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    hello our dear readers!

    welcome to the 10th edition of
this magazine called as splash.we
all have the honour of presenting
you a new issue.it is a feeling
that we can not tell with words.we
all work hard with spending all o-
ur time in front of our screens,
but at the end when we saw that we
produce a thing that many guys lo-

ved.how can say a sentence like
'most guys like'?well,i have a go-
od reason that i depend on.it is
the reactions that we got.

    we will follow with the reac-
tions on the coming pages.but fir-
st of all here is the contact-addy
for our mag.send all kind of maga-
zine stuff to:

    the creatures of this hard-
working is here.

     splash issue 10 credits.

main editor.................falcon
co-editors....mr.dj,the boss,kadem

    what do  we have  in this is-
sue,do you know? i think it's bet-
ter to ask this question like what
we don't have....?

    yes, this issue  also has lots
of  chapter  including,news,charts
addies, reviews,articles, stories
and much much more.

    it is not easy to edit them so
i wish you all like them.yes,its
turn has come.it is the time for
the reactions:


   i love this mag  very much.it
has a cool outfit.but try to imp-
rove the splash-logo,and put more
text into it.but you have great
musics.go on with this mag.

   thank you very much cool dude.
i am megahappy that you liked sp-
lash.you are right in your decisi-

on about the logo.what about this
one? it was caused because of the
lack of time.there will be much
text if all our readers supply us.
when i said axl that his musics
were liked he had an orgazm.hope
you also like this one.bye!


    cool mag,keep fame!!

    yo friend!nice to see that you

also loved our magazine.for get-
ting more fame,it must be spread-
ed better.hope we will spread eve-
ry issue better than the previous

   fresh prince/ex-light

    i think it's fucking cool.

    heyoo! i got an other reaction
which says our mag is cool.thank
you guy and please supply this mag


    cool mag,especially the main-

    yo man! you are the next who
liked this mag.you are right.the
main-menu make this mag to gain
more points.


    fabulous mag.the outfit is a
highstandard one.text is unveatib-

    it is cool that you liked our
mag from all the points.we will
try to do it better and better by
every coming issue.go on reading


    everything is just so good and
cool so i have nothing bad to say!

    you are another who liked this
magazine 100%.all my tiredness has
disappered when i read your reac-
tion.thank you pal.

   the torch/clique/heartbeat

    cool mag,can really become so-
mething in some issues.use better

    thanks for the reaction.it is
good that you liked it.help us so
we can come to a better point.i am
sorry to say that you are the only
guy who didn't like the music.well
enjoy this one then.

   captain tas/stella

    splash issue 9 was absolutely
perfect! much text,fucking nice o-
itfit effects!but that logo,splash
you know is fucken ugly,remove it!
then it will be better looking!

    hello!thanks for your thoughts
about splash.what about this logo?
we also try to increase the text
too.enjoy this issue.


   cool outfit!just try to improve
one little thing.if you push the
joy-button too hard in the reading
section the computer will start to
load the same chapter again! plea-
se try to fix this...!

   it is answer is simple.don't
push it to hard.heh he,just kiding
this problem is over this time.bye

   stash/wrath designs

    this is the first number of
splash i see,but it's really good.
keep up the good work dudes.

    thank you pal! well infact the
issue number was 9.you know its
reason.if we get a good supply by
our readers then of'coz we will go
on with this mag.


    the loader screen is a bit em-
pty and a bit more text would be

    yes,it was empty.so it is bet-
ter to remove it.this issue has
more better text.supply us friend
and help this magazine.


    new outfit is very good.but it
has  got  unnecessary chapters. i
think it can be little but to the
point.howsoever good idea in chap-
ters,cool zak too.but logo is not
so much.i  think it will be better
later issue.

    yes,it was a comeback issue
after a break of 8 months.so text

will improve in the coming issues.
we changed the logo as you see.
we hope you also like this zak too


    the mag has a cool outfit.but
there exists some useless chapters
like instructions.anyway it's cool
i am waiting for farther issues.

    yo!you liked the outfit.nice!

about the text.yes,we has some not
very much  filled chapters.but its
reason  is the 8  months of break.
here is the new issue,you can ea-
sily notice the improvement.


    great mag,but an up-scroll wo-
uld improve the readability.

    i am pleased to hear the words
like cool,great etc mag.thanks.the

style of page-changing is interes-
ting and not hard to read i think.
we will decide it in next issues.

    yes,they were the all reacti-
ons that arrived to this magazine.
it is very late at night,and i am
going  much  more sleepy by every
minute.so the end of this chapter
is near.

    never and never forget to help
us with this mag.please do it as

it is  the only way  for a mag to
support.now,read all the chapters
and enjoy the magazine.

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