Splash 09 ch22 Film Review

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           film reviews

   it's again the boss writing...
well,it's the first and last time
i'm editing this chapter. the re-
ason is that last week i was in
istanbul and could watch the la-
test films around.but after this,
some other guy will have to deal
with this... (falcon,wollo...)
   anyway,in this issue we have 3

harley davidson & marlboro man
the addam's family

   this movie was advertised to be
"the mother of all the movies" and
it certainly has all those effects
   the subject is quite familiar.
our hero is the best pilot in the
usa but his father is known to be
a coward pilot and thus whenever
he hears his name he feels terrib-

le.the phycologist of the air base
who is a very beautiful woman exa-
mines him and reports that he can
not fly. but unfortunetly the men
of a big fighter company are try-
ing to prove that the planes of da
states are old.so their spy in the
base give duty    to our hero and
he starts to fly. and our hero and
the phycologist fall in love... da
story goes on like this to da time
that the hero catches da "bad-men"
who cause the crashes of the air-

craft. of course during the movie
a lot of absurd and unusual things
   this movie is in the way top-
secret aeoroplane and naked gun
series were but it can't catch
their mega-comedy even a bit.i re-
member that i had a stomach while
laughing in naked gun 2.5 and this
gave me nothing more than a smile.
rating... %67

>harley davidson & marlboro man<

   harley & marlboro man are two
very old and good friends. harley
is just like a vagabond on his
harley dav.and marlboro is a tough
   after a long time they meet at
their favorite old bar which both
have very old friends... when har-
ley comes there he learns that the
owner of the building of the bar
wants 500000 dollar for the new
hire of the place as a bank wants

to buy da building.then harley of-
fers to rob that bank in order to
get that money and pay for hire.
so one day they rob the van of the
bank but instead of money they
find very valueable drugs. so the
owner of the bank and his men get
into the bar and kill all his fri-
ends. only harley and marlboro can
escape. later they decide to come
back and get their revenge. and...
   okey, you watch the rest. this
movie is quite good, but there's
nothing new. if it weren't to the

stars and to the name of the movie
no one would watch it. this movie
is just repeating the well known
old hollywood subjects. but it's
good anyway. rating: %82

>the addam's family<
   okey,and this was my favorite
movie on those three.
   the addam's are a very weird
family.their roots are very deep.
they live in an unusual castle
with unusual pet:thing the lawyer
of addam's had a dept to a woman

who had a cruel son that looked
very like the lost brother of mr.
addam. so in order to steal the
whole treasure in addam's castle,
that man and his mother came at da
night that the addam's are calling
his spirit.when addam's saw fens-
ter they got very happy but after
a time they started to get suspic-
ius.later and the subject goes on
in an unexpected way...
   the first thing to be mentioned
about the movie is that it's >dif-
ferent.a girl trying to kill his

brother in an electric chair and
things like that.according to ad-
dam's,the only stupid thing is no-
rmality.the movie isn't very char-
ming and lacks a bit of humour and
the music sucks but i liked it in
that way too.what we are looking
in movies nowadays is something
different. and this movie has all
differences you can expect. go and
watch it! rating %91
   okey guys,their was all for diz
issue.sorry for lame language here
bye!                  the boss/acy
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