Splash 09 ch20 Art of Annoying

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         art of annoying

   this is somthing which is real-
ly quite weird but you see, there
are times that you want to have
some fun with people and mostly
when he's someone you don't like
at all... and here some tips for
this. they were mostly told me by
           get it a move...

-hey, some days ago i sent you a
 letter writing mr.stupid on it,
 did you get it?...

-at the cafe:ask them if they have
 some cold milk. when they say yes
 tell them to warm and bring it!

-to someone who asks how many
 fishes you caught:well,if i catch
 9 more it'll make 10 with this
 one i caught...

-to someone who asks the time:well
 there are 50 minutes to five.

-hey! take care of the last step
 of the staircase,because there is
 1 more before it!...

-to the twins: did you stay 18
 months in your mother?

there are also very good ones that
you can always use.for example the
ones we use alot here, (especially

acy members!) for example somebody
keeps telling about something with
great excitement.when he finishes,
look at him with empty eyes and
 "-good,what's it to me?!" and you
will see him going mad...

also 2 someone who asks a question
with "why..." answer him only:

to someone that asks you about the

time like:
 "-when are you coming?"
answer him simply:

to someone who asks about da place
 "-where are you going?"

  if you do all the things written
down here, i personally guarentee
you that you'll be a very disliked
person!hehee...       the boss/acy
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