Splash 09 ch15 Another Scene

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     news from another scene!

    hello and welcome to a totally
new part in your mag.
what would happen if our old world
stopped and started to turn in the
opposite  direction?  this is  the
major point this part is based on,
so the news  are from the opposite
direction of this scene...
well, do you wonder what kind of a
this  would  be?  then  keep    on
watching us!

> falcon/accuracy  admitted   that
bjk is the best team in turkiye...

> brutal  didn't release  anything
for ages.

> mr.dj's payed  the money for the
modem he buyed from falcon...

> no new  magazine has  been rele-

> brego is in his group for three

> wollo/accuracy  is  said  to  be
seen in a rap disco!..

> amiga scene died!  all the amiga
dudes came back to the sixtyfour!

> kadem/acy  has  coded  23   demo
parts recently.

> snacky is back in bizz... he has
cracked 7 major releases...

> no new members joined acy,and no
one has been kicked.

> triad  decided  to  put some fat
intros to some of their cracks.

> mr.dj/acy  hasn't called any bbs
for age.

> there are  thirteen  new gfx-ers
in  the  turkish scene...  so this
makes 74 graphic dudes finally.

> also there  are five  new groups
on the 64 in turkiye. good luck!

> axl/acy left his girl.

> rumours say that aslive/hysteric
didn't send anything to his contax
for a long time...

> axl/acy has left his girl...

> no new wars started...  also all
f.a.'s splitted and  a big wave of
peace & friendship rules da scene

> computer  companies  decided  to
create dozens of new games for the

> starting from 01.04.'92,cracking
will be legal.

> also, if you can  prove that you
are a  swapper of  a 64 group, the
will let  send your  sendings  for

> kadem/acy liked  on of our ideas
at least.

> the boss/acy is now able to code
a curved  filled  real time vector

> it's suspected  that ace/acy has
not escaped from school since last
week(noo! this one's impossible!!)

> a  sending arrives on 1 day from
other countries to turkiye...

> judas/ex-acy  is  not  a son  of
bitch! (heheheee!)

> viper/acy called me 9 times dur-
ing the last week...

okey pals!
please don't take anything serious
here.nothing is ment as a ragging.

            see you soon!

             > the boss/acy!
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