Splash 09 ch16 Story Time

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   yo homeboys,it's story time!

   ah ya... once again the boss of
acy is proud to welcome you to the
shoparest part in our mag! the st-
ory time !
   as usual,you will find the fin-
nest and  weirdest stuff around in
this corner.
   this  month my  school  started
again and then i was able to check
some friends in order to catch the
cool  stories and  i really  found
very  funny  ones. just check them

out  and  see it  yourself... this
time  they  are  really at the top
   okey, now let's start...
   again one of  the adventures of
the ass fucker turk,our great hero
>namik kemal!<
   there was a contest between the
nations of the world. the competi-
tors had to climb an eight floored
apartment and in each floor they
had to >fuck one woman!
   firstly the german went in: the
first, second, third and after the

fourth he  became  unconscious and
he had to leave.
   then the english went in but he
had to leave after the third floor
   the american,the chinese,japon,
arab tried  but none of them could
go up after the fourth floor.
   and finally,namik kemal went in
and started to fuck and climb:1,2,
3,4 and nothing was heard from him
after that.the refrees went in the
building: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7  and  they
found all women fucked.they enter-
ed the  eight floor  and the woman

was also fucked... so they kept on
climbing  up  to the >roof.  there
they  found  namik kemal  who  was
busy with >fucking the cats<
   hehee...  what a fucker. ehh...
now to  the second one. but i hope
the god will forgive  me for writ-
ing this one. why? well, just read
yourself and see!
   once there was a churchman cal-
led  time.  but  his church  was a
small one.one day he went to a big
cathedral in  his city.  he was so
expressed  from  the  magnificency

that he begged: "oh my god, please
show  yourself me  to  me one  day
   just at the  moment there was a
drunken man sitting at the back of
some pictures. when he heard this,
he said: "-yes my son! i will! but
come tomorrow and  you come as you
were born from your mother:naked!"
   the churchman was surprised and
glad so  went and the day later he
come again.
   just  before  he  entering  the
cathedral,he took all his clothes.

he was ashamed 2 enter showing his
front so he turned back and start-
ed walking back.. just at that mo-
ment the  drunken man  pushed  his
dick in to the priest's ass!!  the
priest cried and started to run a-
  he come back to his church.there
a man was waiting. he said:"father
i want to confess"...so the priest
take  him  and  started to listen:
"well, i  stole  an apple  from my
neighbour and i feel very bad.help
me!" the priest answered back: "oh

my son! what  the heck yours is in
a  world where  even the god fucks
   ehem... that was it.now the ot-
her one which is probably the best
   there was an  old bitch who was
fucked  so much that her pussy be-
came so big and no  one could make
her cry out...
   so she decided to make a compe-
tition  to find  someone who coule
achieve this. she  announced  this
and  after  a  while a lot of guys
started to show up.there was a big

quew in front of her house.
   many  strong and young guys fu-
cked her like hell.but i-ih... her
pussy  was just like a cave and no
one could fuck her in a way 2 make
her cry out.
   then  on  the third day, an old
and rather thin man came there.the
guys  there said: "hey, many young
guys couldn't do it.how on the ea-
rth you could?"
   "leave it to me"  said the  old
man and then he went in.
   just  after  a  minute the guys

out heard the old bitch cry out!!!
when the old man came out,they as-
ked him  with  great  wonder: "hey
grandpa, how  did you  do this ??"
   the old man answering  pointing
his head: "well,in such occasions,
you must use your head a bit !!!!"

   well, was  all  for the stories
this time... see you  later dudes!

                      the boss/acy
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