter rejoi-
ned.alive left stella for wow.an-
other new member joined:stack j/

    -711 and eternal died.i heard
a rumour that one of the original
members of 711 learned 711 was re-
built.he became angry and called

them to stop this.

    -some ex-eternal and ex-711
members build a new group called

    -vengeance/akrak left and joi-
ned acrise.he changed his handle
into pasific.then he left acrise
and rejoined eternal.but he joined
arcon as eternal died.now he is a
member of arcon.

    -the communist/ex-xray,extreme

and cabalero / ex-rawguys joined
f4cg.there is a rumour that he al-
so joined rebuilded x-rated.

    -the torch/clique was also as-
ked but he refused.

    -infinite dreams is now a suc-
cess bbs.and psychotic dreams is
now f4cg whq.

    -the amiga  and c64 party was
held in warsaw/poland.the  organi-
zators were: action direct+kathar-

his + g-force (amiga) and parados
on c64. tough organization was bad
party  was succesful.at the party
all  groups released their demos
but demo compo on 64 wasn't held.

    -parados has a new coder cal-
led chris.

    -the terminator/virtue left
and joined the turkish group mad-

    -swave joined chromance.

    -the warlord/tat has a new ady
because the post caught his nearly
200 discs.so his new addy is:

        the warlord/tat

    -xylonite/wow left the scene.

    -wizvis/ex-eternal joined pa-

    -chessmaster/confront changed
his handle into bishop and joined

    -patch/tat joined focus.

    -moron/paradize will be back
in the scene in june 1992.

    -jayce and shakin left triad.

    -skarabee left depredator in
order to join success.

    -newshawk is now an arcon disc

    -role died and most of the mem
bers joined wow.wow is the probab-
ly the largest group in the scene
when we consider the member-status
also wow and intruders are incoop.

    -fresh prince/light was kicked

out for being in flash inc. for 1
day.also there was some shit about
fresh prince that he had only 40
contacts and  he was 11 years old.
but the truth was he has 200 con-
tacts and he is 15 years old.

    -xzess is dead.fox/ex-xzess
joined acrise and changed his han-
dle into dishy.

    -lobo and eliz joined wrath

    -rawguys are dead and x-rated
was rebuild.the rebuilders were
x-raffi,wandeb,deathbird and infi-

    -some members also rejoined x-
rated.they are slamdel,ozymandias,
ice mc,capone,terminator,markus.
i got another news that cabalero
joined while i writing that he jo-
ined f4cg.

    -x-raffi got his modem (1200)

and start calling around.also he
started swapping on amiga.he is in
war with trisect/zenith.

    -sanforized id dead and xrated
will release another mag soon.

    -baze/brutal left and joined
as a trial to the rebuilded illu-
sion.they will decide for the sure
joining of him later.

    -madness released the 3rd is-
sue of their magazine reset.there

is again a new outfit.the third o-
ne in the third issue.

    -vagabonds goes on growing.he-
re is the list of the guys who jo-

    -the two year faces demo de-
layed and the release date is now
unknown.it's cause is the final e-
xams of the coders.

    -shine is born.members come
from acrise,ndc and topaz.also 1st
issue of their mag epistula will
be released very soon.

    -zagor and zoris joined flash

    -there is a new group in the
turkish scene called scandal.i he-
ard there are some members from
ex-clique and ex-madness.

    no more news left to print out
and simply i had to end this chap-
ter.enjoy the coming chapters...

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