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       commodore show'92

   well, first of'all you must see
that this  chapter includes a lame
report  about a lame show.  so you
won't miss alot if you don't read!
   okey, as usual the  exporter of
of the commodore machines  in tur-
kiye  arranged  an  exhibition  in
istanbul,called"commodore show'92"
in the marmara hotel, taxim. there
was nothing special about the show
it was just like the  recent years
before: > l a m e !

   there  were too few  sixtyfours
(about 4) and a hell lot of amigas
(35-40).also cdtv's & amiga 3000's
were present. only  positive  side
was  that  there  was  a 64  which
everyone could use (and destroy!as
we did. heheee...).
   also  the  number  of beautiful
girls with miniskirts were too few
(shit!). and the most famous comp-
uter companies weren't there (sky,
   on the  first day  most  of the
scene  dudes  were  present there,

wandering around with boredom (the
guys from bronx (amiga),clq,and of
course  the mighty  accuracy-gang:
sculpt,the boss).  also  our  good
friend obituary, the sysop  of the
amiga board  exodus  was there. at
first we just sit  and talked with
guys there. then around  6 o'clock
we  found the  empty 64  and kadem
checked the stuff to this mag.also
we showed sum of the latest demos.
at 7, we left.
   the other day,many dudes didn't

go there (just like us...) because
there was much more fun outside da
show (eh).
  on the third day i(the boss) was
the first guy to come there.  when
kris (our lamiga gfx)  came there,
i  showed  him the latest graphics
programs  on the  64. he  was sur-
prised  when  he saw  the anvanced
fli graphic editor.he will do some
gfx on it if he finds a 64,so just
beware.  his  graphics  are  mega!
  anyway,later axl,dj,locust,kadem
and ace showed up.locust displayed

some of his latest musics.when ace
and kadem arrived,ace displayed da
preview  of our  game on amiga and
shocked everybody with the digisi-
ted animations. cool or what?!
   then with  our video camera, we
filmed the dudes there for (a por-
no film! he? of-coz not!)a demo in
the  future  firstly, people  were
filmed  two  by two. and everybody
did something which will be avail-
able  to  make  animations  (kadem
played with his noise,we(i and dj)
showed our middle fingers,etc...).

by the  way vigo,turbo,cem & ghost
from bronx  were also filmed. than
the whole guys were taped together
   we  were waiting  for falcon to
appear  there  but he  didn't come
that day.
   so many guys left for meal, and
i didn't stay  longer and left. as
much  as i  know many dudes didn't
come the last day. no need at all.
   anyway,this show is getting la-
mer  every year. and  if the scene
dudes  weren't  there, the  action
would be much less!  >the boss/acy
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