Splash 09 ch25 Last Word

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            last word

   welcome to da last chapter in
splash issue 09. in diz chapter i
will only booze sum shit. at the
moment i'm at lynx house our hq in
bakirkoy-istanbul. locust,ibne ace
and of-coz i (mr.dj) iz here...i'm
writing these last lines and after
i finished i will crunch all da
crap. falcon iz very sad coz thiz
mag has to be ready yesterday.

bah! what can i do? i'm working
like hell and i don't go to school
for two dayz only to get diz mag
ready.hmm, i think i can't also
code a special intro fo diz mag
coz out of time error. it'z now
about 15:00 & i must post it till
18:00. only 3 hours left... let'z
   hmm,did you know that lynx iz
da legal software group from acy
on amiga. the members are: ace,
locust and kadem. and they have

to finish their game on amiga till
the 15. march or their boss will
kick'em out... but that'z not easy
... kicking accuracy members is
really not easy!
   ok,all about.i also want to add
that the next outfit will get some
improvements. specially the loader
will change...
   ok, now fucktir go and wait for
the next issue.

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